Europa Delicatessen


10712 78 Ave #106, Grande Prairie, AB T8W 2J7, Canada

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Craft Sandwiches

  • Grilled Ruben Sandwich

    Smoked Beef, sauerkraut, 1000 island Dressing, Swiss Cheese, served on Rye Panini Bread,With a can of pop.

    11,59 $

  • Smoked Cheddar and Turkey Panini

    Smoked Deli Turkey Breast, Mustard Mayo, Smoked Cheddar Cheese, sliced tomato, parmesan dust, served on Ciabatta Bun. With a can of pop.

    12,59 $

  • Italian Meatball Submarine Sandwich

    Italian Meatball, Mozzarella Cheese, Marinara Sauce, Mix Roasted bell peppers, served in Sub Bun, With a can of pop.

    11,59 $

  • Ultimate Club House Sandwich

    Smoked Deli Chicken, Sliced Honey Ham, Tomato, Lettuce, American Cheddar cheese, Mayonnaise served in Sandwich Bread. With a can of pop.

    12,89 $

  • Classic BLTC Sandwich

    Sliced of Bacon, Romain Lettuce, Sliced Roma tomatoes, Yellow Cheddar Cheese served in panini bun. Served with a can of pop.

    10,98 $

  • Traditional Cuban Sandwich

    Smoked Ham, Dill Pickle, Swiss Cheese, Red onion, Mustard Mayo, served in panini bun with can of pop.

    11,98 $

  • Caprese Panini

    Basil pesto with Sliced Roma Tomatoes and Mozzarella chesse on a Foccacia Panini, with a can of pop

    11,59 $

Heat and Serve

  • Baked Meat and Cheese Lasagna (2 Serving)

    Ground Lean Beef, Cottage Cheese, Parmesan cheese, Mix Cheese, Spinach, Lasagna Pasta, Marinara Sauce. Cooked to Perfection. Re-Heat Product 350c...

    19,99 $

  • Double Baked Bacon Cheese Stuffed Potato

    Baked Potato Mix with Housemade Bacon Bits, sour cream, red onion, seasoning, mix cheese, and baked to perfection. Re-Heat Product 350 c Oven for 20

    10,99 $

  • Bacon Cheese Stuffed Mushroom (6 pieces)

    Button Mushroom stuffed with Philadelphia cream cheese, mix cheese, Bacon Bits, red onion, seasoning, topped with parsley and sweet paprika. Re-Heat...

    13,98 $

  • Crab and Cheese Stuffed Mushroom (6 pieces)

    Button Mushroom stuffed with Philadelphia cream cheese, mix cheese, imitation crab meat, seasoning, topped with parsley, and sweet paprika. Re-Heat...

    13,98 $

Frozen Perogies

  • Potato Cheddar Roasted Garlic Perogies (870 gm)

    11,98 $

  • Potato Cheddar Bacon Perogies (870gm)

    9,98 $

  • Potato Cottage cheese and Dill Perogies (870gm)

    9,98 $

  • Chicken Pelmeni (870gm)

    10,99 $

  • Pork and Beef Pelmeni (870gm)

    10,99 $


  • Can Pops

    1,85 $

  • Jarritos

    3,59 $

  • Pop Pet Bottle (710 ml)

    3,89 $

  • Bottle Pop (2L)

    Family size.

    5,29 $