Manila Sweets Bakeshop


9528 163 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5P, Canada

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  • Pork Asado Siopao (2 pcs)

    A flavourful Filipino version of Chinese dimsum (steamed bun) packed with tender pulled pork and special house-made sauce with the perfect balance of...

    12,50 $


Cakes, Breads, and Desserts

  • 5" x 3” Purple Yam (Ube) Cake Slice (1 pc)

    A delicious ube cake with real ube taste, topped with coconut strings and ube buttercream frosting. An exciting dessert experience. One order comes...

    13,00 $

  • Ensaimada (1 pc)

    A classic, soft, delicious, and coiled French brioche bread recipe, topped with a combination of non-hydro margarine, Parmesan cheese, and sugar for...

    4,50 $

  • Butter Mamon (1 pc)

    A moist, buttery, and sponge cake brushed with butter and sprinkled with sugar. One order comes with one piece.

    2,99 $

  • 4" x 4" Gluten-Friendly Sans Rival (1 pc)

    A heavenly dessert made with layers of meringue with ground cashews, French buttercream, and a coarse-ground cashew topping. It comes from a French...

    14,00 $

  • Gluten-Friendly Leche Flan (1 pc)

    A classic creme caramel pudding topped with delicious sugar syrup. One order comes with one piece.

    12,99 $

  • Creamy Puff (1 pc)

    Light-tasting, lip-smacking puff filled with real sweetened whipping cream. One order comes with one piece.

    3,50 $

  • Gluten-Friendly Coconut Macaroons (6 pcs)

    Little bites of delight made with coconut, gluten-friendly flours, butter, egg, and milk. One order comes with six macaroons.

    8,50 $

  • Egg Custard Tarts (2 pcs)

    A scrumptious custard tart with a buttery shortbread base for a tasty treat. One order comes with two pieces.

    7,70 $

  • Chocolate Crinkles (3 pcs)

    Mouthwatering, soft chewy-centred cookies rolled in icing sugar. A satisfying end to any meal. One order comes with three pieces.

    4,99 $


  • Bottled Water

    1,95 $

  • Canned Pop

    2,25 $