Chicko Chicken


3343 Coast Meridian Rd, Port Coquitlam, BC V3B 3N6, Canada

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  • MenuItemImage
    Original Chicken

    This is crispy chicken with original seasoning. One of the most popular authentic Korean fried chicken flavours! (You can order a side of dipping...

    14,39 $

  • Soy Garlic Chicken

    Our Soy Garlic chicken is coated in a hot frying pan with a sticky, sweet, flavourful sauce with a subtle kick of garlic. (Despite its name, it is...

    15,59 $

  • Yangyeom Chicken

    Yang-yeom means "various sauce" in Korean, and it is one of the most beloved authentic Korean fried chicken flavour, along with the Original. It is a...

    16,19 $

  • Buldak Chicken

    If you love just the right amount of hot and spicy, this one is for you! "Buldak" means "firey chicken" in Korean, and it is our medium-spicy chicken...

    16,19 $

  • Haek Buldak Chicken

    If you love spicy, this one is for you! This is our most spicy chicken flavour. "Buldak" means "firey chicken" in Korean, and "haek" indicates that...

    16,19 $

  • Cheese Snow Chicken

    Original flavour chicken is covered all over by soft and fluffy Cheese Snow power! The perfect blend of sharp, sweet and buttery cheesy flavour.

    16,19 $

  • Padak Padak Chicken

    In Korean, "pa" is green onion, and "dak" indicates chicken (and "Padak padak" is an onomatopoeia for chicken flapping its wings!) Our Padak Padak...

    16,79 $

  • Half and Half Chicken

    Choose two flavors original, soy garlic, yangyeom, buldak, cheese snow, and haek buldak.

    29,99 $



  • Chicko Meal

    Boneless original chicken, french fries, and drink.

    14,99 $



  • French Fries

    4,79 $

  • Shake Shake Fries

    Fries with cheese seasoning.

    4,19 $

  • Pickled Radish

    Sweet & Sour Pickled Radish

    0,81 $

  • Yangnyeom Sauce

    1,09 $

  • Green Onion

    3,50 $

  • Sweet Potato

    5,99 $

  • Sauce

    1,09 $

Soft Drinks

  • Pop

    1,64 $

  • Water

    1,64 $