Prohibition Warehouse


56 King St N, Waterloo, ON N2J 2X1, Canada

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  • Crazy Bread

    Garlic butter, parmesan, and marinara dip.

    7,00 $

  • House-Cut Fries

    Salt, pepper, and ketchup.

    7,00 $

  • Smash Burger

    4 ounces of smash patty, sauteed onions, cheddar, garlic aioli, and potato roll.

    7,00 $

  • Antojitos

    Prohibition cream cheese served with sour cream.

    10,00 $

  • Cactus Cut Chips

    Cactus cut potatoes, secret spice, and Sriracha aioli.

    10,00 $

  • Jalapeño Cheese Wontons

    Jalapeño, cream cheese, sweet Thai, and chilli dip.

    10,00 $


  • Mozzarella Sticks

    House-made breaded sticks with marinara sauce.

    10,00 $

  • Onion Rings

    Batter and fried onions with southwest aioli.

    10,00 $

  • Potato Skins

    Mixed cheese, green onion, bbq sauce bacon with sour cream.

    10,00 $

  • Poutine

    House-cut fries with cheese curds and gravy.

    10,00 $

  • Sweet Potato Fries

    Sweet potato fries with ancho chipotle dip.

    10,00 $

  • Taquitos X2

    One order comes with two taquitos.

    10,00 $

  • Arugula Salad

    Arugula, red onion, pea, cheese, toasted sunflower seeds, and lemon vinaigrette.

    13,00 $

  • Caesar Salad

    Romaine, lemon, croutons, and bacon.

    13,00 $

  • Cauliflower Bites

    Buttermilk fried cauliflower your choice of wing sauce, with southwest aioli.

    13,00 $

  • Chicken Bites

    Butter milk fried chicken bites, tossed in your choice of sauce, or have it on the side served with southwest aioli dipping sauce.

    13,00 $

  • Chicken Wings (1 lb)

    Kentucky smoked wings with your choice of sauce.

    13,00 $

  • Loaded Pierogis

    Pierogis, bacon, and green onion served with sour cream.

    13,00 $

  • Fish Tacos

    Fried haddock, pico de gallo, coleslaw, Sriracha sour cream, and green onion.

    16,00 $

  • Supreme Fries

    House-cut fries, queso, taco beef, pico de gallo, sour cream, and green onions.

    16,00 $

  • Taco Salad

    Taco bowl, romaine, poblano rach, mixed cheese, taco beef, and pico de gallo.

    16,00 $


All items are served with kettle-cooked chips and in an oven-baked bun.

  • Buffalo Chicken Wrap

    Buffalo chicken, pico de gallo, lettuce, red onion, mixed cheese, and Southwest aioli.

    16,00 $

  • California Veggie Sandwich

    Arugula, balsamic roasted vegetables, cheese, and garlic aioli.

    16,00 $

  • Chicken Club Sandwich

    Chicken, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and Southwest aioli.

    16,00 $

  • Pesto Chicken Sandwich

    Grilled chicken, pesto, mozzarella, roasted red pepper, arugula, garlic aioli, and lemon vinaigrette.

    16,00 $

12" Wood Fired Pizza

  • 12" Pesto Cheese Pizza

    Pesto base, cheese, roasted red pepper, red onion, and black olive.

    16,00 $

  • 12" BBQ Chicken Pizza

    Tomato and bbq base, grilled chicken, bacon, banana pepper, caramelized onion, and bbq drizzle.

    19,00 $

  • 12" Button Factory Pizza

    Tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, mushroom, caramelized onion, arugula, and balsamic drizzle.

    16,00 $

  • 12" Pear and Prosciutto Pizza

    Mascarpone base, Fior di latte, prosciutto, pear, arugula, and balsamic drizzle.

    16,50 $

  • 12" Fancy Hawaiian Pizza

    Tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, prosciutto, bacon, pineapple, and banana pepper.

    16,50 $

  • 12" Pickle Pizza

    Buttermilk dill ranch, mozzarella cheese, bacon, pickle, white onions, and ranch drizzle.

    14,50 $

  • 12" Margherita Pizza

    Tomato sauce, Fior di latte, basil, and olive oil drizzle.

    13,00 $

  • 12" Pierogi Pizza

    Sriracha sour cream, mozzarella cheese, cactus cut chips, bacon, green onion, and sour cream dollop.

    16,00 $

  • 12" Vegetarian Pizza

    Tomato sauce, feta, and balsamic roasted vegetables.

    15,00 $

  • 12" Hot Italian Pizza

    Tomato sauce, mozzarella, Italian sausage, banana peppers, red pepper, green pepper, and red onion.

    17,00 $

  • 12" Meat Lovers Pizza

    Tomato sauce, mozzarella, bacon, Italian sausage, and pepperoni.

    19,00 $

Build Your Own Pizza

  • 12" Build Your Own Pizza

    Build your own pizza pick your sauce and toppings, come with cheese.

    11,00 $

Dipping Sauces

  • Dipping Sauces

    0,75 $


  • Cinnamon Sticks

    Fried dough, cinnamon sugar, and dunkaroo dip.

    7,00 $


  • Vizzy

    5,00 $

  • Vizzy (4 Pack)

    Four pieces of vizzy drink.

    18,00 $