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Red Wine

  • Small Mercy Easy Going Red (1 x 750ml)

    (12.0% ABV) This bright and fruity red blend is unpretentious and easy-drinking.

    12,99 $

  • Jackson Triggs Malbec (1 x 750ml)

    (13.0% ABV) This Malbec has bold aromas of blackberry and red fruit with a hint of spice. Enjoy with grilled red meat or Mexican fare.

    13,99 $

  • Open Smooth Red (1 x 750ML)

    (13.5% ABV) (13.5% ABV) Bestseller! Nothing says "cheap and cheerful" better than open! The palate shows some sweetness and a light to medium body,

    16,99 $

  • Open Cabernet Merlot (1 x 750ml)

    (14.0% ABV) Bestseller! Nothing says "cheap and cheerful" better than OPEN! A jammy red, with black fruit, mocha, and vanilla notes. Medium-bodied...

    16,99 $

  • Sumac Ridge Merlot (1 x 750ml)

    (13.5% ABV) This Merlot reveals aromas of lucious plums, red berries and a hint of mint followed by red fruit mixed with earthy notes and leather on...

    18,99 $

  • Good Natured Balanced Red (Organic) (1 x 750ml)

    (13.7% ABV) This delicious, yet unpretentious blend of Merlot and Gamay Noir, is straightforward and easy-drinking.

    18,99 $

  • Grow Wild Rapturous Red (Organic) (1 x 750ml)

    (13.5% ABV) A blend of Pinot Noir and Merlot. A delicate, earthy, and dry blend which we recommend serving slightly chilled! The perfect afternoon...

    20,99 $

  • Diabolica Red (1 x 750ml)

    (13.0% ABV) (13.5% ABV) Looking for Apothic Red? This is BC's equivalent! A fruity red with black fruit flavors and smooth tannins. A blend of...

    20,99 $

  • Vintage Ink Rebel Red (1 x 750ml)

    (13.5% ABV) This wine expresses rich notes of strawberry, dark chocolate and vanilla. The stores that transpire with a glass of Vintage Ink are yours...

    21,99 $

  • Gray Monk - Monk's Blend (1 x 750ml)

    (13.3% ABV) New. Like big and bold? No need to spend the big bucks to get a good decent red in BC! Try this blend of 73% Syrah and 27% Cabernet...

    24,99 $

  • Culmina R&D Red Blend (1 x 750ml)

    (14.0% ABV) Staff pick and a local favorite! This Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Malbec, and Petit Verdot blend shows enticing aromas of...

    24,99 $

  • Oak Bay Gamay Noir (1 x 750ml)

    (12.5% ABV) If you like Beaujolais, then this is the wine for you. Intense black cherry, peppery, mineral aromas with light tannins and a spectacular...

    24,99 $

  • Hester Creek Merlot (1 x 750ml)

    (13.8% ABV) Rich and juicy, this Merlot is crafted with grapes from select vineyards in the Oliver and Osoyoos area. Abundant dark plum, ripe cherry,

    24,99 $

  • Inniskillin Zinfandel (1 x 750ml)

    (15.5% ABV) Staff pick. A rare find! This Zinfandel is beautiful red-violet in colour, with intense ripe berry aromas on the nose complemented by...

    34,99 $

  • Tinhorn Creek Merlot (1 x 750ml)

    (13.3% ABV) This Merlot is fermented with native and selected yeasts and is aged in oak barrels for a minimum of 12 months prior to bottling. Expect...

    31,99 $

  • Hester Creek "Old Vines" Cabernet Franc (1 x 750ml)

    (14.5% ABV) Crafted with grapes from rare old vines planted in 1968, these historic vines produce intense fruit with a beautiful complexity of...

    34,99 $

  • Liquidity Merlot (1 x 750ml)

    (13.9% ABV) Generous fruity aromas offer red plum, blue & black berry with tempting spicy undertones. Medium in body, the silky palate reveals...

    42,99 $

  • Sunrock Cabernet Sauvignon (1 x 750ML)

    (14.5% ABV) Sunrock Vineyards' unique micro-climate creates the perfect environment for the creation of rich and robust red wines. This Cabernet...

