Paliotti's Italian Restaurant


33886 Essendene Avenue, Abbotsford, BC, Canada


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Appetizers - Antipasto

Start your meal with an authentic appetizer!

  • MenuItemImage

    Deep-fried squid with yogurt dip.

    15,95 $

  • Cajun Calamari

    Deep-fried squid with yogurt dip.

    16,95 $

  • Fried Stuffed Pasta

    Stuffed pasta with tomato, pesto, and garlic dip.

    10,95 $

  • Zucchini Sticks

    Breaded, deep-fried zucchini sticks served with cheese dip.

    10,95 $

  • Chicken Fingers

    Breaded, deep-fried chicken fingers served with your choice of dipping sauce.

    15,95 $

  • Chicken Wings

    Hot, honey garlic, or dry garlic Cajun wings.

    15,95 $

  • Baked Meatballs

    Two spicy meatballs over spaghettini sauce and mozzarella cheese.

    14,95 $

  • Baby Back Ribs

    Barbeque, honey garlic, dry garlic Cajun, or hot ribs.

    17,95 $

  • Sauteed Prawns

    Sauteed prawns with tomato, pesto, and garlic dip.

    16,95 $

  • Gamberetti Alla Limone

    Sauteed prawns, garlic, capers, onions, and lemon cream.

    16,95 $

  • Gamberetti Alla Cajun

    Sauteed prawns in hot and spicy Cajun cream sauce.

    16,95 $

  • Mussels

    Fresh garlic, onions, and capers (lemon cream, tomatoes, and wine).

    16,95 $

  • Scallops and Bacon

    Scallops wrapped with bacon and served with barbeque dip.

    16,95 $


Soups - Zuppa

Warm your belly with one of these steaming-hot soups!

  • Minestrone Soup

    Vegetarian and gluten friendly soup made with vegetables, beans, and pasta in a tomato-flavoured broth.

    7,95 $

  • Italian Wedding Soup

    Homemade chicken broth, tortellini rings, eggs, and Italian sausage.

    7,95 $

Salads - Insalata

Salads are served with freshly baked bread!

  • MenuItemImage
    Caesar Salad

    House-made dressing, cheese, and garlic croutons.

    9,95 $

  • Green Salad

    Seven blend of greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, peppers, and olives.

    9,95 $

  • Italian Salad

    Seven blend greens, artichokes, onions, peppers, roasted garlic, tomatoes, mozzarella, and olives.

    12,95 $

  • Spinach Salad

    Honey mustard dressing, bacon, egg, cheese, and almonds.

    12,95 $

  • European Salad

    Seven blend greens, artichokes, onions, peppers, roasted garlic, tomatoes, feta, and olives.

    12,95 $

  • Mediterranean Salad

    Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, peppers, olives, and feta.

    12,95 $

  • Caesar Suprema Salad

    Crab meat, shrimp, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, eggs, onions, peppers, and cheeses.

    18,95 $

Paliotti Pasta

  • MenuItemImage
    Fettuccine Chicken Paliotti

    Bacon, chicken, mushrooms, onions, garlic, fresh tomatoes, and brandy cream sauce.

    21,95 $

  • Fettuccine Paliotti

    Chicken, bacon, mushrooms, onions, and garlic with cream sauce, tomato sauce, rose sauce, or pesto cream.

    21,95 $

  • Fettuccine Chicken Alfredo

    Butter, light garlic, and creamy white sauce.

    21,95 $

  • Tortellini Al Panna

    Stuffed pasta rings, chicken asiago cream sauce.

    21,95 $

  • Penne Con Pollo

    Chicken, mushrooms, garlic, onions, sun-dried tomatoes, red peppers, artichokes, capers, and rose sauce.

    21,95 $

  • Cajun Chicken Penne

    Mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, peppers, onions, garlic, and hot and spicy cajun cream tomato sauce.

    21,95 $

  • Chicken Asiago Tortellini

    Stuffed cheese pasta rings, capicolli, sun-dried tomatoes, onions, and Asiago cream.

    21,95 $

  • Chicken Curry Spaghettini

    Mushrooms, peppers, onions, garlic, artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes, and medium spicy rose.

    21,95 $

  • Spaghettini Carbonara

    Bacon, egg, onions, cheese, and cream sauce.

    21,95 $

  • Penne Calabrese

    Italian sausage, peppers, onions, garlic, mushrooms, and tomato sauce.

    21,95 $

  • Spaghetti and Meatballs

    With meat sauce.

    21,95 $

  • Tortellini Rossi

    Meat stuffed pasta rings with chicken, sausage, onion, garlic, capers, pepper, and medium spicy rose sauce.

    22,95 $

  • Baked Lasagna

    Baked layers of pasta, meat, cheese, and meaty rose sauce.

    23,95 $

  • Cheese Baked Tortellini and Sausage

    Capicollo, mushrooms, onions, garlic, and medium spicy meaty rose sauce.

