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5095 Yonge St, North York, ON M2N 6Z4, Canada

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Vérification de l’âge pour commander de l’alcool : 18 ans et plus au Manitoba, en Alberta et au Québec, 19 ans et plus dans toutes les autres provinces. Au moment de la livraison, si la commande contient des articles d’alcool, le destinataire de cette commande doit présenter au coursier une pièce d’identité valide délivrée par un gouvernement. Le nom sur la pièce d’identité doit correspondre au nom sur la commande. Si le coursier ne peut pas vérifier la pièce d’identité en toute sécurité, ou si cette condition ou toute autre condition dans les Conditions d’utilisation de Skip n’est pas remplie, la commande ne sera pas livrée.

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  • Cineplex Movie Night In Combo

    Includes two medium Cineplex Popcorn or Poptopia Gourmet Popcorn, two medium drinks, two medium candy, and a FREE Cineplex Store HD rental. Your...

    30,99 $

  • Combo for Two

    Includes a large Cineplex Popcorn, two large drinks, and a medium candy. (1380-2420 Cals)

    20,99 $

  • Popcorn Party Combo

    Includes four medium Cineplex Popcorn or Poptopia Gourmet Popcorn and four medium candy. (4320-8160 Cals)

    44,76 $

  • Ultimate Movie Snacks Combo

    Includes a large Cineplex Popcorn, two large drinks, Nachos Grande, two Classic Hot Dogs, and one medium candy. (3240-4400 Cals)

    34,49 $



  • MenuItemImage
    Cineplex Popcorn

    There’s nothing better than that feeling you get sitting in a theatre as the lights go down snacking on a bag of hot, freshly-made Cineplex popcorn -

    7,49 $

  • Mighty Pop Popcorn

    XL resealable bag with more than 5x the popcorn of a large bag. (4400 Cals)

    29,99 $

  • Poptopia Gourmet Popcorn

    Poptopia's crave-worthy gourmet inspired popcorn goes where no kernel has popped before. These fan favourites get two thumbs up every time. (800-1200

    6,99 $

  • Shake It! Popcorn Seasoning

    1,00 $


Outtakes Hot Foods

  • MenuItemImage

    (940-960 Cals)

    4,99 $

  • Poutine

    What’s the greatest trilogy in history? Fries, cheese curds and gravy! Outtakes' golden fries are topped with cheese curds and smothered in gravy – a...

    7,49 $

  • Poutine and Popcorn Combo

    Includes a classic poutine, medium drink, and medium popcorn.

    16,99 $


Candy & Snacks

  • MenuItemImage

    (490-1280 Cals)

    5,49 $

  • Classic Hot Dog

    Cineplex's premium hot dogs are bursting with more flavour than a 3D action flick (440 Cals)

    4,49 $

  • Dog n Nacho

    (790-890 Cals)

    8,49 $

  • Nachos Grande

    (900-1150 Cals)

    7,49 $

  • Nacho Dip

    (40-100 Cals)

    1,50 $



  • MenuItemImage
    Fountain Drinks

    Cineplex's fountains are overflowing with ice cold Coca-Cola drinks that sparkle and fizzle with refreshing flavours. The perfect sidekick to a bag...

    3,79 $

  • Bottled Drinks

    (0-160 Cals)

    4,29 $

  • Monster Energy Green

    Includes one can of Monster Energy Green. (210 Cals)

    5,50 $

  • Milkshakes

    (550-580 Cals)

    5,99 $

  • Smoothies

    (270-290 Cals)

    5,99 $


Cineplex Store HD Rental

  • MenuItemImage
    Cineplex Store HD Rental

    Choose from 1000's of movies to rent on the Cineplex Store. Your order will include a code which you can use to watch a movie from the Cineplex...

    5,99 $