Ohana Poke Bowl


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Ohana Signature Poke Bowls

Served with your choice of white rice, brown rice, or mixed greens.

  • Ohana Torched Salmon Bowl

    Torched salmon, tobiko, tamago, avocado, carrot, corn, edamame, green onion, tempura bits, furikake, and wasabi mayonnaise sauce. Please be advised...

    19,07 $

  • OhanaTorched Ahi Tuna Bowl

    Torched ahi tuna, avocado, carrot, edamame, green onion, pear, red cabbage, tempura bits, furikake, and sriracha aioli sauce.

    19,30 $

  • Classic Salmon Bowl

    Salmon, tobiko, tamago, avocado, cucumber, edamame, tangerine, tempura bits, furikake, and wasabi mayonnaise sauce. Please be advised that wasabi...

    17,70 $

  • Spicy Mango Salmon Bowl

    Salmon, mango, tobiko, tamago, corn, cucumber, edamame, tempura bits, furikake, and spicy mango sauce.

    17,58 $

  • Ahi Honey Tuna Bowl

    Ahi tuna, avocado, corn, cucumber, pear, red cabbage, tempura bits, furikake, and honey onion sauce.

    18,68 $

  • Kabayaki Unagi Bowl

    Unagi (Eel), crabmeat salad, cucumbers, carrot, red cabbage, cherry tomato, tempura bits, furikake, tobiko and unagi tare sauce.

    19,54 $

  • Saikuro Steak Bowl

    Steak, torched cheese, green onion, red cabbage, red onion, cucumber, cherry tomato, white mushroom, tempura bits, furikake, togarashi mayo sauce.

    17,58 $

  • Avocado Tofu Bowl

    Vegetarian choice! Sweet Tofu, seaweed salad, double avocado, carrot, corn, cucumber, sesame oil, tempura bits, furikake, and honey onion sauce

    15,62 $

  • Smoked Tofu Bowl

    Vegetarian choice! Smoked tofu, avocado, corn, cucumber, carrot, pear, red cabbage, tempura bits, furikake and honey onion sauce.

    15,85 $

  • Big Island

    Fresh salmon, ahi tuna, furikake, crispy wonton, masago, avocado, pineapple, edamame, corn, carrot with spicy mayo sauce.

    19,53 $

  • Avocado Chicken

    White meat chicken, avocado, pineapple, cherry tomato, red cabbage, cucumber, tempura bits, furikake with teriyaki sauce.

    15,78 $

  • Ohana Torched Paradise

    Torched tuna, torched salmon, furikake, taro chips, avocado, seaweed salad, crabmeat salad, pickled ginger, mango, tamago and green onions, teriyaki...

    22,99 $


Build Your Own

  • Build Your Own Poke Bowl

    Snack with your choice of white rice, brown rice, or mixed greens.

    10,00 $


  • Avocado Salad

    Avocado, mixed green, red cabbage, carrot with honey onion sauce

    6,99 $

  • Cucumber Kimchi

    A snack size cucumber kimchi that is so delish and flavourful! Add this to your meal for extra spiciness and taste or even just eat it as a snack!

    6,99 $


  • Canned Drinks

    1,99 $

  • Bottled Water

    1,50 $

  • Smart Water

    2,99 $

  • Coconut Water

    2,99 $

  • Arizona Green Tea

    2,99 $

  • Sanpellegrinno Orange Sparkling Water


    2,99 $

  • Sanpellegrinno Lemon Sparkling Water

    2,99 $