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  • MenuItemImage
    Mini Yorkies

    Stuffed with roast ribeye, tomatoes, and chives, topped with horseradish and mustard sauce.

    18,00 $

  • Mediterranean Grilled Flatbread

    Mediterranean grilled flatbread served with the trio of tzatziki, kipanisiti, and hummus.

    16,00 $

  • Mussels

    Mussels served in tomato garlic or white wine sauce.

    17,00 $

  • Saganaki

    Greek fried cheese served with lemon.

    18,00 $

  • Classic Wings

    Wings served with carrots and celery sticks with your choice of ranch or blue cheese dipping sauce.

    17,00 $

  • Crispy Chicken Tenders

    Crispy chicken tenders served with hand-cut french fries and plum sauce for dipping.

    16,00 $

  • Bacon Wrapped Scallops

    Fried in garlic butter and served with cocktail sauce.

    18,50 $

  • Greek-Style Calamari

    Lightly seasoned and tossed with red onions, lemon, and parsley, served with tzatziki.

    18,00 $

  • Crispy Ribs

    Ribs tossed in salt, pepper and garlic, served with lemon.

    17,50 $

  • Kefthakia

    Homemade Greek meatballs in spicy tomato sauce and topped with feta.

    16,00 $

  • Spanikopita

    Spinach and feta baked in a phyllo pastry.

    15,00 $



  • Hail Caesar Salad

    Traditional romaine lettuce tossed with Refinery's homemade dressing.

    10,00 $

  • Chef's Salad

    Iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, ham, and turkey, topped with a variety of cheeses and a hard-boiled egg.

    17,50 $

  • House Salad

    Lettuce, red onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, red peppers, and green peppers, served with your choice of dressing.

    9,00 $

  • Greek Village Salad

    Cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, red onions, black olives, red peppers, green peppers, and feta cheese, tossed in Refinery's house Greek dressing.

    17,00 $


All beef burgers are made in house with lean ground beef, served with homemade french fries and topped with lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, and chipotle mayo.

  • MenuItemImage
    Refinery's Smoke Stack Burger

    Burger topped with Monterey Jack cheese, jalapenos, mushrooms, bacon, barbeque sauce, and onion rings.

    18,50 $

  • Grilled Chicken Burger

    Grilled chicken breast topped with bacon and cheddar cheese.

    17,50 $

  • Crispy or Grilled Chicken Burger

    Lightly seasoned and cooked to perfection.

    16,50 $

Create Your Own Burger

Create your own burger is made in house with lean ground beef, served with homemade french fries and topped with lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, and chipotle mayo.

  • Create Your Own Burger

    15,00 $


All sandwiches are served with a choice of homemade fries, mashed potatoes, or Greek roast potato.

  • MenuItemImage
    Best Ever French Dip Sandwich

    Slow-roasted shaved prime rib stacked on a bun topped with sauteed onions, mushrooms, and Swiss cheese and served with au jus.

    19,95 $

  • Greek Chicken Pita Sandwich

    Marinated grilled souvlaki topped with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and tzatziki, all wrapped in a pita.

    18,00 $

  • Monte Cristo Sandwich

    Ham, turkey, and Swiss cheese dipped in an egg batter and grilled to perfection.

    19,00 $

  • Hot Turkey Sandwich

    Roasted turkey on fresh bread topped with homemade gravy and served with seasonal vegetables and cranberry sauce.

    19,00 $

  • Philly Cheese Sandwich

    Your choice of beef or chicken, sauteed red peppers, green peppers, onions, mushrooms, cheddar cheese, and barbeque sauce, grilled on a bun.

    19,95 $

Triple-Decker Club Sandwiches

All club sandwiches are served with bacon tomatoes, cheddar cheese, and lettuce on your choice of bread.

