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The Pourium has you covered! Add a corkscrew to your order.

  • 2 Pull Corkscrew (EA)

    10,00 $

Small and Large Formats - White Wine

  • Undurraga U Series Sauvignon Blanc (1 x 375 ml)

    (12.5% ABV) Lots of pleasant pungent aromas with good fruit development. Dry, medium-bodied wine with a light, floral touch and refreshing acidity.

    12,49 $

  • Santa Carolina Chardonnay (1 x 375ml)

    (12.5% ABV) pale golden color with greenish hues. It often displays aromas of tropical fruits such as pineapple and mango, as well as citrus notes of...

    13,29 $

  • Gato Blanco Sauvignon Blanc (1 x 1.5L)

    (12.0% ABV) Chile. Aromas of citrus and vegetal notes with a nice mineral-driven finish. Enclosure: screw cap


White Wine

Enjoy a bottle of chilled white wine.

  • Tolten Sauvignon Blanc (1 x 750ml)

    (12.0% ABV) This wine has bright citrus flavours with a hint of tropical fruit. Intense and refreshing, this wine is perfect for entertaining. Try it...

    15,19 $

  • Tolva Chardonnay (1 x 750ml)

    (12.5% ABV) Bright yellow colour with green reflections. This Chardonnay has melon, pineapple and apricot aromas along with a delicate note of...

    15,99 $

  • Mcguigan Black Label Moscato (1 x 750ml)

    (8.5% ABV) (8.5% ABV) Australia.. Tropical fruits and white peach aromas with a delicate frizzante style, balanced with lively and soft fruit...

    16,99 $

  • Luigi Leonardo Chardonnay/Trebbiano (1 x 750ml)

    (12.0% ABV) Italy. Straw yellow in color with a light and pleasing aroma of floral notes followed by a fresh and fruity palate. enclosure: screw cap

    16,99 $


    (12.0% ABV) On the nose, you will find aromas of lemon, green apple and white flowers. On the palate, it is fresh and fruity. Italy, Enclosure:

    17,99 $

  • Resso Garnacha Blanc (1 x 750 ml)

    (12.5% ABV) Aromas of mixed citrus lively fruit, and floral undertones on the nose with a palate of crisp apple and peach leading to a crisp mineral...

    18,99 $

  • Novita Pinot Grigio (1 x 750 ml)

    (13.0% ABV) A vibrant, tangy freshness with aromas of pear, grapefruit zest and a hint of spice. It shows citrus flavours with a hint of tropicality,


  • Trinity Oaks Chardonnay (1 x 750ml)

    (13.5% ABV) Juicy citrus and pear flavor's, hints of oak toast and vanilla with a silky finish. California, USA Closure: Cork

    23,49 $

  • Tommasi “Le Rosse” Pinot Grigio (1 x 750ml)

    (12.0% ABV) (12% ABV) Italy. Crisp and clean with fresh notes of peaches and nectarines and lime. enclosure: screw cap

    24,99 $

  • Hess Sauvignon Blanc (1 x 750ml)

    (13.0% ABV) USA. Fun, crisp, and lively citrusy lemon-lime notes followed by loads of tropical fruit throughout the palate. enclosure: screw cap

    31,49 $

Small and Large Format Red Wine

  • Luigi Leonardo Sangiovese (1 x 375ml)

    (13.5% ABV) Ruby red with a pleasant flower bouquet with sweet cherries hints. Easy to drink, good acidity, and mild tannin. Italy, Enclosure:

    11,99 $


    (13.0% ABV) Deep ruby ​​red with pleasant violet reflections, intense and enveloping, notes of currant, wild strawberry and pomegranate. It stands...

    12,99 $


    (13.0% ABV) A blend of Shiraz, Mourvedre, Carignan and Grenache .The nose is complex and fruity. The palate is soft and elegant with aromas of red...

    15,99 $

  • Finca Flichman Malbec (1 x 1 L)

    (13.5% ABV) Mendoza Argentina. Cork enclosure. Light in oak and fruity flavours with peppery notes, light acid and a smooth finish.

    18,99 $

  • Gato Negro Cabernet Sauvignon (1 x 1.5 L)

    (13.0% ABV) Chile. Screwcap. Bold on the palate with notes of dark fruit, smoke and deep cheery.

    26,49 $

Red Wine

Choose from a variety of beautiful red wines.

  • Brave Step Pinot Noir (1 x 750ml)

    (13.0% ABV) (13% ABV) Central Valley, Chile. Light bodied with loads of fruit notes, layered with cinnamon and plum with a soft and dry finish.

    15,19 $

  • Mezzaro Sangiovese (1 x 750ml)

    (13.5% ABV) flavors of ripe red fruits like cherries and plums. The wine can have a pleasant acidity that provides freshness and balance. Some...

    16,49 $


    (13.5% ABV) Aromas of jammy red berries. On the palate, it is greedy and totally charming.. France, Enclosure: Screwcap

    17,99 $

  • Crane Lake Malbec (1 x 750ml)

    (12.5% ABV) This dark full-bodied wine has aromas of plum and blackberry. There are flavors of raspberry and cherry with soft tannins providing a...

    19,99 $

  • Trinity Oaks Pinot Noir (1 x 750ml)

    (13.5% ABV) California. Bright strawberry and cherry characteristics on the nose, and hints of green tea and mint on the palate. A smooth silky...

