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All sandwiches have pickles, peppers, and onions on the side and are served with southern slaw or beans (choose one).

  • Brisket on a Bun

    18 hours smoked, sliced brisket loaded on an artisan bun with TJ sauce and topped with crispy fried onions.

    28,99 $

  • The Porker Sando

    12 hours smoked, pulled pork packed onto an artisan bun with Southern Slaw, house made TJ and BBQ sauces, and topped with crispy fried onions.

    25,99 $

  • The TJ Sando

    12 hour smoked, pulled pork and our sliced, smoked sausages packed onto an artisan bun with Southern Slaw, house made TJ and BBQ sauces, and crispy...

    26,99 $

  • Texas Cheesesteak

    Our Tex Mex braised, smoked and pulled chuck roast is loaded on an artisan bun with sauteed green peppers and onions, our house made Sassy Sauce and...

    32,99 $



Each order comes garnished with pickles, peppers and onions and includes either Southern Slaw or Smokey Baked Beans

  • Brisket

    Our 18 hour smoked Brisket, served with Southern Slaw or Smokey Baked Beans as well as pickles, peppers, and onions.

    29,99 $

  • Tex Mex

    TexMex is smoked and pulled brisket with a bit of spice.

    27,99 $

  • Pulled Pork

    Our low and slow smoked, pulled pork with bbq sauce, pickles, onions and peppers.

    22,99 $

  • Sausage

    20,99 $

  • Burnt Ends

    Burnt ends are delicious brisket ends, double smoked, and slow cooked in our house made sauce. Sweet and savory perfection.

    25,99 $

  • Dyno Rib (Beef)

    Our huge Dyno Ribs are one of the most revered dishes that comes out of our smoker. Dyno ribs are large, single bone-in ribs packed full of strong...

    49,00 $

  • Pork Rib

    Half rack or a full rack of our smoked pork ribs, tender and juicy with a deep smoky flavor on the inside and a nice crisp bark on the outside,

    29,99 $



Our platters offer a variety of meats and sides, and include size options to serve all your guests or get your individual bbq fix.

  • Texas Sampler

    One order includes enough for one person to sample all of our favorites! Brisket, pulled pork, and pork sausage. Served with a side of Southern Slaw,

    35,99 $

  • BBQ For Two

    One order includes enough of our very favorites for two people to share. Brisket, Pulled Pork, and Pork Sausage, with a side of Southern Slaw and...

    65,99 $

  • Small Platter

    Enough to feed 4-5 adults. 1 pound each of Brisket and Pulled Pork, plus 2 Pork Sausages, garnished with pickles, onions and peppers and served with...

    116,99 $

  • Large Platter

    Enough to feed 7 to 8 adults. 2 pounds of brisket, 2 pounds of pulled pork, plus 4 pork sausages. Garnished with pickles, onions and peppers and...

    227,99 $



  • Southern Slaw

    A creamy, sweet and tangy addition to any meal. It's perfect alongside delicious smokey BBQ.

    7,99 $

  • Smokey Baked Beans

    Baked Beans in a thick, rich savoury sauce with a perfect balance of sweet and smokey.

    7,99 $

  • Mac and Cheese

    The ultimate in comfort food. Creamy, rich, ooey-gooey and super cheesy, sprinkled with seasoned, toasted panko. Consider adding meat to your Mac to...

    9,99 $



  • BBQ Sauce

    2 oz portion cup of our House Made BBQ sauce

    2,49 $

  • Cheese Sauce

    2 oz portion

    2,49 $


  • Coke

    3,25 $

  • Bottled Water

    3,25 $

  • Coke Zero

    3,25 $

  • Iced Tea

    3,25 $