Halal Mountain

427 George St N, Peterborough, ON K9H 3R4, Canada

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Local restaurants are the heart, soul, and stomach of our communities. In this challenging time, you can support your favourite hometown heroes with a restaurant tip. 100% of this added contribution will go to your selected restaurant.

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Startz and Sharez

  • Pin Wheelz

    Large tort, layered with cream cheese, shredded cheese, roasted red pepper, crispy onion, jalapeno, baked and cut.

    12,00 $

  • Thai Chicken Bitez

    Buttermilk breaded chicken tossed in sweet Thai chilli heat and sesame seeds.

    11,00 $

Not Street Meat

Served with choice of fries or side salad.

  • True North Hoagie

    AAA smoked brisket, chopped, creamy slaw, roasted red pepper, and smokey barbecue on a premium long bun.

    15,00 $


  • House Salad

    Iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and red pepper, served with your choice of dressing.

    5,00 $

  • Smoked Brisket Salad

    Romaine and ice burg lettuce, smoked brisket, tomatoes, shredded cheese , tossed in smokey ranch dressing and dusted with sesame seeds.

    15,00 $

Na Cho Businezz

  • The Classic Nacho

    Baked nacho chips, melted cheese, tomato, onion jalapeno served with sour cream and salsa.

    15,00 $

  • BBQ Chicken Nacho

    Baked nacho chips, melted cheeses, tomato onion, jalapeno, barbecue grilled chicken, drizzled in signature sweet barbecue, with sour cream.

    17,00 $

  • The Brisket Nacho

    Baked nacho chips, melted cheeses, tomato, onion, jalapeno, and smoked brisket, drizzled in signature smokey barbecue, with sour cream.

    18,00 $

  • Buffalo Chicken Nacho

    Baked nacho chips, melted cheeses, tomato, onion, jalapenos, buffalo grilled chicken, with sour cream.

    17,00 $

Gourmet Burgerz

Served with choice of fries, or side salad.

  • Backyard Classic Burger

    Two four-ounce patties, mayonnaise, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, ketchup, and pickles.

    13,00 $

  • The Churger Burger

    One four-ounce patty, two buttermilk chicken fingers, tossed in medium, mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickles.

    13,00 $

  • Ultimate BBQ Burger

    Two four-ounce patty, mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, caramelized onions, sliced cheddar, smokey barbecue sauce, and pickles.

    16,00 $

  • August Heat Burger

    Two four-ounce patty, spicy mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, crispy onion, jalapeno, hot barbecue, and pickles.

    14,00 $

  • Brisket Buddy Burger

    One four-ounce patty, three-ounce smoked brisket, smokey mayonnaise, red pepper, caramelized onions, and pickles.

    16,00 $

  • NO Meat 4 U Burger

    Two premium vegetable patties, sweet barbecue, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, red pepper, and pickles.

    18,00 $

Wrap Game

Served with choice of fries or side salad.

  • Smoked Brisket Wrap

    12” Tort, ice burg lettuce, smokey ranch, shredded cheese, tomato, and smoked brisket.

    15,00 $

  • The Northern Wrap

    Cream cheese, shredded cheese, tomato, jalapeno, roasted red pepper, and breaded chicken tossed in BBQ sauce. Served warm.

    14,00 $

Halal Platez

Served with salad, slaw, and macaroni and cheese.

  • Smoked Brisket

    AAA twenty-four-hour start to finish smoked brisket, carved into slabs, signature smokey barbecue.

    22,00 $

  • Halal Platter For One

    AAA smoked brisket slab, one-fourth barbecue chicken, spicy grilled chicken breast, with signature barbecue sauces.

    29,00 $

  • Halal Platter For Two

    AAA smoked brisket slabs, twice the one-fourth barbecue chicken, double spicy grilled chicken breast, with signature barbecue sauces.

    45,00 $

  • BBQ 1/4 Chicken and Brisket

    Barbecued one-fourth chicken, grilled and drizzled in smokey sweet barbecue with six-ounce chopped brisket.

    17,00 $

Breaded Wingz

  • Breaded Wingz (1 lb)

    One order comes with one pound.

    13,50 $

  • Breaded Wingz (2 lbs)

    One order comes with two pounds.

    26,00 $


Served with choice of fries, or side salad.

  • Classic Quesa

    Grilled tort, melted cheeses, tomato, onion, jalapeno, sour cream, and salsa.

    14,00 $

  • BBQ Chicken Quesa

    Grilled tort, melted cheeses, tomatoes, onions, jalapeno, grilled chicken, sweet barbecue drizzle, with sour cream.

    16,00 $

  • Brisket Quesa

    Grilled tort, melted cheeses, red pepper, crispy onion, smoked brisket, and smokey drizzle.

    17,00 $


Served with choice of fries, side salad, or side caesar.

  • Old SkewL Poutine

    House gravy, and melted cheeses.

    9,95 $

  • Brisky Businezz Poutine

    House gravy, melted cheeses, red pepper, crispy onion and smoked brisket.

    14,00 $

  • Buffalo Chicken

    House gravy, melted cheeses, and buttermilk chicken fingers chopped, tossed in buffalo.

    12,00 $

  • Spice O' Life

    House gravy, melted cheeses, five-alarm chicken breast, jalapeno, red pepper, and ghost pepper.

    13,00 $

Kidz' 12 and Under

Served with fries, bottled water or apple juice box and Ice cream.

  • Breaded Chicken Chunks

    9,75 $

  • Burger with Ketchup

    9,75 $

  • Brisket on A Bun

    9,75 $

Sidez and Addz

  • House-Made Slaw (4 oz)

    5,00 $

  • Order of Fries

    6,00 $

  • Order of Onion Rings

    8,00 $

  • Side of Gravy

    3,00 $

  • Creamy Mac Salad

    6,00 $


  • Chocolate Addiction Cake

    A decadent layered cake of moist chocolate and light chocolate mousse, covered in chocolate icing, caramel drizzle, toasted coconut, and roasted...

    8,00 $

  • Ultimate Cheesecake

    A decadent vanilla cream-based cheesecake, with a shortbread, crumble, with choice of chocolate, strawberry, or caramel handcrafted drizzle, served...

    8,00 $

  • Apple Cinnamon Smash

    Apple and caramel dusted with cinnamon, set in a golden pie crust, smashed, and served with vanilla ice cream and caramel drizzle.

    8,00 $

  • Strawberry Rhubarb Smash

    A sweet shortbread pie crust, rhubarb, strawberry, caramel, smashed, and served with strawberry drizzle and vanilla ice cream.

    8,00 $

  • Triple Chocolate Brownie

    Tender chocolate brownie with chocolate chunks, chocolate and vanilla icing topped with caramel drizzle and served with ice cream.

    8,00 $


  • Canned Soda

    1,50 $

  • Glass Bottled

    2,50 $

  • Gatorade

    2,75 $

  • Bottled Water

    1,50 $

  • Monster Ultra Red

    3,00 $