    37,99 $

  • Chaberton Syrah (1 x 750ml)

    (14.7% ABV) This spicy, full bodied wine delivers notes of clove, cherry jam and black pepper. Rich on the palate with a smooth finish of blackberry.

    37,99 $

  • Osoyoos Larose "Petales d'Osoyoos" (1 x 750ml)

    (13.5% ABV) This wine is a blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Malbec, and Petit Verdot that displays a deep "grenat" colour, with...

    44,99 $

  • Laughing Stock "Blind Trust" (1 x 750ml)

    (14.9% ABV) The Blind Trust is the second label of Laughing Stock's big Bordeaux inspired blends. Its robust taste profile and affordable pricing...

    40,99 $

  • Black Sage Merlot (1 x 750ml)

    (14.0% ABV) Everyone's favorite Merlot! This Merlot exhibits big jammy plum, blueberry, smooth vanilla, and a hint of smokiness on the nose. The...

    41,99 $

  • Mission Hill "Reserve" Pinot Noir (Organic) (1 x 750ml)

    (13.0% ABV) This Reserve Pinot Noir grows in the North Okanagan Valley where it thrives in the soils, microclimates, and terrain of Mission Hill's...

    43,99 $

  • Laughing Stock Syrah (1 x 750ml)

    (14.9% ABV) Dark Violet both on the nose and in its color, this wine grabs your attention. It’s well structured and has notes of confectioned dark...

    51,99 $

  • Culmina Cabernet Sauvignon (1 x 750ml)

    (14.0% ABV) A seductive, supple, full-bodied red from the Triggs' Golden Mile Bench estate. This is a terroir-driven wine of outstanding purity,

    52,99 $

  • Sandhill Small Lots "One" (1 x 750ml)

    (14.5% ABV) This classic Bordeaux style blend from Vanessa Vineyard is a stunning combination of Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot. In...

    56,99 $

  • Black Hills "Ipso Facto" (1 x 750ml)

    (14.0% ABV) An elegant blend of Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon, the 2019 Ipso Facto shows ripe cherry and cassis aromas, along with hints of black...

    62,99 $

  • Laughing Stock "Portfolio" (1 x 750ml)

    (14.2% ABV) Just like a finely balanced stock portfolio, putting together a blended wine takes finesse and judgment so that the experience of the...

    62,99 $

  • Osoyoos Larose "Le Grand Vin" (1 x 750ml)

    (14.5% ABV) Osoyoos Larose is a union of centuries-old Bordeaux winemaking traditions, new world technology and the expression of Canada's Okanagan...

    71,99 $

  • Road 13 "Jackpot" Syrah (1 x 750ml)

    (15.0% ABV) Elegant black pepper notes on the nose support the underlying fruit within. This well structured wine pairs well with lean proteins, game...

    81,99 $

  • Black Hills "Nota Bene" (1 x 750ml)

    (14.5% ABV) Premium and exclusive! Nota Bene from the Black Hills. Currently in stock, 2018 vintage. The 20th vintage of the Nota Bene is comprised...

    87,99 $

  • Summerhill "Om" Meritage (Organic, Biodynamic, Vegan) (1 x 750ml)

    (14.5% ABV) Aged 30 months in French and American oak barriques. Unfined and unfiltered, this natural wine may drop sediment and decanting is...

    106,99 $

  • Open Merlot (750 ml) (1 x 750ml)

    (13.5% ABV) Lush aromas of dark fruit and spice with velvety finish. (12.5% ABV)

    16,99 $

White Wine

  • Open Sauvignon Blanc (1 x 750ML)

    (12.0% ABV) (12% ABV) Bestseller! Nothing says "cheap and cheerful" better than open! Clear pale straw color; good intensity of citrus, gooseberry,

    14,99 $

  • Longhand Chardonnay (1 x 750ml)

    (12.5% ABV) Hints of apple, vanilla and spice on the nose and palate are wonderfully complimented by a round smooth body, moderate acidity and a...

    18,99 $

  • St. Hubertus Pinot Blanc (1 x 750ml)

    (11.5% ABV) A delightful aromatic white with a dry finish. Ripe apple, pear, and peach aromas.

