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Soups and Salads

  • Garden Salad

    Mixed greens, sweet peppers, grape tomatoes, cucumber. red onions, and house vinaigrette.

    4,99 $

  • Caesar Salad

    Romaine lettuce, double smoked bacon, Parmesan cheese, herb croutons, and house-made dressing.

    4,99 $

  • Greek Salad

    Romaine lettuce, sweet peppers, cucumber, tomatoes, red onions, Kalamata olives, feta cheese, and house balsamic dressing.

    4,99 $

Signature Dishes

  • Jumbo Ravioli Pasta

    Italian sausage ravioli, broccoli, sundried tomato pesto, kalamata olives, roasted garlic, and parmesan cheese.

    15,00 $

  • Fried Calamari

    Calamari, jalapeños, hot banana Peppers, and house-made cocktail sauce.

    11,00 $

  • Charcuterie and Cheese

    Asiago, soft-ripened blueberry, oka cheese, a selection of locally cured meats prosciutto, bündnerfleisch, and salsiccia. Served with grainy dijon,

    28,00 $

  • Macaroni and Cheese

    Made with three-year-old cheddar and grated parmesan cheese.

    12,00 $

Create Your Own Pasta

  • Create Your Own Pasta

    9,99 $

House Made Pizza

  • Cheese Pizza

    Mozzarella cheese.

    5,99 $

  • Pepperoni Pizza

    Mozzarella cheese and pepperoni.

    5,99 $

  • Veggie Fresh Pizza

    Mushrooms, green pepper, onion, and tomatoes topped with cheese.

    5,99 $

  • Supreme Pizza

    Pepperoni, mild sausage, beef, green peppers, mushrooms, and onions.

    5,99 $

  • Canadian Pizza

    Pepperoni, bacon, and fresh mushrooms.

    5,99 $

  • Hawaiian Pizza

    Ham, pineapple, and mozzarella cheese.

    5,99 $

Create Your Own Pizza

  • Create Your Own Pizza (8 Slices)

    Medium (8 slices)

    15,00 $

Family Tray

  • Create Your Own Pasta

    The tray comes with your own pasta, four dinner rolls, four soft drinks, and a family green salad. Serves four people.

    39,99 $


  • Create Your Own Pasta Tray

    The tray feeds six to eight people.

    34,99 $

  • Grilled Diced Chicken Breast

    14,99 $

  • Italian Sausage

    14,99 $

  • Ground Beef

    9,99 $

  • Shrimps

    14,99 $

  • Anchovies

    9,50 $

  • Meatballs (20 pcs)

    14,99 $


  • Bottled Water

    1,95 $

  • Fountain Drinks

    1,95 $

  • Fountain Drinks (4 pack)

    4,99 $

  • Bottled Juice

    2,00 $