Three Kingdoms Pizza


3 Wellesley St W, Toronto, ON M4Y 1E8, Canada

Ouvre à 11:30


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Guokui Pizza (经典锅盔)

  • K0.Choose any Two Flavors of Guigui (任选两款锅盔)

    15,99 $

  • K1.Signature Meigan Guokui (梅干菜肉锅盔)

    Guokui pizza with dry pickled Chinese mustard and minced pork, and green onion.

    8,49 $

  • K2.Spicy Beef Guokui (香辣牛肉锅盔)

    Beef, green onion, carrot, and pork oil.

    8,99 $

  • K3.Three-Delicacy Guokui (孜然三鲜锅盔)

    Guokui pizza with pork, duck, chinese mushroom, green onion, and cabbage.

    8,49 $

  • K4.BBQ Mushroom Guokui (鲜肉杏鲍菇锅盔)

    King oyster mushroom, chinese mushroom, duck, green onion, and pork oil.

    8,99 $

  • K5.Pork and Veggie Guokui (芥菜猪肉锅盔)

    Guokui pizza with mustard greens and minced pork and green onion.

    8,49 $

  • K7.Spicy Crawfish (香辣小龙虾)

    Crawfish, pork, Green Onion

    9,99 $

  • K8.Spicy Beef with Cheese (香辣牛肉芝士)

    10,99 $

Street Food (街边小吃)

  • Fresh Grilled Sausage (貂馋香肠)

    Traditional Chinese fresh grilled pork sausage.

    5,49 $

  • Three Kingdoms Oden (三国关东煮)

    Daikon, fish ball, fIsh cake, kombu (kelp), chikuwa, and shirataki.

    12,99 $

  • Dry Dumplings with Sweet and Spicy Sauce 10Pcs(销魂饺子拌)

    13,99 $

  • Spicy Wonton Soup 10Pcs(老麻抄手)

    13,99 $

Combo (套餐)

  • Combo One

    Any one pizza, dumpling or wonton, and drink.

    18,99 $

  • Combo Two

    Choose Any One Pizza + Hot and sour sweet potato noodle soup + Drink


  • Combo Three

    Two flavours of guokui pizza, fresh grilled sausage, and a drink.

    19,99 $

  • Combo Four

    Choose any one pizza, three kingdoms oden, and drink.

    18,99 $


  • Coca Cola (可口可乐)

    2,49 $

  • Coke Zero (无糖可乐)

    2,49 $

  • Sprite (雪碧)

    2,49 $

  • Nestea (雀巢冰茶)

    2,49 $

  • Natural Spring Water (矿泉水)

    2,49 $

  • House Made Plum Juice (酸梅汤)

    4,99 $