  • Refinery's Club Smoked Meat Sandwich

    17,50 $

  • California Club Roast Ribeye Sandwich

    17,50 $

  • Classic Club Roast Turkey Sandwich

    17,50 $

Refinery Deli

  • MenuItemImage
    Smoked Meat Deluxe Sandwich

    Shaved smoked meat on rye bread served with mustard, Kosher pickle, and homemade fries.

    17,50 $

  • Jumbo Smoked Meat Deluxe Sandwich

    Shaved and piled high smoked meat on rye bread served with mustard, Kosher pickle, and homemade fries.

    19,75 $

  • Reuben Sandwich

    Grilled rye bread topped with Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and smoked meat, served with Kosher pickle and homemade fries.

    18,75 $

  • Jumbo Reuben Sandwich

    Same as Reuben sandwich just add lots more of smoked meat.

    19,95 $

  • Just a Sandwich

    Shaved smoked meat on rye bread with mustard and a Kosher pickle.

    15,00 $

  • Roast Turkey Sandwich

    In-house cooked cold turkey served on your choice of bread, topped with lettuce, tomatoes, and chipotle mayo, and served with a Kosher pickle and...

    17,50 $

  • Club Roll Sandwich

    Smoked meat, roast beef, salami, turkey, Swiss cheese, and chipotle mayo, served with Kosher pickle and homemade fries.

    19,50 $


  • MenuItemImage
    Chicken Souvlaki Dinner

    Two skewers of chicken breast served with your choice of Greek or Caesar salad, your choice of potato, pita, and tzatziki.

    28,50 $

  • Greek Back Ribs

    A full rack of baby back ribs slow roasted in garlic, lemon, and oregano, served with your choice of potato, seasonal vegetables, and garlic bread.

    33,00 $

  • Fish and Chips

    Beer-battered cod, homemade fries, coleslaw, tartar sauce, and fresh lemon.

    19,95 $

  • Thick-Cut Pork Chops

    Pork chops topped with a mushroom-onion gravy, served with your choice of potato, seasonal vegetables, and garlic bread.

    24,00 $

  • Veal or Chicken Parmesan

    Breaded and topped with marinara sauce, mozzarella cheese, and Parmesan cheese then baked. Served over pasta with garlic toast.

    26,50 $

  • Homemade Chicken Cordon Bleu

    Chicken breast stuffed with Black Forest ham and Swiss cheese, breaded and topped with mushroom gravy. Served with your choice of potato, seasonal...

    31,50 $


All pastas are served with garlic bread.

  • MenuItemImage
    Seafood Alfredo

    Fettuccine pasta mixed with jumbo prawns and scallops in a creamy Alfredo sauce.

    27,00 $

  • Spaghetti with Marinara

    17,00 $

  • Greek Spaghetti

    Spaghetti tossed with feta cheese, Parmesan cheese, olive oil, and garlic butter.

    21,00 $

  • Fettuccine Alfredo

    Fettuccine pasta tossed in Refinery's homemade Alfredo sauce.

    19,50 $

  • Baked Lasagna

    Lasagna noodles baked with Refinery's homemade marinara or Bolognese sauce, topped with a cheese blend.

    18,50 $

  • Spaghetti with Smoked Meat

    A mound of smoked meat piled high on top of spaghetti with marinara sauce.

    23,50 $

  • Mediterranean Pasta

    Pasta topped with spicy Italian sausage, sun-dried tomatoes, black olives, feta cheese, and Parmesan cheese, tossed in garlic and olive oil.

    24,00 $


  • Roast Potatoes

    7,25 $

  • Homemade Fries

    7,25 $

  • Poutine-Style Fries

    9,25 $

  • Mashed and Gravy

    7,25 $

  • Onion Rings

    8,50 $

  • Grilled Garlic Bread (4 pcs)

    One order comes with four pieces.

    5,00 $

  • Seasonal Veggies

    7,25 $

  • Coleslaw

    4,00 $

  • Potato Salad

    4,00 $

  • Kosher Pickles

    6,00 $

  • Side of Gravy

    1,75 $