The Grove Pub & Restaurant


164 Stafford St, Winnipeg, MB R3M 2V8, Canada

Ouvre à 16:00


Vérification de l’âge pour commander de l’alcool : 18 ans et plus au Manitoba, en Alberta et au Québec, 19 ans et plus dans toutes les autres provinces. Au moment de la livraison, si la commande contient des articles d’alcool, le destinataire de cette commande doit présenter au coursier une pièce d’identité valide délivrée par un gouvernement. Le nom sur la pièce d’identité doit correspondre au nom sur la commande. Si le coursier ne peut pas vérifier la pièce d’identité en toute sécurité, ou si cette condition ou toute autre condition dans les Conditions d’utilisation de Skip n’est pas remplie, la commande ne sera pas livrée.

Place Settings

Please list the number of place settings that you'd like, along with your order.

  • Number of Plastic Cutlery

    How many people will be eating from this order?

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  • Hand-Cut Chips

    6,60 $

  • Traditional Poutine

    14,50 $

  • Gravy

    3,30 $

  • Chicken Wings

    Battered and fried, served with BBQ sauce

    17,60 $

  • Fish Tacos

    Lightly battered cod, pickled cabbage & zucchini, fresh salsa, habanero sour cream and cilantro

    20,00 $

  • Baked Feta Dip

    Baked Feta with sauteed marinated olives & fig compote, served with baguette

    17,60 $

  • Cauliflower Bites (Vegan)

    Sesame Gochujang sauce, cashew puree, pickled jalapenos and cilantro

    17,50 $


  • The Cranberry Chevre

    Cranberries, chevre, crispy onion, candied pistachios with balsamic basil and white truffle vinaigrette.

    13,90 $

  • Caesar Salad

    Croutons, crumbled bacon, and Caesar dressing on romaine. Topped with grated parmesan .

    13,90 $

Burgers and Sarnies

All burgers and sarnies come with your choice of side.

  • MenuItemImage
    The Grove Burger

    Fresh beef patty, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, Bothwell cheddar cheese, mayonnaise, and potato scallion bun.

    20,00 $

  • Stafford Burger

    Fresh beef patty, lettuce, tomatoes, mayonnaise, avocado, blue cheese, bacon jam, and potato scallion bun.

    21,00 $

  • Harvard Burger

    Fresh beef patty, bacon, jalapeno relish, mayonnaise, grilled pineapple, pepper jack cheese, and potato scallion bun.

    21,00 $

  • Veggie Burger

    Chickpea, black bean, and mozzarella cheese patty with curry mayo, red onion, apple, lettuce, avocado, and chevre.

    19,00 $

  • Fried Cod Sandwich

    Battered cod, pickles, lettuce, tartar sauce, and cheddar cheese

    21,00 $

  • Crispy Chicken Sandwich

    Fried chicken thigh, lettuce, jalapenos, mayo and pepper jack cheese served with habanero cheese sauce.

    20,00 $

  • Salmon Sarnie

    Spice rubbed salmon, chevre, avocado, basil mayo, grilled pineapple, red onion and lettuce

    21,00 $

  • B.E.L.T.

    Bacon, Egg, Lettuce, Panko crusted fried Tomato, basil mayo on rosemary Focaccia

    20,00 $

  • Chicken Sarnie

    Spicy chicken, avocado, lettuce, tomato, onion & basil mayo on rosemary Focaccia

    20,00 $


  • MenuItemImage
    The Tubby Pizza

    Salami, pepperoni, sausage, mushroom, peppers, onion, mozzarella cheese.

    20,00 $

  • Lyla Pizza

    Bocconcini, mozzarella, basil.

    18,00 $

  • Xavier Pizza

    Bacon, pineapple, mozzarella cheese.

    19,00 $

  • Kristel Pizza

    Spicy eggplant, mushrooms, bacon, olives, creamy chevre, mozzarella cheese.

    19,00 $

  • Scarlette Pizza

    Mozzarella cheese, bocconcini, Parmesan cheese, creamy chevre.

    18,00 $

  • Miles Pizza

    Salami, bocconcini, tomatoes, onions, basil, mozzarella cheese.

    19,00 $

  • Vegetarian Pizza

    Olives, onion, peppers, mushroom, pineapple, tomato.

    17,50 $

  • Paige 2.0 Pizza

    Hoisin sauce, mozzarella cheese, chicken, bacon, onion, jalapeno, Chevre.

    20,00 $

  • Danielle 2.0

    Mozzarella, pizza sauce, Pequilo peppersolives, artichoke, sundried tomato & Arugula

    19,00 $


  • MenuItemImage
    Fish and Chips (2 pcs)

    Two pieces of battered cod with hand-cut chips. Served with coleslaw and tartar or curry sauce.

    20,80 $

  • Chicken Pot Pie

    Chicken and vegetables in roasted garlic and thyme bechamel baked with puff pastry.

    19,70 $

  • Habanero Mac & Cheese

    Signature habanero asiago cheese sauce over pasta and baked with garlic & herb crumble

    18,70 $

  • Kids' Cheeseburger

    Burger patty and Bothwell cheddar. Served with fries.

    15,30 $

  • Kids' Pizza

    Mozzarella and pizza sauce.

    16,00 $


  • Cinnamon Sticks

    Doughnut sticks covered in cinnamon sugar served with chocolate caramel sauce.

    11,00 $

  • Chocolate Cake

    Chocolate cake with chocolate icing from our friends at Lilac Bakery

    11,00 $


  • Bottled Water (591 ml)

    2,75 $

  • Can Diet Coke

    2,50 $

  • Can Ginger Ale

    2,50 $

  • Can Sprite

    2,50 $

  • Can A&W Root Beer

    2,50 $

  • Can Coke

    2,50 $

Coffee Drinks

  • Latte

    Espresso topped with steamed or cold milk.

    4,50 $

  • Chai Latte

    Steeped sweetened Chai tea topped with steamed or cold milk.

    4,95 $

  • London Fog

    Steeped sweetened Earl Grey tea topped with steamed or cold milk.

    4,95 $

  • Vanilla Latte

    Espresso and vanilla syrup topped with steamed or cold milk

    4,95 $

  • Caramel Latte

    Espresso and caramel syrup topped with steamed milk or cold milk.

    4,95 $

  • Mocha

    Espresso and chocolate syrup topped with steamed or cold milk.

    4,95 $