    23,95 $

  • Gnocchi Paliotti

    Potato dumplings, tomato sauce, chicken, sausage, ribs, meatball, and capicolli.

    23,95 $

  • Curry Sausage Prawns Penne

    Peppers, mushrooms, onions, garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, artichokes,spinach ,medium spicy rose.

    24,95 $

  • Cheese Baked Chicken and Shrimp Pesto

    Cheese tortellini with ricotta, mushrooms, onions, garlic, and cream.

    24,95 $

  • Chicken and Prawns Cheese Tortilini

    Cheese stuffed pasta, artichokes, mushrooms, onions, garlic, capers, and lemon cream sauce.

    24,95 $

  • Chicken and Sausage Ravioli

    Stuffed mushroom ravioli, roasted garlic, chicken, sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, and creamy Asiago sauce.

    24,95 $

Create Your Own Pasta

Pick your favourite sauce and create your very own pasta. Choose from regular and gourmet toppings!

  • Create Your Own Pasta

    Choose from a selection of gourmet toppings to create a truly unique pasta.

    16,00 $

Meatless Pasta

  • Spaghettini Prima Verda

    Veggies,peppers, onions, garlic, capers, pesto basil tomato sauce, and mozza.

    21,95 $

  • Four Cheese Tortellini

    4 Cheese garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, spinach, and rose sauce.

    21,95 $

  • Curry Cheese Tortellini

    Mushrooms, onions, peppers, garlic, veggies, artichokes, and medium spicy rose sauce.

    23,95 $

  • Vegetarian Gnocchi

    Potato dumplings, tomato sauce, ricotta cheese, and sauteed veggies.

    23,95 $

  • Baked Cheese ravioli

    Pasta squares cheese, ricotta, spinach with sautéed veggies, and tomato sauce.

    23,95 $

  • Creamy Pesto Tortellini

    Cheese-stuffed pasta, pesto basil, onion, artichoke, mushroom, spinach, and sun-dried tomato, finished off with bruschetta tomato and feta cheese.

    23,95 $

  • Portabella Ravioli

    Stuffed mushroom pasta, mushrooms, artichokes, peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, onions, garlic, spinach, capers, and your choice of rose sauce or Cajun...

    23,95 $

  • Cajun Veggie Penne

    Mushroom, sun-dried tomato, pepper, onion, garlic, veggies, and hot and spicy rose sauce.

    21,95 $

Seafood Pasta

  • Clam Spaghettini

    shelless clams peperoncini Garlic and aglio olio sauce.

    25,95 $

  • Clam Mussel and Prawn Spaghettini

    shelless clams Onion, garlic, pepper, capers, herbs, and tomato sauce.

    29,95 $

  • Seafood Spaghettini

    Prawns, scallops, shrimp, green olives, artichokes, red peppers, onions, garlic, and tomato sauce

    29,95 $

  • butternut squash ravioli Gamberetti Piccata

    Prawn, shrimp,scallops artichokes, spinach, garlic, onion, capers, and tomato, finished in your choice of sauce.

    32,95 $

  • Spaghettini Gamberetti Arrabiata

    Prawn, shrimp, pepper, onion, garlic, olive, capers,bl. olives and hot and spicy tomato sauce.

    29,95 $

  • Cajun Seafood Penne

    Crab, shrimp, prawns, sausage, mushrooms, garlic, onions, peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, and hot &spicy rose sauce.

    32,95 $

  • Spaghettini Marinara

    shell less clams, mussels, prawns, scallops, calamari, peppers, onions, and garlic (cream, tomatoes, and rose sauce piccata wine).

    32,95 $

  • Seafood Fettuccine

    Crab meat, prawns, scallops,, capers, onions, garlic, peppers, , and spinach (creamy dill, tomatoes, rose, and lemon cream sauce).

    32,95 $

  • surf & turf penne

    steak bites, prawns shrimp, bacon, peppers onions garlic mushrooms cajun rose sauce

    32,95 $

Steaks and Seafood

Canadian AA/AAA.

  • 8oz Sirloin steak

    AAA sirloin charbroil ,mushrooms ,onion

    31,95 $

  • 10oz New York Steak

    Charbroiled with mushrooms and onions.

    35,95 $

  • Steak Arrabiata and Prawns

    8oz- sirlion AAA, onions, peppers, garlic, bl.olives hot & spicy tomato herb sauce.

    35,95 $

  • Lemon Pepper Steak and Prawns

    8oz sirloin AAA, mushrooms, coarse peppers,lemon brandy dark cream sauce.

    35,95 $

  • Carpet Bagger (10 oz)

    Ten-ounce New York steak stuffed with crab meat,shrimps cheese dip, mushroom, and onion.

    39,95 $

  • Wild Salmon Piccata

    Prawn, artichoke, pepper, spinach, onion, garlic, and lemon-wine cream sauce.