    22,99 $

  • Chaberton Bacchus (1 x 750ml)

    (12.6% ABV) Flavours of key lime, ripe peach and fresh pear round out the beautifully soft flavours of this Bacchus. The sweet citrus notes bring...

    22,99 $

  • Calliope Figure 8 Blend (1 x 750ml)

    (13.5% ABV) Inspired by the figure-eight flight pattern of the Calliope's wings, this wine is named "Figure 8" to symbolize the seamless integration...

    22,99 $

  • Red Rooster Sauv Blanc (1 x 750ml)

    (12.5% ABV) Clear and bright with an aroma of white peach, pink grapefruit, gooseberry, and lemon balm. This Sauvignon Blanc has a light to...

    22,99 $

  • Calliope Gewurztraminer (1 x 750ml)

    (13.5% ABV) (13% ABV) Burrowing owl's second label. Local favorite.

    22,99 $

  • Saintly Sauvignon Blanc (1 x 750ml)

    (12.5% ABV) You don't have to be a saint to drink this divinely good sauvignon blanc that is the perfect balance of dry, fresh and fruity. It's...

    24,99 $

  • Summerhill Organic Ehrenfelser (1 x 750ml)

    (12.5% ABV) A beloved, rare, and unique grape variety, Ehrenfelser explodes with intense, aromatic notes of apricot, citrus, and tropical undertones.

    24,99 $

  • Liquidity Pinot Gris (1 x 750ml)

    (13.5% ABV) Apricot, green apple, and lemon zest aromas are beautifully underscored by the stone minerality which defines Okanagan Estate Wine and...

    35,99 $

  • Sandhill Sauvignon Blanc (1 x 750ml)

    (14.0% ABV) This delicious and crisp Sauvignon Blanc has beautiful minerality and texture with flavors of fresh grapefruit, gooseberry, citrus and a...

    25,99 $

  • Red Rooster Sur Lie Chardonnay (1 x 750ml)

    (12.0% ABV) Aged in 95% Stainless Steel and 5% New French Oak. Notes of Grapefruit and Guava with a smooth finish.

    28,99 $

  • Red Rooster - Gew (1 x 750ml)

    (12.0% ABV) This Gewurtztraminer is something worth trying! With partial skin contact during bottling, expect a well balanced aromatic white.

    27,99 $

  • Tinhorn Creek Chardonnay (1 x 750ml)

    (13.0% ABV) Barrel fermented in oak and stainless steel with native and selected yeasts, aged in oak, concrete, and stainless steel prior to...

    27,99 $

  • Summerhill Organic Pinot Gris (1 x 750ml)

    (13.0% ABV) Made simply and naturally to express the pure essence of the fruit, this aromatic, medium-bodied, easy sipping wine shows notes of pear,

    29,99 $

  • Black Hills - Alibi (1 x 750ml)

    (13.5% ABV) A true gem and a staff favorite! This White Meritage, a perfect blend of Sauv Blanc and Semillon, is just what your tastebuds have been...

    34,99 $

  • Summerhill Biodynamic Riesling (1 x 750ml)

    (13.0% ABV) The 2021 vintage is just off-dry with vibrant notes of fresh pear, apple, ginger and sweet citrus blossom. Zippy acidity and stony...

    37,99 $

  • Culmina "Dilemma" Chardonnay (1 x 750ml)

    (14.0% ABV) A generous offering of caramel, pineapple, and coconut with a hint of toast on the nose. The luxurious mouthfeel, integrated with notes...

    38,99 $

  • Checkmate "Fool's Mate" Chardonnay 2015 (1 x 750ml)

    (14.0% ABV) Winemaking and foudre combine to impart aromas of the seashore with wet stones, flint and Asian spices on the nose combined with a...

    119,99 $

  • Screw It! Sauvignon Blanc (1 x 750ml)

    (1.25% ABV)

    11,99 $

  • Open Chardonnay (750 ml) (1 x 750ml)

    (11.5% ABV) Lush tropical fruits and vanilla. (11.5% ABV)

    16,99 $

Pinot Gris

  • Hester Creek Pinot Gris (3L) (1 x 3L)

    (13.0% ABV) Aromas of crisp apple, pear, lemon, honeycomb, and dried apricot lead to a honeyed palate with mineral notes and fresh acidity.

