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Suggested Combinations

Curry Village's combos are served mild and spicy.

  • Combo A

    Samosa, chicken curry, palao rice, and naan bread. Serves one person.

    25,14 $

  • Combo B

    Aloo tikki, butter chicken, palao rice, and naan bread. Serves one person.

    27,54 $

  • Combo C

    Onion bhaji, mixed vegetables, palao rice, and chapati. Serves one person.

    22,74 $

  • Combo AA

    Onion bhaji, seekh kebab, chicken tandoori, chicken curry, mixed vegetables, palao rice, and naan bread. Serves two persons.

    56,34 $

  • Combo BB

    Samosa, seekh kebab, beef curry, chicken tikka, mixed vegetables, palao rice, and naan bread. Serves two persons.

    58,74 $

  • Combo CC

    Onion bhaji, samosa, mixed vegetables, saag paneer, tarka dal, palao rice, and chapati.

    53,94 $

  • Chef's Special for One

    Mulligatawny soup, samosa, butter chicken, mixed vegetables, palao rice, naan bread, and desserts.

    37,14 $

  • Chef's Special for Two

    Mulligatawny soup, mixed starter, chicken tikka, butter chicken, mixed vegetables, pea palao, naan bread, and desserts.

    73,14 $


  • Papadum (1 pc)

    The Indian answer to a giant potato chip!! A thin, deep fried, crispy wafer made from ground lentils. One order comes with one piece.

    1,20 $

  • Onion Bhaji (6 pcs)

    A batter made with gram flour (chickpeas), lentils, and onions. One order comes with six pieces.

    8,34 $

  • Aloo Tikki (2 pcs)

    Mashed potato patties fried with ginger and spices and served with sweet chilli sauce. One order comes with two pieces.

    8,34 $

  • Vegetable Samosas (2 pcs)

    Deep-fried pastries stuffed with vegetables. One order comes with two pieces.

    8,34 $

From Curry Village's Amazing Tandoor

All tandoor dishes are served with biriyani rice and salad.

  • Tandoori Platter

    Platter with shrimp and chicken tandoor and chicken tikka.

    32,34 $

  • Half Chicken Tandoor

    17,94 $

  • Shrimp Tandoor

    22,74 $

  • Chicken Tikka

    Boneless chicken breast.

    19,14 $

Curry Dishes

Although curry is frequently and correctly used in the west to describe Indian food in general, this is the anglicized version of the Tamil word kari, meaning sauce or a combination of seasoning cooked with vegetables or stew type dishes.

  • Chicken Curry

    19,14 $

  • Beef Curry

    19,14 $

  • Shrimp Curry

    21,54 $

  • Lamb Curry

    22,74 $

Special Curries

  • Chicken Tikka Masala

    Chicken breast prepares with delicate spices in a rich and flavourful yogurt sauce.

    19,14 $

  • Karahi Chicken

    Chicken cooked with onions, bell peppers, and tomatoes in a masala gravy. Very tasty.

    19,14 $

  • Butter Chicken

    Charbroiled chicken marinated in herbs and mild spices and cooked in a rich butter sauce.

    19,14 $

  • Shrimp Phatia

    A sweet-and-sour curry with green peppers, tomatoes, lime juice, and onions, cooked in Persian style.

    20,34 $

  • Lamb Dupiaza

    For onion lovers! Similar to bhoona, garnished with diced onions and sauteed in clarified butter.

    22,74 $

  • Goat Masala Curry

    Fresh Nova Scotia goat from Mike Oulton’s firm marinated and slow cooked with chef Mohammad’s special spices. A must for all goat lovers!!

    22,74 $

  • Fish Curry

    Boneless fish cooked in tangy sauce, tomatoes, and freshly ground spices with coconut milk.

    20,34 $


A Northern delicacy and the most popular dish for entertaining guests, cooked with crushed tomatoes, yogurt, and cream.

  • Chicken Korma

    19,14 $

  • Lamb Korma

    22,74 $


Spicy and very hot. A popular Southern dish cooked with lime juice and extra red chillies.

  • Chicken Madras

    19,14 $

  • Beef Madras

    19,14 $

  • Lamb Madras

    22,74 $

  • Shrimp Madras

    20,34 $


Sweet-and-sour curry with a hot undertone cooked with lentils and yogurt in Persian style and flavoured with fenugreek leaves. A little spicy with a thick sauce.

  • Chicken Dhansak

    19,14 $

  • Beef Dhansak

    19,14 $

  • Lamb Dhansak

    22,74 $

Chili Chicken

  • Chili Chicken

    Diced piece of fried chicken breast tossed in onion, garlic, chili, and soya sauce.

    19,14 $

Vegetarian Dishes

All the vegetarian dishes are served mild.

  • Matar Paneer

    Peas and homemade cheese, prepared in a crushed tomato and yogurt sauce with spices.

    19,14 $

  • Chana Masala

    Chickpeas prepared in a tomato-flavoured yogurt sauce with spices and sprinkled with onions.

    16,74 $

  • Saag Paneer

    Delicious Punjabi recipe made with homemade cheese, spinach, mild spices, and cream.

    19,14 $

  • Saag Aloo

    Dry potatoes and fresh spinach curry, flavoured with fenugreek leaves.

    16,74 $

  • Aloo Gobi

    Potatoes and cauliflower, cooked with tomatoes, green peppers, and fenugreek leaves.

    16,74 $

  • Tarka Dal

    A puree of lentils garnished with fried onions and sauteed garlic.

    13,14 $

  • Mixed Vegetable Curry

    A thick spicy curry sauce that includes potatoes, carrots, beans, peas, and cabbage.

    16,74 $

  • Dum Aloo

    Potatoes in medium-spiced tomato gravy.

    15,54 $

  • Paneer Kadaiwala

    Cottage cheese cooked with onions, bell peppers, and tomatoes in a masala gravy.

    19,14 $


A very flavourful Northern dish for special occasions. Basmati rice and meat or vegetable fried and then simmered in water. Flavoured with rosewater and garnished with fried onions and raisins.

  • Chicken Biryani

    20,34 $

  • Beef Biryani

    20,34 $

  • Lamb Biryani

    25,14 $

  • Shrimp Biryani

    22,74 $

  • Vegetable Biryani

    19,14 $

Rice Dishes

  • Plain Steamed Rice

    Best quality Patna rice.

    4,74 $

  • Palao Rice

    Best quality basmati rice fried in clarified butter with mild spices and herbs.

    5,94 $

  • Pea Palao

    Mild with a sweet undertone. Best quality basmati rice mixed with peas, onions, herbs, and spices.

    10,74 $

Indian Breads

  • Bhature

    Deep-fried unleavened bread from naan flour.

    3,54 $

  • Plain Naan

    Dough made from pre-sifted self-rising flour mixed with yogurt, rolled out, and baked in the tandoor. Soft and fluffy.

    3,54 $

  • Garlic Naan

    Dough made from pre-sifted self-rising flour mixed with yogurt, rolled out, and baked in the tandoor. Soft and fluffy.

    3,54 $


  • Coffee

    2,70 $

  • Tea

    2,70 $

  • Chai

    4,20 $

  • Iced Tea

    2,70 $

  • Mango Juice

    4,74 $

  • Lassi

    Mango-flavoured yogurt drink.

    4,74 $