Stonewall Pub


735 Ranchlands Blvd NW, Calgary, AB T3G 3A9, Canada

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  • Wings (1 lb)

    Comes with your choice of flavour. Served with celery, carrot, and ranch sauce.

    18,00 $

  • Garlic Ribs

    House marinated rib tail bone in salt and pepper, served with celery, carrot, and ranch sauce.

    17,00 $

  • Roasted Beef Stuffed Yorkies

    Four Yorkshire puddings stuffed with red wine gravy, green onion, horseradish, and mayonnaise.

    18,00 $

  • Nachos

    Three-cheese, bell peppers, onions, jalapeno, black olives, salsa, and sour cream.

    17,50 $

  • Halibut Tacos

    Three tacos filled with grilled halibut, salsa, cheese, avocado, chipotle, and coleslaw.

    21,00 $

  • Poutine

    Potato fries, cheese curds, and red wine gravy.

    11,00 $

  • Potato Boat Skins

    Deep-fried potato skins, bacon, cheese, green onion, and sour cream.

    17,00 $

  • Chicken Strips and Fries

    Comes with your choice of sauce plum, sweet thai chilli, or ranch.

    18,00 $

  • Rocket Prawns

    Comes with your choice of garlic white wine, spicy, or cajun and served with garlic toast.

    17,00 $

  • Beef Tacos

    Three tortillas filled with beef, coleslaw, three-cheese, salsa, sour cream, and chipotle sauce.

    17,00 $

  • Buffalo Chicken Cheese Dip

    Old aged cheddar, green onion, chicken breast, pita, and corn chips.

    18,00 $

  • Quesadilla

    Flour tortilla grilled with bell pepper, onions, three-cheese, salsa, and sour cream.

    15,00 $

  • Veggie Cheese Plate

    Carrots, celery, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, cheddar, swiss and pepper jack Cheeses, and ranch dressing.

    14,00 $

  • Dumplings (7 pcs)

    Served with bell peppers, onions, and tossed in house sauce with slaw topping.

    15,50 $


  • Breakfast

    Two eggs any style, bacon, sausage, and hash browns. Served with your choice of toast white, brown, or rye, and peanut butter or jam.

    18,00 $

Salads, Veggies, and Sides

  • House Salad

    Spring mix green lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, red cabbage, and carrot, comes with your choice of dressing house, ranch, vinaigrette oil, blue...

    12,00 $

  • Caesar Salad

    Romaine heart, croutons, Parmesan cheese, and creamy dressing with garlic toasted bread.

    12,00 $

  • Beef Taco

    Ground beef, crispy lettuce, mixed cheese, tortilla chips, black beans, corn, cherry tomatoes, avocado, chipotle sauce, and jalapenos.

    20,00 $

  • Chef Daily Kettle (from Scratch)

    5,50 $


  • Stonewall Prime Rib Burger

    Topped with lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickle.

    19,00 $

  • Beef Dip

    Served with au jus on a toasted baguette.

    19,00 $

  • Buffalo Chicken Wrap

    Breaded chicken toasted in hot sauce with lettuce, tomato, onion, shredded cheese, and ranch.

    19,00 $

  • Club House Sandwich

    Roasted turkey, bacon, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise comes with your choice of white, brown, marble rye, or wrap.

    20,00 $

  • BLT

    Bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise, comes with your choice of white, brown, or marble rye.

    16,50 $

  • Rueben Sandwich

    Montreal smoked brisket, sauerkraut, swiss cheese, and creamy dijon mustard.

    21,00 $

  • Chick-Fil-A Crispy Chicken Sandwich

    Fresh buttermilk breaded chicken breast, toasted bun, house sauce, lettuce, tomato, and pickle.

    21,00 $

  • Grilled Chicken Sandwich

    Fresh chicken breast, toasted bun, lettuce, tomato, pickle, and house sauce.

    19,00 $

  • Steak Sandwich

    Six-ounce AAA steak sirloin flame grilled on garlic toast.

    21,00 $

English Classic Mains

  • Fish (1 pc) and Chips

    Golden brown beer battered halibut served with tartar sauce and coleslaw.

    20,00 $

  • Cottage Pie

    Fresh ground beef and vegetables in a rich gravy topped with a dollop of mashed potato.

    22,00 $

  • Chicken Pot Pie

    Fresh chicken breast and vegetables in a rich creamy savory sauce. Topped with puff pastry. Comes with your choice of fries, soup, or salad.

    22,00 $

  • Bangers and Mash

    Spolumbo english sausages, mashed potato, caramelized onions, and homemade gravy.

    22,00 $


  • French Fries

    6,50 $

  • Onion Rings

    7,00 $

  • Yam Fries

    served with house garlic aioli or chipotle.

    7,00 $


  • Raspberry Cheesecake (new York-Style)

    8,00 $