E-Mo Restaurant


590 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2B7, Canada


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E-Mo Restaurant Dishes

  • 1. Seolleongtang 설렁탕

    A staple in Korean households, especially on winter days. This beef bone broth is made from boiling down ox tail and leg bones for several hours, to...

    9,54 $

  • 2. Galbitang 갈비탕

    Luxury among Korean soups for it's cut of meat, this clear broth is soup is made from beef short ribs, cooked until fork tender and stewed with eggs.

    13,95 $

  • 3. Yukgaejang 육개장

    A highly popular soup in Korea, served on cold winter days. This hearty, spicy beef soup is made from shredded beef, scallions, eggs and beansprouts.

    10,55 $

  • 4. Soondubu 순두부

    Another popular fiery hot soup. This delicious stew is made with silky soft tofu, thinly sliced beef, clams stewed in a beef broth creating deep,

    11,58 $

  • 6. Al Bap 알밥

    Literally translating to "Fish roe on rice", this simple but hearty meal combines flying fish roe "tobiko" with pickled radishes and imitation crab...

    11,15 $

  • 7. Kimchi Jjigae 김치찌개

    The most beloved of all Korean stews. This warm, hearty spicy, savory delicious stew is enjoyed by all. Made with kimchi, spam and thinly sliced...

    10,55 $

  • 8. Bulgogi 불고기

    One of the most well-known Korean traditional food, this popular bbq dish combines thinly sliced marinated beef, grilled with vegetables. Served with...

    11,50 $

  • 9. Bibim-Naengmyeon 비빔냉면 (Family size)

    This cold soup-less noodle dish is a perfect way to beat the summer heat. Chewy buckwheat noodles marinated in a spicy, sweet and tangy sauce. A...

    17,20 $

  • 10. Bukeoguk 황태해장국

    Hungover or need a break from the hearty and heavy? This delicious delicate clear broth soup is just what the doctor ordered. Made from dried...

    10,55 $

  • 11. Mul Naengmyeon 물냉면

    This cold and refreshing noodle soup is another way to cool down and beat the heat. Made from chewy buckwheat noodles accented with cucumber,

    10,55 $

  • 12. Haemul Pajeon 해물파전

    Often shared with friends or family on rainy days, this crispy savoury seafood pancake is so good, you may want the whole thing for yourself. Made...

    13,40 $

  • 13. Jeyuk Bokkeum 제육볶음

    How do you make BBQ better? How about spicy bbq. This popular pork bbq is made with a chilli paste marinated. Sweet, spicy savoury. Served with white...

    11,48 $

  • 14. Manduguk 만둣국

    A traditionally new year's day soup. This light and comforting beef broth soup is made with dumplings, rice cake medallions and eggs. History and...

    10,55 $

  • 15. Bibim-Naengmyeon 비빔냉면

    This cold soup-less noodle dish is a perfect way to beat the summer heat. Chewy buckwheat noodles marinated in a spicy, sweet and tangy sauce. A...

    10,55 $

  • 16. Bibimbap 비빔밥

    Literally translating to "Mixing rice", this simple but nourishing and hearty meal combines seasoned vegetables, beef and a sunny side egg on a bed...

    9,95 $

  • 17. LA Galbi 갈비

    The king of the Korean bbq meats. These succulent savoury beef ribs are cut laterally leaving perfect bones to hold onto while you enjoy the sweet...

    15,35 $

  • 18. Doenjang Jjigae 된장찌개

    A staple in any Korean household. This savoury soup is made from fermented soybean past cooked with potato, tofu, onions, zucchini and scallions.

    10,55 $

  • 19. Gamjatang 감자탕

    A spicy, hearty stew made with pork bones cooked until the meat is fork-tender. Combined with potatoes, cabbages and vegetables, this soup will have...

    11,50 $

  • 20. Bulgogi Ttukbaegi 뚝배기불고기

    A great non-spicy alternative, this hearty, delicious, meaty soup is made with thinly sliced marinated beef, cooked with bean Sprouts & Glass...

