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Please list the number of place settings that you'd like, along with your order. We use 100% compostable cutlery, bags and napkins.

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Burgers, Sandwiches, and Wraps

Sandwiches and burgers served with your choice of hand-cut, twice cooked fries made from Canadian Kenebec potatoes, house salad with tahini garlic dressing, or our classic Caesar salad

  • Chick'un Caesar Wrap

    Flour tortilla filled with romaine lettuce, cheeze shreds, herbed croutons, house caesar dressing, and your choice of cajun style or buffalo hot...

    20,34 $

  • Mushroom Po-Boy

    Toasted french bread, Cajun battered and fried, blue oyster mushrooms, house creole sauce, lettuce, tomato, pickles, red onion and cheeze slices. Add...

    20,34 $

  • Reuben Sandwich

    Marbled rye bread, house-made roast beef style seitan, 2 types of vegan cheese, sauerkraut, pickles, and tangy Russian dressing, all toasted to melty...

    20,34 $

  • Ginger "Chick'un" Wrap

    Heritage mixed greens, Hummus, shredded beets, carrots and cabbage, bell pepper, sunflower seeds, soy ginger chick'un, tahini garlic dressing, with...

    20,34 $

  • French Dip Sandwich

    Roast beef style seitan roast slices, cashew cheese sauce, caramelized onions, horseradish mayo, pickles, mustard, served in a toasted French...

    20,34 $

  • Buffalo Chick'un Burger

    Fried cajun chick'un tossed in a valentinos style hot sauce, mayo, shredded lettuce, red onion and pickles. Served on a toasted vegan brioche bun

    20,34 $

Burgers, Sandwiches, and Wraps A La Carte

No sides come with dishes in this section. No Sides come with selections in this category. You will receive the delicious sandwich or wrap, however on its own without its complimentary house salad or twice-cooked hand-cut fries. If you would like such great sides with your sandwich, that can be found in the category above.

  • Caesar Chick'un Wrap

    Flour tortilla, romaine lettuce, cheese shreds, mayo, herbed croutons, and house caesar dressing.

    14,95 $

  • Mushroom Po-Boy

    Silver oyster mushrooms, cajun battered and golden fried. Served on a toasted hoagie with creole sauce, cheese slices, tomatoes, pickles, lettuce,

    14,95 $

  • Ginger "Chick'un" Wrap

    Home-made hummus, beet, carrot, bell pepper, sunflower seeds, soy meat ginger chikun', zucchini, Indian life wrap, peanut sweet chili dip. Sandwich...

    14,95 $

  • French Dip Sandwich

    House-made seitan roast slices (gluten-friendly), cheese sauce, caramelized onions, horseradish mayo, pickle, mustard. Side au jus. Sandwich only.

    14,95 $

  • Beyond Meat Burger

    Seasoned "beyond meat" burger, topped with caramelized onions, vegan cheddar slice, lettuce, tomato, red onion, and special burger sauce. Sandwich...

    14,95 $

  • Buffalo "Chick'un" Burger

    Cajun breaded "Chick'un" breast dipped in house hot sauce, served on a kaiser bun with vegan mayo, pickles, red onion, tomato, and lettuce. Sandwich...

    14,95 $

Thai Vegan Dishes

Thai dishes.

  • Thai Massaman Curry

    The king of Thai curries. A rich coconut milk base with a classic Thai flavour of lemongrass, shallot, galangal and chilis. Made extra special by...

    17,70 $

  • Khao Soi

    Creamy coconut and Thai herb noodle soup.

    18,42 $

  • Peanut Satay Rice Bowl

    Jasmine rice, diced peppers, pickled cucumber salad, julienne carrots, choice of soy chick'un or tofu, and our famous Thai peanut satay sauce. Add 2

    14,50 $

  • Pad Thai

    Rice noodles stir fried in a tangy tamarind sauce with mixed veggies, choice of tofu (gluten-friendly), or veg chick'un. served with lime and crushed...

    17,70 $


Main Meals

Meal sized entrees, inspired by thai and western flavors.

  • Chick'un Caesar Salad

    Herbed croutons, cajun fried chick'un, and regular or buffalo hot.

    14,95 $

  • Pura Vegan Bowl

    Big ol' tasty salad with two dressings and chickpeas.

    15,25 $

  • Mac n' Cheese

    Cashew cheezy sauce, coconut f'acon crumbles, scallions, marble rye toast, and tomato jam.

    11,50 $


  • Hand-Cut Fries

    Kennebec potato fries.

    5,95 $

  • Onion rings

    6,65 $

  • Poutine

    Fries, rosemary gravy, and cheese shreds.

    11,45 $

  • Small House or Caesar Salad

    7,95 $

  • Cauliflower Wings

    Battered and crispy fried.

    7,95 $

  • Fried Spring Rolls

    Five crispy spring rolls served with Nan's yum yum dip sauce.

    6,95 $

  • Jasmine Rice


    2,75 $

  • Coconut Rice

    3,25 $

  • Brown and Red Rice Mix

    3,50 $

  • Vegan Corn Dog

    A veggie dog hand-dipped in corn meal batter and golden fried.

    6,50 $


  • Bottled Water

    2,50 $

  • Boylan Sodas

    4,50 $

  • Coconut Water

    T.A.S Coconut water.

    4,00 $