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Po-Ke Bowls

  • MenuItemImage
    Po-Ke Special Bowl

    Ahi tuna and salmon tossed in Po-ke's signature sauce topped off with seaweed salad, avocado, mandarins, masago, sesame seeds, shredded nori, and...

    15,95 $

  • Salmon Bowl

    Salmon tossed in ponzu topped off with green and sweet onion, cucumber, corn, crab salad, and seaweed salad drizzled with sriracha aioli.

    15,95 $

  • Cajun Prawn Bowl

    Fully cooked prawns mixed in a spicy cajun aioli topped off with crab salad, red cabbage, cucumbers, massago sprinkled with garlic chips, and...

    13,95 $

  • Traditional Bowl

    Ahi tuna tossed in shoyu and sea salt topped off with seaweed salad, avocado, sesame seeds, green onion, sweet onion, and nori.

    15,95 $

  • Hurricane Bowl

    Hurricane bowl is served with your choice of protein, tossed with Po-ke's signature sauce with a choice of five toppings and all of the finishes.

    15,95 $

  • Vegan Bowl

    Organic tofu tossed in Po-ke's sweet and spicy sauce. Mixed with cucumbers, edamame, and green onions. Topped off with carrots, corn, and red...

    12,95 $


BYO Po-Ke Bowl

  • BYO Poke Bowl (Regular)

    Two scoops of protein.

    15,95 $

  • BYO Poke Bowl (Large)

    Three scoops of protein.

    20,95 $

Po-Ke Sushi Burrito

  • MenuItemImage
    Cali Sunset

    Marinated ahi tuna, salmon, seaweed salad, kale, avocado, Po-ke's signature sauce, onion crisps, corn, red cabbage, carrots, unagi sauce, sriracha,

    15,95 $

  • Aloha

    Marinated salmon and crab salad, pineapple avocado, Masago, coconut flakes, red cabbage, lettuce, mandarins, Po-ke's signature sauce, unagi, and...

    14,95 $

  • Osaka

    Special scallop, lettuce, cucumber, carrots, green onion, red cabbage, jalapeno, sriracha, wasabi aioli, and unagi sauce.

    14,95 $

  • Spicy Po-Ke Classic

    Spicy tuna, crab meat, tamago, red cabbage, masago, cilantro, corn flakes, and Po-ke's signature sauce.

    14,95 $

Po-Ke Dogs

All beef hot dogs includes a soft drink.

  • Samurai Dog

    Nori, onion crisps, seaweed salad, drizzled with Po-ke's signature sauce, teriyaki sauce, and spicy masago aioli.

    6,95 $

  • Sumo Dog

    Nori, bonito flakes, corn flakes, onion crisps, teriyaki sauce, Po-ke's signature sauce, spicy masago aioli, and wasabi aioli.

    5,95 $

  • Build Your Own - Po-Ke Dogs

    6,95 $


  • MenuItemImage

    Spam on rice wrapped with nori.

    2,95 $

  • Miso Soup

    2,50 $


  • Coconut Water (500 ml Can)

    3,50 $

  • Nestle Pure Life Bottled Water (500 ml)

    1,60 $

  • Starbucks Frappuccino (405 ml)

    Starbucks frappuccino is served in a glass bottle.

    3,95 $

  • Soft Drinks (355 ml Can)

    1,95 $