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  • Breaded Natural Cut Pacific Cod Nuggets (8oz)

    Cod is valued for its smooth, velvety texture and large, yet delicate, flakes, along with its rich, satiny sweet, buttery flavour courtesy of the...

    13,07 $

  • Guiness Beer Battered Cod Tenders (4 pcs)

    GUINNESS® Beer Battered Cod Tenders, and served with tartar sauce.

    13,60 $

  • Breaded Fish Sticks (8 pcs)

    These delicious Fish Sticks feature a select blend of minced quality Haddock, Pollock and Cod coated with a light, specially seasoned crumb breading,

    14,12 $

  • Fire Dusted Marinated Calamari (6 oz)

    Lightly breaded with cayenne pepper, but it is not heavy so the flavour of the high-quality loligo squid shines through. Served with Tartar Sauce.

    12,02 $

  • Breaded Nobashi Shrimp (4 pcs)

    Served with cocktail sauce.

    13,60 $

  • Tempura Battered White Shrimp (5 pcs)

    Tempura Battered White Shrimp is served with cocktail sauce.

    12,55 $

  • Crunchy Buffalo Shrimp (10 pcs)

    Large, plump, & tender shrimp coated in a crispy Buffalo-style breading and served with cocktail sauce.

    12,55 $

  • Wild Alaska Pollock (6 oz)

    Wild Alaska Pollock Fries - Breaded Pollock and served with tartar sauce.

    13,60 $


    6,30 $


  • 1-Beer Battered Haddock Fillets (8.5 oz)

    It doesn't get any bigger or better than beer battered haddock fillets. Here, larger-than-life natural cut wild caught fillets are dipped in comfort...

    17,27 $

  • 2-Battered Giant Joe Haddock (2 pcs)

    Four ounces of giant joe battered haddock portion.

    15,70 $

  • 3-Guinness Beer Battered Cod Fillets (2 pcs)

    Serve consistently delicious, battered seafood with a unique product line you'll be proud to call your own. With subtle hints of GUINNESS®, dark,

    18,85 $

  • 4-Battered Homestyle Pollock Fillets (2 pcs)

    A moist and flaky fillet enrobed with a crispy, golden batter. Home-style taste and appearance allows for excellent plate coverage and presentation.

    15,70 $

  • 6-Parmesan Crusted Wild Salmon (2 pcs)

    Wild caught pink salmon, on-trend flavors, popular glazed, and crusted coating systems.

    16,75 $

  • 7-Mediterranean Glazed Wild Salmon (2 pcs)

    Wild Caught Pink Salmon, On-Trend Flavors, Popular Glazed and Crusted Coating Systems.

    16,22 $


  • Pollock Burger

    Alaskan pollock fillet, lettuce, tomato, and tartar sauce on a brioche bun.

    11,50 $


  • Caesar Salad

    Romaine lettuce, Croutons and Parmesan Cheese tossed with Caesar dressing.

    14,65 $