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126 10 St NW, Calgary, AB T2N 1V3, Canada

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Meathead (Meat Curries)

Please order rice or naan on the side.

  • Butter Clucker (GF)(D)

    Gluten-friendly, and contains dairy. Butter chicken (murgh makhani) is an Indie Counterculture marinated chicken breast fried in the tandoor and...

    19,95 $

  • Angry Rogan (GF)

    Gluten-friendly. Goat curry (rogan josh) is an Indie Counterculture succulent goat curry swimming in a deep pool of Indian spices and flavors.

    19,95 $

  • Scoville Beef (GF)

    Gluten-friendly, and spicy. Beef vindaloo is Indie Counterculturescale tilting beef curry stewed in a fiery rich sauce.

    19,95 $

  • Tandoo-lorian (GF) (D)

    Gluten-friendly, and contains dairy. Tandoori chicken is an Indie Counterculture marinated chicken roasted in the tandoor delivering a balance of...

    19,79 $

  • Grinder (GF)

    Gluten-friendly. Kheema is ground chuck and peas in a savoury gravy made with Indian spices.

    17,85 $

  • Uppercut Wings

    These massive meaty wings are marinated in a killer spice blend, light batter, and fried crisp. Comes with a dipping sauce.

    18,85 $

  • King Korma (Chicken)

    Fall into a braise haze with this creamy chicken korma, focusing on a balance of flavours and spices vs heat.

    19,00 $

Earth (Veggie Curries)

Please order rice or naan on the side.

  • MenuItemImage
    Hot Chicks (GF) (V)

    Gluten-friendly and vegan. Chana masala is an Indie Counterculture spicy chickpea curry.

    16,80 $

  • White Out (GF) (V)

    Gluten-friendly and vegan. Aloo gobi is an Indie Counterculture mild cauliflower and potato curry which combines a creamy texture and crunch with a...

    17,80 $

  • Mork and Bhindi (GF) (V)

    Gluten-friendly and vegan. Bhindi masala is Indie Counterculture chopped okra curry prepared with onions, tomatoes, and spices.

    17,80 $

  • Mentals (V)

    Gluten-friendly and vegan. Daal is a moong and masoor lentil dish with red chilli and spices.

    17,80 $

  • Butter Paneer (D)

    Gluten-friendly and contains dairy. Paneer makhani "butter from another udder" paneer simmered in a rich velvety cream sauce

    18,90 $

  • Palak Paneer

    A creamy spinach puree gravy with tender chunks of paneer and spices.

    18,00 $

Chaat Room

Appetizers & Street Foods

  • MenuItemImage
    The O.G. (VG)

    Papri chaat is fried dough crisps topped with chickpeas, potatoes, diced tomatoes, sweet onions, tamarind chutney, coriander mint chutney, sweet...

    14,30 $

  • Smash Chaat (VG)

    Smashed pocket squares topped with hot chicks, diced tomato, sweet onions, coriander mint chutney, tamarind chutney, and spicy sev.

    15,40 $

  • Amaze Balls (6 pcs) (VG)

    Pani puri is a hollow fried bread cup "puri" that you stuff with potato, onion, and chickpea, and they are served with "pani" spicy/sweet water.

    7,15 $

  • Carnival Dunk (6 pcs) (GF) (V)

    Gluten-friendly, and vegan. Pakora is a deep-fried vegetable fritter in a chickpea flour batter. One order comes with six pieces.

    7,70 $

  • Ocean Dunk (6 pcs)

    Fish pakora is a masala seasoned basa fillet coated with a batter and fried to crispy perfection. One order comes with six pieces.

    13,75 $

  • Pocket Square (3 pcs) (VG)

    Vegetarian. Samosa is a sauteed potato and green pea mixture jammed in a crispy pocket. One order comes with three pocket squares.

    7,70 $


  • Indie Remix (D)

    Contains dairy. Authentic chicken biryani which is steam cooked with spiced water in a steam kettle to deliver a perfect marriage of flavors. Topped...

    20,90 $

  • Poutine (D)

    Contains dairy. Thick-cut fries, cheese curds and your choice of butter clucker, Scoville beef, hot chickens, mentals, or butter paneer. Available...

    16,50 $

  • Tender Bites (Kids under 12)

    Chicken tenders and thick-cut fries.

    8,80 $

Go Naan's

Indian Forward Items

  • Bo-naan-zza (chicken)

    Twelve inches naan topped with masala stewed tomato sauce, sauteed onions, bell peppers, tandoor fired chicken, and mozzarella cheese.

    30,80 $

  • Bo-naan-zza (Veggie)

    Twelve inches naan topped with masala stewed tomato sauce, spinach, mushrooms mozzarella cheese.

    28,60 $

  • The Blunt

    Kati roll served on a roti, includes an omelette to absorb all the sauciness of one of the following curries. butter clucker, scoville beef, grinder,

    16,50 $

  • Slumdog

    Chicago-style kebab dog, topped with a pickle spear, sweet onions, coriander or mint chutney, turmeric mustard, sliced tomatoes and green chilli on a...

    16,50 $

  • Bo Peep

    Seasoned Alberta lamb slider trio with coriander or mint chutney, pickled lemon rinds, and arugula.

    18,70 $

  • Gump

    Battered fried shrimp with indie aioli, pickled red cabbage, and sliced tomato. Served on a top cut poppyseed bun.

    19,80 $

  • Spud (VG)

    Vegetarian. Vada pav is hardy fried potato patties, topped with crispy fried onions, spinach, and dry red coconut garlic chutney.

    18,70 $

  • Ruff Patch (GF)

    Halal. Arugula, spinach, cherry tomatoes, finely sliced fennel bulb, seasoned and fried chickpeas, chicken tikka, or panner, and house-made Indian...

    16,50 $



  • Indie Rice (GF) (VG)

    Gluten-friendly, and vegetarian. Indie Counterculture's special blend of rice.

    6,60 $

  • Basmati Rice (GF) (VG)

    Gluten-friendly, and vegetarian. Cooked with bay leaves, star anise, black peppercorns, green cardamom, black cardamom, cinnamon stick, and cloves.

    5,50 $

  • Mint Coriander Chutney

    1,50 $

  • Tamarind Chutney

    1,50 $

  • Raita

    2,50 $

  • Indie Aoili

    2,00 $

  • Indie Wing Sauce

    2,00 $

Clay (Naans)

  • Naan

    5,50 $

  • Garlic Naan

    6,60 $

  • Roti (V)


    4,40 $

  • Cheese Naan

    Naan oozing with melted cheese, onions, Indian spices, and chopped fresh coriander.

    11,00 $


  • MenuItemImage
    Jammin Brownie

    Brownie topped with gulab Jamun (sweet condensed milk-solid bites slathered in syrup and a milk chocolate drizzy).

    8,80 $

  • Gulab Jamum (3 pcs)

    Gulab Jamum are sweet condensed milk nuggets soaked in sweet syrup.

    7,70 $


  • Mango Lassi

    7,70 $

  • Chai

    5,50 $

  • Indian Sodas

    4,95 $

  • Grizzly Paw Sodas

    5,50 $

  • Sparkling Water

    3,85 $

  • Bottled Water

    2,75 $