Double Baked Wings


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Loaded Nachos

  • Loaded Nachos

    Nacho chips topped with taco seasoning, black olives, Roma tomatoes, mixed onions, jalapenos, mozzarella, and cheddar cheese. Take it to the next...

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Chicken Wings

Classic Double Baked Wings recipe, your choice of nearly 20 different sauces and rub flavours!

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    Chicken Wings (10 pcs)

    Classic Double Baked Wings recipe, choose from a ton of different sauce and rub flavours.

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    Mozzarella & Pepperoni Calzone

    Delicious stuffed calzone with a classic flavour. Made with a traditional red sauce and loaded with pepperoni and mozzarella cheese. Dough made...

    9,15 $

  • Buffalo Ranch Chicken Calzone

    Stuffed calzone with a spicy buffalo ranch sauce, loaded with grilled chicken, bacon, and mixed onions. Dough made in house daily.

    10,30 $


  • Jalapeno Poppers

    Red jalapeno pepper halves stuffed with a tangy chili cream cheese, wrapped in a crunchy breadcrumb coating, and sprinkled with red and green...

    9,15 $

  • Bruschetta

    Made on a 12" freshly made dough and an olive oil base, topped with roma tomatoes, mixed onions, and a mozzarella and parmesan blend.

    10,35 $

  • Puff Pastry Pizza

    Choose two toppings to go with the new buttery, flaky, and delicious Puff Pastry base. All Puff Pastry pizzas come with traditional red sauce and...

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Dipping Sauce

  • Buffalo Dipping Sauce

    1,75 $

  • Thai Chilli Dipping Sauce

    1,75 $

  • Ranch Dipping Sauce

    1,75 $

  • Creamy Garlic Dipping Sauce

    1,75 $

  • Marinara Dipping Sauce

    1,75 $

  • Buffalo Ranch Dipping Sauce

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    Cinnamon Pullapart

    Fresh dough pieces tossed in a cinnamon spread mix and served ready to pull a part. Comes with a side of Cream Cheese frosting to add before eating.

    9,20 $

  • Apple Cobbler

    Cinnamon-baked apples, toasted almonds, gluten-free oats, and brown sugar make this apple cobbler the most comforting and delicious apple delight!

    6,85 $

  • Carrot Caramel Cheesecake

    Luscious cheesecake filled with chunks of carrot cake piled high on a graham base and generously topped with caramel blend.

    7,50 $

  • Molten

    A delicious mix of chocolate cake and chocolate fondue! This rich chocolate cake is filled with a decadent chocolate filling that oozes from the...

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  • Canned Pop

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  • Bottled Pop (2L)

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