    11,50 $

  • 21. Jajangmyeon 짜장

    Chinese in origin, but make no mistake, this a Korean dish. Sweet, savoury, salty; this is so popular it has become a part of Korean culture. Made...

    7,95 $

  • 22. Jjampong 짬뽕

    This popular Korean seafood spicy noodle soup is loaded with flavour. This fiery spicy soup is made from fresh handmade noodles, vegetables and...

    10,55 $

  • 23. Jjolmyeon 쫄면

    A popular cold noodle dish, this fresh and light dish focuses on the chewy texture of the handmade noodles. A tonne of fresh vegetable, chewy noodles...

    9,73 $

  • 24. Jajangmyeon (Family sized) 짜장

    This is a family-sized version of our popular Jajangmyeon dish. Share the enjoyment with others or savour the whole thing yourself. We won't tell.

    14,90 $

  • 25. Tangsuyuk 탕수육

    A Korean adaptation of the Chinese classic. This dish marries perfectly deep-fried pork in a delightfully sweet and tangy sauce. Helpful hint: this...

    11,05 $

  • 26. Japchae 잡채

    An essential dish for traditional holidays and special occasions. Literally translating to "mixed vegetables" this dish combines an assortment of...

    14,00 $

  • 27. Japtangbap 잡탕밥

    A delicious Chinese/Korean fusion, this dish combines stir-fried seafood and vegetables in a thick clear savoury sauce. Served on a bed of white rice.

    12,00 $

  • 28. Rabokki 라볶이

    A variation of our delicious Tteokbokki 떡볶이, this dish combines rice cake rolls with ramen noodles in a gochujang sauce, topped with an egg, creating...

    9,75 $

  • 29. Donkkaseu 돈까스

    A Korean iteration of the Japanese classic Tonkatsu, this dish takes a lightly breaded pork cutlet, deep-fried to perfection. Served with white rice...

    11,00 $

  • 30. Ojingeo Bokkeum 오징어 볶음

    Koreans have a love affair with squid, making this calamari dish a fan favourite. Bite-sized calamari and vegetables stir-fried in sweet gochujang...

    13,95 $

  • 31. Kimchi Bokkeumbap 김치 볶음밥

    Kimchi Fried Rice, an all-time classic favourite. This delicious dish combines perfectly aged kimchi fried to perfection with vegetables, pork, egg...

    10,55 $

  • 32. Lazogi 라조기

    A Korean adaptation of the Chinese classic. This dish marries perfectly deep-fried bite-sized boneless chicken in a delightfully sweet, tangy, spicy...

    12,45 $

  • 33. Ganjajang 간짜장

    A variation of the favorite Jajangmyeon 짜장. This flavor adventure takes our famous Jajang sauce, stir-fries onions, zucchinis and other vegetables,

    11,05 $

  • 34. Samsun Jjampong 삼선짬뽕

    Need more seafood? This is our upp'd version of our famous Jjampong dish.

    11,55 $

  • 35. Kkanpunggi 깐풍기

    A Korean take on another Chinese classic dish. This sweet, sour, spicy dish combines spicy garlic boneless fried chicken with vegetables. A perfect...

    12,95 $

  • 36. Japchaebap 잡채밥

    A variation of our delicious Japchae 잡채. Perfectly seasoned vegetables sauteed with sweet potato starch noodles (glass noodles).

    12,45 $

  • 37. Tteokbokki 떡볶이

    A beloved Korean rice cake dish, with a rich history. This enormously popular street food combines chewy rice cakes in a gochujang sauce, creating a...

    8,20 $

  • 38. Saengseon-gaseu 생선가스

    A perfectly battered, perfectly fried white fish seasoned with tartar sauce. Just perfect! Served with garden salad and white rice.

    12,00 $

  • 39. Mafa Tofu 마파두부

    A Korean take on the Chinese classic. This dish takes cubed tofu and braises them in a spicy chilli bean paste with vegetables, creating bold, spicy...

    12,00 $

  • 40. Jjajangbap 짜장밥

    Not big on noodles? Enjoy our famous Jjajang (Black bean sauce) but on rice. Served with on rice with egg.

    7,95 $