    23,49 $


    (13.5% ABV) Deep cherry red with violet hues. The nose reveals black fruit, such as blackberries, blueberries and black cherries. In the mouth, this...

    26,99 $

  • FARM TO TABLE SHIRAZ (1 x 750ml)

    (14.0% ABV) This dark garnet red wine presents a rich medley of cherries, red plums, and blueberries with subtle hints of black pepper and spice...

    29,99 $

  • Orin Swift Abstract Red (1 x 750ml)

    (16.1% ABV) California, USA Black plum, boysenberry and hints of bing cherry and lavender. Bold flavours of blackberry jam and touches of dark...

    75,99 $

Rose Wine

  • Brave Step Rose (1 x 750ml)

    (13.5% ABV) Chile. Easy drinking, with balanced light flavors of strawberry and other red fruit. Enclosure: screw cap

    15,19 $

  • Tolva Rose (1 x 750ml)

    (13.5% ABV) This wine showcases a beautiful bright rose colour, inviting aromas with notes of raspberry and strawberry, and a refreshing finish that...

    17,99 $

  • Sottano Malbec Rose (1 x 750ml)

    (13.8% ABV) Subtle pink, Attractive and bright, Aromas of cherry strawberries and some floral notes. Such as roses are among its aromatic...

    24,99 $


Celebrate with a chilled sparkling wine!


    (11.0% ABV) Delicate creamy texture and intense floral notes with a vibrantly refreshing finish. White flowers, ripe pears, apples, a little bit of...

    15,99 $

  • Josep Ventosa Premium Cava Brut (1 x 375ml)

    (11.5% ABV) Rich aromas of yeast, green apple, butter, and herbal tea. Full-bodied bubbly with a persistent dry finish. Spain, half bottle.

    16,39 $

  • Castellblanch Cava (1 x 750ml)

    (11.5% ABV) Spain. Adequate citrus and apple aromas lead into a flavor profile of green apple and lemon chiffon cake. enclosure: Cork

    20,99 $

  • Ackerman Rose Brut Cremant de Loire (1 x 750ml)

    (11.5% ABV) The Ackerman Rose Brut Cremant de Loire presents a vital and long-lasting sparkle in the glass. The bouquet enchants with notes of...

    31,95 $


These delicious wine selections are chilled.

  • Lost Craft Cider (1 x 473ml)

    (5.0% ABV) Ontario, Canada. Made in small-batch, using all-natural apples that are grown locally in Ontario, not from concentrate. Medium-bodied with...

    6,99 $

  • Mcguigan Black Label Moscato (1 x 750ml)

    (8.5% ABV) (8.5% ABV) Australia.. Tropical fruits and white peach aromas with a delicate frizzante style, balanced with lively and soft fruit...

    16,99 $

  • Lightfoot and Wolfville Farmhouse Cider (1 x 750ml)

    (7.0% ABV) Canada. Baking spice, roasted apple, and layered toast notes. It’s completely dry and serious yet delightfully drinkable and refreshing on...

    33,99 $


  • Niepoort Dry White Tawny Port (1 x 375 ml)

    (19.5% ABV) Presents brown in colour with a delightful aroma of nuts and almonds which comes through on the palate with a fresh concentrated spirity...

    16,99 $

  • Niepoort Tawny Port (1 x 375 ml)

    (19.5% ABV) Portugal. Amazing aperitif. Rich notes of stewed fruit, toffee, and plums. Enclosure: cork

    17,49 $


  • Fee Brothers Orange Bitters (150 ml)

    (0% ABV) The standard orange bitter, used in many classic cocktails- great for whiskey lovers or overall cocktail connoisseurs.

    24,00 $

  • Fee Brothers Grapefruit Bitters (150 ml)

    (0% ABV) Use a few dashes of this to enhance your background flavor of your favorite cocktail.

    24,00 $

  • Dolin Rouge Vermouth (1 x 750ml)

    (16.0% ABV) France. Medium amber; pronounced floral and savoury notes of tobacco, dried herbs and dried fig; the flavours are sweet with floral lift,

    24,99 $

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

  • Noughty dealcoholized White Wine (750ml) (119 Cal)

    Light body and dry with an elegant balance of acidity and fruitiness, notes of honeysuckle, citrus and jasmine. Enclosure: Screwcap

    28,00 $


    Sample the Western Cape’s bountiful resources with our non-alcoholic gin, infused with a delicious spice medley and local indigenous champion buchu...

    51,99 $

Case Packs, Gift Baskets and Snacks

  • 6 Bottle Tote (1 x 6x750ml)

    (11.5% ABV) Includes: reusable 6 bottle tote, Sparkling Brut 750 ml (11.5% ABV), Rose 750 ml (11% ABV), Pinot Grigio 750 ml (12% ABV), Shiraz 750 ml...

    99,00 $

  • Snack Pack

    Pair your wine with snacks! Includes crackers, cheese, jelly, and chocolate. Please note this is not a gift basket.

    45,00 $

  • Single Bottle Gift Bag (single 750ml)

    Various Colours - Includes Bottles Wrapped in Tissue

    5,00 $

  • 2 botte gift bag (2-750mls )

    Various Colours - Includes Bottles Wrapped in Tissue

    8,00 $