    64,99 $

  • Liquidity Pinot Gris (1 x 750ml)

    (13.5% ABV) Apricot, green apple, and lemon zest aromas are beautifully underscored by the stone minerality which defines Okanagan Estate Wine and...

    35,99 $

  • Mission Hill Pinot Gris (1 x 750ml)

    (13.1% ABV) Terrific texture and freshness with notes of stone fruit, fresh ginger, and bright citrus all add to a complex and balanced style of...

    30,99 $

  • Summerhill Organic Pinot Gris (1 x 750ml)

    (13.0% ABV) Made simply and naturally to express the pure essence of the fruit, this aromatic, medium-bodied, easy sipping wine shows notes of pear,

    29,99 $

Rose Wine

  • Saintly Rose (1 x 750ml)

    (12.5% ABV) Our most popular Rose! Perfectly balanced with a touch of strawberry and watermelon and with a lovely dry finish.

    23,99 $

  • Sandhill Rose (1 x 750ml)

    (12.5% ABV) This Rose has aromas of pomegranate, strawberry and a hint of earthiness. Flavours of red fruits linger on the finish.

    25,99 $

  • Road 13 "Honest John's" Rose (1 x 750ml)

    (13.0% ABV) This fresh and vibrant Rose is a welcome taste of summer and pairs well with good food and great company all year round. A toast to you,

    24,99 $

  • Bask Rose - 0 g Sugar (1 x 750ml)

    (12.0% ABV) (12% ABV) Bask crisp rose has subtle aromas of strawberry and peach.

    14,39 $

  • Grow Wild Rose (1 x 750ml)

    (12.5% ABV) (12.5% ABV) This rose is dry-to-off-dry. It is medium-bodied with medium acidity and just a touch of drying tannins. The palate has a...

    20,39 $

  • Open Rose (1 x 750ml)

    (13.0% ABV) (13% ABV) Bestseller! Nothing says "cheap and cheerful" more than open! This VQA rose is a tasteful blend of pinot noir and gamay. Lifted...

    13,99 $

  • Sandhill Rose (1 x 750ml)

    (13.5% ABV) This rose begins with lovely notes of strawberry, rainier cherry, watermelon, pomegranate, raspberry, and a touch of earth. At first...

    23,99 $

  • Vintage Ink Rose (1 x 750ml)

    (13.0% ABV) Layers of strawberries, raspberry, and a hint of refreshing grapefruit. (13% ABV)

    16,99 $

Sparkling Wine

  • Summerhill Blanc De Blanc 2012 (1 x 750ml)

    (12.0% ABV) Elegance at its best. Cipes Blanc de Blanc displays notes of lemon, key lime, brioche, and hazelnut with creamy, fine bubbles, and rich,

    51,99 $

  • Summerhill Cipes Rose Brut (1 x 750ml)

    (12.8% ABV) Enjoy a soft, creamy mouthfeel and intense notes of tart cherry, blood orange, hibiscus, grapefruit and a hint of biscuit. Bright and...

    42,99 $

  • Summerhill Cipes Brut (1 x 750ml)

    (12.5% ABV) Aromas of honey crisp apple, lime zest, pear, almonds, and grapefruit. The palate is vibrant with flavors of juicy green apple, pear,

    35,99 $

  • Red Rooster Brut (1 x 750ml)

    (12.0% ABV) It's full of character with the aromas of citrus and apples. It has a creamy texture and lingering nutty finish. It is made up of...

    35,99 $

  • Gray Monk Odyssey Rose Brut (1 x 750ml)

    (11.5% ABV) It is a fabulous blend of Pinot Meunier, Gamay Noir and the traditional grape, Pinot Noir. This wine was made in the classic sparkling...

    29,99 $

  • Gray Monk Odyssey White Brut (1 x 750ml)

    (13.0% ABV) On the palate, the wine has a full creamy texture with flavors hinting of citrus fruits and apricots. The finish is crisply refreshing.