    35,95 $

Chicken and Ribs

All entrees comes with veggies with a choice of garlic tomato pasta or alfredo penne, roasted garlic potatoes or garlic fries or Caesar or green salad.

  • Chicken Milanese

    Bearded breast of chicken with lemon wedges

    22,95 $

  • Chicken Breast

    Breast of chicken marinated and charbroiled with mushrooms and onions.

    23,95 $

  • Chicken Parmesan

    Breaded chicken breast baked with tomato basil sauce and mozza.

    25,95 $

  • MenuItemImage
    Chicken Marsala

    Breast of chicken, semi sweet sherry, mushrooms, and cream.

    26,95 $

  • Chicken Paliotti

    Breast of chicken, bacon, mushrooms, onions, brandy, and cream.

    27,95 $

  • Chicken and Sausage Cacciatore

    Peppers, onions, and mushrooms.

    27,95 $

  • Chicken Neptune

    breaded Breast of chicken with crab,scallops, shrimp,prawns, mushrooms, onions ,cheese sauce.

    32,95 $

  • Chicken and Prawn Piccata

    Artichokes,peppers garlic, onion,spinach and lemon-garlic cream.

    32,95 $

  • Honey Garlic Ribs dinner

    Baby back pork ribs and honey garlic sauce.

    29,95 $

  • BBQ Ribs dinner

    Baby back pork ribs and barbeque sauce.

    29,95 $

  • Honey Garlic and BBQ Ribs (Half/Half)

    Baby back pork ribs and honey garlic sauce and barbeque sauce.

    29,95 $


All entrees comes with veggies with a choice of garlic tomato pasta or alfredo penne roasted garlic potatoes or garlic fries or Caesar or green salad.

  • Veal Milanese

    Breaded veal cutlet with lemon wedges.

    25,95 $

  • Veal Con Funghi

    Breaded veal topped with bacon, mushrooms, onions, garlic, and beef gravy.

    28,95 $

  • Veal toscano

    Breaded veal cutlet with ham tomato sauce and cheese baked.

    29,95 $

  • Veal Marsala

    Sauteed in semi sweet sherry, mushrooms, and cream.

    29,95 $

  • Veal and Sausage Arrabiatta

    Sauteed in a medium spicy tomato herb sauce.

    33,95 $

  • Lemon Pepper Veal and Prawns

    Breaded, mushrooms, coarse peppers, and brandy dark cream sauce.

    35,95 $

  • Grilled Veal Neptune

    Crab, scallops prawns, shrimp, mushrooms, onions, and cheese sauce.

    35,95 $

  • Veal and Prawns Piccata

    Artichokes, garlic, onions, peppers spinach and lemon garlic cream.

    35,95 $

Pizzetta Pizzas

Delicious 8 piece pizza on a focaccia style crust.

  • MenuItemImage
    Paliotti's Pizza

    Pepperoni, ham, mushrooms, green peppers, onions, mozza, and meat sauce.

    23,95 $

  • Veggie Pizza

    Mushrooms, peppers, onions, artichokes, bruschetta tomatoes, and feta.

    23,95 $

  • Hawaiian Deluxe Pizza

    Ham, pineapples, bacon,

    23,95 $

  • Loaded Pizza

    Pepperoni, ham, bacon, shrimp, mushrooms, onions, peppers, and olives.

    23,95 $

  • Meat Deluxe Pizza

    Pepperoni, sausage, capicollo, onions, garlic, peppers, mozza, and tomato sauce.

    23,95 $

  • Bruschetta Pizza

    Garlic, onion, cheese, bruschetta, tomato, and balsamic syrup.

    16,95 $

  • Four Cheese Pizza

    Garlic, butter, four cheese, and mayo dip.

    16,95 $

Baked Sandwiches

Served with garlic fries, soup, or salad.

  • Italian Club Sandwich

    Chicken, bacon, ham, cheese, onions, lettuce, and bruschetta tomatoes.

    20,95 $

  • Baked Meatball Sandwich

    Mozzarella and meat sauce.

    20,95 $

  • Chicken Parmesan Sandwich

    Breaded, tomatoes, and cheese.

    20,95 $


  • Garlic Bread

    Garlic and butter.

    3,95 $

  • Focaccia Bread and Dip

    Balsamic vinegar with an olive oil dip.

    5,95 $

  • Four Cheese Garlic Bread

    Garlic, butter, and four cheeses.

    8,95 $

  • Bruschetta Bun

    Topped with garlic, onion, cheese, bruschetta tomato, and balsamic syrup glaze.

    8,95 $


  • Pineapple Coconut Cheese Cake (1 slice)

    made locally

    9,95 $

  • Sour lemon and Raspberry Cheese Cake

    Made locally

    9,95 $

  • Hazelnut Dream Chocolate cheese Cake

    9,95 $


  • Side of Fries

    3,50 $

  • Side of Rice

    2,50 $

  • Side of roasted garlic Potato

    3,50 $

  • Side of Sauteed Veggies

    4,00 $