Fuwa Fuwa Japanese Pancakes (Golden Square)


1177 Central Pkwy W, Mississauga, ON L5C 4P3, Canada

Opens at 11:00 AM

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Japanese Souffle Pancakes.

  • 2. Raspberry and Caramelized Banana Pancake

    Here you’ll see the sophisticated flavors of Japanese fluffy pancakes, whipped cream, homemade raspberry sauce, and caramelized bananas. So, how much...


  • 3. Tiramisu Pancake

    Tiramisu pancakes are for those Saturdays or Sundays when you want something a little bit more special, but still want it to be easy breezy. Here you...


  • 4. Blueberries Cheese Pancake

    Simply delicious. Calling for all cheese lovers! This pancake is served with Fuwa Fuwa's homemade blueberry sauce, with fruit on the side, and with...


  • 5. Nutella Banana Pancake

    Who doesn't love Nutella? Fuwa Fuwa wanted to show their love for this delicious treat by combining chocolate with Fuwa Fuwa's fluffy pancakes!


  • 6. Strawberry Pancake with Chocolate Sauce

    Truly decadent! This soft and fluffy pancake is served with strawberry cream and with Fuwa Fuwa's signature chocolate sauce that is perfect for any...


  • 7. Matcha White Chocolate Pancake


  • 8. Matcha Tiramisu Pancake

    Are you ready for the dreamiest pancake for your Sunday brunch? It’s super airy and fluffy with a special touch in flavor! This soufflé pancake is...


  • 9. Fuwa Fuwa Strawberry Pancake

    Always light and fluffy! It's loaded with Fuwa Fuwa's home strawberry purée sauce guaranteed to make your day! Serve with fresh cream and...


  • 10. Fuwa Fuwa French Toast

    This Fuwa Fuwa French Toast is served with fruits and maple syrup. It will be something you have never tasted before. So be sure to try Fuwa Fuwa's...


  • 12. Fuwa Fuwa Signature Pancake

    One of Fuwa Fuwa's customer favourites! The Fuwa Fuwa Signature is served with fresh cream and fresh fruits. It’s indeed simple yet delicious!


  • 14. Soufflé Pancake

    Another crowd favorite! Fuwa Fuwa's Fluffy Japanese Souffle Pancakes are served with homemade whipped cream, creamy butter, and Canadian maple syrup.


  • Bobo Pancake


  • 15. Fruit Forest Pancake


  • 16. Matcha and Red Bean Pancake


  • Fried Wings



  • 1. Matcha Burnt Cheesecake

    The Matcha Burnt Top Cheesecake is Fuwa Fuwa's Japanese rendition of the Basque Cheesecake. Fuwa Fuwa uses matcha from Japan and high-quality...


  • 2. Original Burnt Cheesecake

    The Burnt Top Cheesecake is Fuwa Fuwa's rendition of the Basque Cheesecake with its roots from Spain. Although the cheesecake may have a burnt look,


  • 4. Japanese Original Roll Cake

    Fuwa Fuwa's original fluffy sponge cake filled with whipped cream is the perfect addition to any drink or pancake.


  • 12. Strawberry Macaron (Pack of 2)


  • 14. Coffee Macaron (Pack of 2)


  • 15. Blueberry Macaron (Pack of 2)


  • Macaron (Pack of 2)


  • 29. Pudding-Mango

    Gluten-Friendly. Delicious and smooth, the mango pudding is served with fresh mango chunks on top garnished with coconut shavings. Ingredients: Mango...


  • Mix Nama Chocolate 16pc


  • 3. Thai Tea Burnt Top Cheesecake

    The Thai Tea Burn Top is Fuwa Fuwa's rendition of the original basque Burnt Top with a twist. It’s smooth, delicate, and favorite. If you’ve ever had...


  • 5. Japanese Chocolate Roll Cake

    A light chocolate sponge filled with chocolate whipped cream for any occasion! Perfect for a snack or a delightful dessert.


  • 6. Japanese Matcha Roll Cake

    Of course Fuwa Fuwa had to offer a matcha roll cake! The delicious flavour of matcha pairs well with Fuwa Fuwa's homemade matcha cream makes for an...


  • 8. Mango Crepe Cake Slice


  • 13. Lemon Yuzu Macaron (Pack of 2)


  • 21. Fatcaron and Macaron Gift Box (Pack of 6)

    Six of your all-time favorite macarons in a box.


  • 22. Fuwa Fuwa Fatcaron and Macaron Gift Box (Pack of 9)

    Tasty and colorful macarons of all flavors, it’s worth to try them all!


  • Pudding-Japanese Pudding


  • Pudding-Coconut

    Gluten-free. Delicious and smooth, the coconut pudding is topped with coconut shavings on top. Ingredients cream, coconut milk, sugar, and coconut...


  • Matcha Nama Chocolate 16pc


  • Original Nama Chocolate 16pc


  • Earl Grey Nama Chocolate 16pc


  • Coffee Nama Chocolate 16pc


  • Golden Milk Pudding


Frappe (Speciality Drinks).

  • Frappe Strawberry Creamy


  • Frappe Monster Cookies


  • Frappe Caramel


  • Frappe Matcha


  • Frappe Hazelnut Twist


Fuwa Fuwa Waffles.

  • The Strawberry Jewel Waffle

    Perfect for strawberry lovers! Loaded with fresh strawberries and served with fresh cream, strawberry puree, blueberries, and cheesecake bites.


  • The Canadian Classic Waffle

    Who doesn’t love maple syrup and waffles. This waffle is also served with fresh fruits!


  • 8. The Tokyo Visit Waffle

    Matcha, red bean, white chocolate, fresh cream, green tea ice cream, and mochi! A little taste of Japan on a plate!


  • 9. Cheera-Mi-Up with Our Tiramisu Waffle

    Our waffles were paired with our homemade tiramisu cream topped with blackberries and raspberries then dusted with our cacao powder.


  • The Sakura Waffle

    Pink is Fuwa Fuwa's staff’s favourite colour. So Fuwa Fuwa wants to make this the happiest-looking waffle yet. The sakura is served with...


  • 11. Mount Fuji

    Brownie bites covered with bananas, strawberries ice cream, and toffee bits.


Coffee &Tea (Speciality Drinks).

  • 1. Americano


  • 2. Earl Grey Tea


  • 3. Green Tea


  • 4. Oolong Tea


Latte (Speciality Drinks).

  • Fuwa Fuwa Latte


  • 7. Fuwa Fuwa Sesame Latte


  • 8. Mango Latte


  • 9. Matcha Latte


  • 12. Blueberries Latte


  • 6. Salted Caramel Latte


  • 10. Strawberry Latte


  • 11. Hojitcha Latte


Espresso (Speciality Drinks).

  • Strawberry Espresso Latte


  • Salted Caramel Espresso Latte


  • Matcha Espresso Latte


  • Hazelnut Espresso Latte


Tea (Speciality Drinks).

  • 1. Peachy Lime Oolong


  • 2. Lychee Strawberry Genmaicha


  • 3. Mango Tea


  • 4. Strawberry Rose Tea


  • 5. Strawberry Lavender Sunshine


Lemonade (Soft drinks) (Speciality Drinks).

  • Blueberry Lemonade


  • Strawberry Lemonade


  • Mango Lemonade


  • Yuzu Lemonade


  • Raspberry Lemonade


Seasonal Special.

  • Fruit Egg Tart

    Fresh Made Fruit tart.