    34,99 $

  • See Ya Later Ranch Brut (1 x 750ml)

    (13.0% ABV) This fine wine is reminiscent of freshly baked bread rounded out by crisp orchard fruit. A lively acidity is a welcoming refreshment to...

    28,99 $

  • Steller's Jay Brut (1 x 750ml)

    (12.5% ABV) Aromas of citrus and green apple, with hints of biscuits and semi-toasted almonds. The palate is crisp and clean with a pleasant with...

    27,99 $

  • Summerhill Cipes Blanc de Franc 2011 (1 x 750ml)

    (12.4% ABV) Handmade from 100% Organic Cabernet Franc grown on exceptional Okanagan Valley terroir. Dry with extended sur lie aging.

    68,99 $

Large Format

(1.5 L, 3 L, and 4 L)

  • Jackson Triggs Proprietors Selection Sauvignon Blanc (4 L) (1 x 4 Litres)

    (12.5% ABV) Light and crisp with notes of lemon, lime, and tangerine.

    52,99 $

  • Jackson Triggs Proprietors Selection Cabernet Sauv (4L) (1 x 4 Litres)

    (12.5% ABV) Light to medium ruby garnet color, dry and medium-bodied with lively crisp cassis berry character and very light tannins.

    52,99 $

  • Small Mercy Easy Going Red (4 L) (1 x 4L)

    (12.0% ABV) (12% ABV) Fresh and fruity. Juicy jammy notes, strawberry, and cherry with integrated tannins. Refreshing with a clean finish.

    47,99 $

  • The Winemaker's House Merlot (4 L) (1 x 4L)

    (12.5% ABV) The winemaker's house merlot has soft notes of cherry, raspberry, and violet with a smooth finish.

    39,99 $

  • Jackson Triggs PS Sauvignon Blanc (1.5 L) (1 x 1.5L)

    (12.5% ABV) Great value! Easy drinking white, with the right amount of minerality.

    21,99 $

  • Chaberton White (1.5 L) (1 x 1.5L)

    (12.8% ABV) House blend is made from 100% BC grapes grown in Okanagan, Similkameen, and Fraser Valleys. This refreshing dry wine has zesty aromas of...

    25,99 $

  • Chaberton Red (1.5 L) (1 x 1.5L)

    (12.8% ABV) Value alert! This 1.5L red blend is just what you need when you want to combine cooking and drinking! A little for the sauce, a little...

    25,99 $


  • No Boats on Sunday BC Apple (4 x 473ml)

    (5.0% ABV) A light-bodied cider with notes of freshly picked apples, citrus, and subtle hops. A premium craft cider made from 100% British Columbia...

    16,99 $

  • No Boats on Sunday Pear Cider (4 x 473ml)

    (5.0% ABV) This perfectly pleasant pear flavoured cider is crafted using locally-sourced pears ripened to perfection. Refreshing and balanced, enjoy...

    16,99 $

  • No Boats on Sunday Light Apple Cider (6 x 355ml)

    (3.5% ABV) Enjoy this lower-calorie, low alcohol cider with refreshing flavors of fresh juicy apple and a touch of lemon.

    16,99 $

  • Growers Extra Dry Apple (1 x 2L)

    (7.0% ABV) Tart and refreshing, this crisp apple cider is bursting with bold and refreshing orchard aromas and flavors. Off-dry.

    13,99 $

  • Growers Rose Cider (6 x 330ml)

    (7.0% ABV) Rose cider made with a splash of wine.

    12,99 $

  • Growers Century Dry Cider (6 x 355ml)

    (6.0% ABV) Crisp and Dry - Growers newest addition to their ciders. Made from BC apples, this Century Dry cider is certainly DRY!

    19,99 $

  • Growers Watermelon Lavender Sparkling Spritz (6 x 355ml)

    (4.0% ABV) A slice of perfection, balancing crisp cider and sparkling water with a fruity splash of fresh watermelon and fragrant notes of lavender.

    14,99 $

  • Growers Peach Orange Blossom Sparkling Spritz (6 x 355ml)

    (4.0% ABV) Balancing crisp cider and sparkling water with a juicy splash of fresh peach and fragrant notes of orange blossom.

