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4461 Lougheed Hwy, Burnaby, BC V5C 3Z2, Canada

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Chef-Inspired Poke Bowls

  • MenuItemImage
    The Main Bowl

    Salmon, spicy ahi tuna, crab and shrimp, ginger jicama, avocado nori, seaweed salad, citrus mayonnaise, and sesame miso dressing.

    18,50 $

  • The Cali Bowl

    Spicy salmon, crab and shrimp, pickled red onions, seaweed salad, avocado nori, and spicy mayonnaise.

    17,00 $

  • The Maui

    Double ahi tuna, crab and shrimp, mango vinaigrette, corn salsa, pesto pineapple, and pickled red onions.

    18,00 $

  • The Keto Bowl

    Cauliflower rice is paired with ahi tuna, miso black truffle vinaigrette, and a ramen egg.

    19,00 $

  • The Veggie Bowl (Vegan)

    Marinated tofu, oyster mushrooms, avocado nori, ginger jicama, red beets and basil, seaweed salad, pickled red onions, and sesame miso dressing.

    16,00 $

  • Sweet Shoyu Chicken Bowl

    A sweet and slightly spicy hot chicken bowl with a Thai inspired theme. Hot chicken tossed in a sweet chili sauce, paired with sweet pineapple, fresh...

    16,50 $

  • Spicy Gochu Chicken Bowl

    Bold, bright, spicy gochujang chicken paired with kimchi cucumbers, pickled red onions, corn salsa and our new Carrot Slaw. Try it EXTRA HOT with...

    16,50 $


Build Your Own Poke Bowls

  • Large Build Your Own Poke Bowl

    18,75 $

  • Regular Build Your Own Poke Bowl

    16,00 $

House-Made Beverages

  • MenuItemImage
    Coco Panda

    Coconut milk, pandan leaf, and young coconut juice.

    5,00 $

  • Mango Mint

    Mango, mint, and yuzu lemonade.


  • Yuzu Lemonade

    Yuzu citrus and house-made lemonade.

    4,00 $


Fresh Soup

  • MenuItemImage
    Traditional Miso Soup

    Dairy free. Organic tofu and white miso.

    2,50 $


  • Pickled Sushi Ginger

    0,50 $


  • Chewy Marshmallow Crispy Bar (60 g)

    Gluten-friendly, GMO-free chewy marshmallow crispy square.

    2,85 $

  • Peruvian Chocolate Manifesto Brownie (80 g)

    Dense and fudgy with a chewy crust. Born from the prized Criolla bean, this unique and sustainably sourced Peruvian chocolate adds a delicate fruity...

    3,65 $


  • Dasani (591 ml)

    2,50 $

  • Peace Tea Caddyshack (695 ml)

    3,25 $

  • MenuItemImage
    Coca Cola (500 ml)

    3,00 $

  • Coke Zero (500 ml)

    3,00 $

  • Diet Coke (500 ml)

    3,00 $