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Basic Bae - Simple Classic Cake Bowls

  • MenuItemImage
    I Dream of Vanilla Bean Cake Bowl

    Vanilla cake pieces and rich vanilla bean buttercream. A dream.

    7,00 $

  • Chocolate Chaos Cake Bowl

    Chocolate everywhere, seriously.

    7,00 $

  • Red, White, and Velvet Cake Bowl

    The cake is rich and the frosting is silky. Together they are decadent.

    7,00 $


In The Spotlight - Cake Bowls

  • MenuItemImage
    Snickers Cake (Vegan)

    A decadent vegan treat - rich chocolate cake, fluffy peanut butter frosting, caramel, and in-house candied peanuts.

    8,00 $

  • Cookies and Cream (Vegan)

    Rich chocolate cake pieces, layered with fluffy cookie crumb frosting and chocolate sauce. Topped with cookie crumbs.

    8,00 $

  • Cinnamon Toast Crunch

    Fluffy cinnamon cake pieces filled with cream cheese frosting and a cinnamon toast crunch crumble layer, topped with cinnamon toast crunch cereal.

    8,00 $

  • Put the Lime in The Coconut

    Lime and coconut cake pieces filled with coconut buttercream and lime curd.

    8,50 $

Make It Your Own

  • MenuItemImage
    Your Own Cheat Day Bowl

    A cake bowl of your own creation!

    8,00 $

Wash It Down

  • Nutella Milkshake

    Nutella added to vanilla ice cream, topped with chocolate sauce.

    8,00 $

  • Oreo Milkshake

    Crushed Oreo cookies added to vanilla ice cream, with chocolate sauce, and more Oreo cookies!

    8,00 $

  • Strawberry Milkshake

    Made in-house strawberry compote added to vanilla-based ice cream.

    8,00 $