    14,99 $

  • Growers Strawberry Lemon Sparkling Spritz (6 x 355ml)

    (4.0% ABV) Refreshing and not too sweet, this Spritzer just feels like Summer!

    14,99 $

Wine Spritzers & Hard Seltzers

  • Bask Green Tea Peach Hard Sparkling Water (6 x 355ML)

    (4.0% ABV) Refreshing notes of green tea with a subtly sweet peach finish.

    17,99 $

  • Bask Black Tea Goji Blackberry Hard Sparkling Water (6 x 355ML)

    (4.0% ABV) Delicate notes of fragrant black tea with a satisfying hit of juicy goji and blackberry.

    17,99 $

  • XOXO Botanicals Raspberry Rhubarb Wine Spritzer (4 x 355ML)

    (6.0% ABV) Fun fusion of juicy raspberry and tart rhubarb botanicals. Finished with a touch of spritz because who doesn't love bubbles?

    13,99 $

  • XOXO Botanicals Peach Orange Blossom Wine Spritzer (4 x 355ml)

    (6.0% ABV) Fun fusion of peach and fragrant orange blossom botanicals. Finished with a touch of spritz because who doesn't love bubbles? Easy to sip...

    13,99 $

  • XOXO Mango Habenero (4 x 355ml)

    (6.0% ABV)

    13,99 $

Cheese and Snacks

  • Balderson's Vintners Extra-Fort Cheddar (220g)

    25,99 $

  • Maese Miguel Queso Manchego (150g)

    16,99 $

  • Kerrygold Dubliner (200g)

    Robust cow's milk cheese. Sweet and nutty with a piquant bite of aged Parmesan

    12,99 $

  • Little Qualicum Bleu Claire (150g)

    13,99 $

  • Merlot Bellavitano (150g)

    Firm ripened cheese soaked with Merlot wine. Rich and creamy with berry and plum notes.

    13,99 $

  • Charcuterie Meat Trio (150g)

    Travel back to Italy with this authentic Italian meat trio. Smoked Prosciutto, Prosciutto Salami, and Chorizo Salami (150g)

    15,99 $

  • Lesley Stowe's Fig and Olive Crisps/Crackers (150 g)

    11,59 $

  • Ace Bakery Mini Baguette Crisps (180 g)

    9,99 $

  • Hardbite Natural Chips (150 g)

    5,99 $

  • Hardbite Rock Salt & Vinegar Chips (150 g)

    5,99 $

  • Catherine's Antipasto Spread (190 ml)

    11,99 $

  • Catherine's Red Pepper Jelly (250 ml)

    11,99 $

  • BC Brine Dill Pickles (750 ml)

    15,99 $

  • BC Brine Pickled Beets (500 ml)

    15,99 $

  • BC Brine Pickled Beans (500 ml)

    15,99 $

  • Espresso Bellavitano (150g)

    Firm ripened cheese with espresso. A Sartori family original, this rich, creamy cheese with its nutty, fruity flavour is also, in all modesty, a gold...

    13,99 $

  • FUME-eh Smoked Olive Tapenade (250ml)

    The tapenade is made using the smoked pitted Castelvetranos, sundried tomatoes, capers, lemon juice, olive oil, garlic. The smoke flavour is subtle...

    12,99 $

  • Hardbite Chips (Black Truffle)

    5,99 $


  • San Pellegrino (1 L)

    3,59 $

  • Organic Sparkling Bubbly Apple Pear (750 ml)

    7,19 $

  • Clever Premium Mocktail G&T Rose (355ml)

    3,59 $

  • Clever Premium Mocktail Mojito (355 ml)

    3,59 $

  • Clever Premium Mocktail G&T (355ml)

    A tasty and popular non-alcoholic alternative. Classic G&T

    3,59 $

  • Clever Premium Mocktail Moscow Mule (355ml)

    A tasty alternative for those not wanting to drink alcohol.

    3,59 $

  • Sparkmouth Mocktails Margarita (355ml)

    Non-alcoholic Margarita that is just the right amount of sweet

    3,59 $