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Gourmet Beef Burgers

  • Signature House Beef Burger

    100 percent beef burger made fresh in house daily.

    9,08 $

  • Classic Bacon Cheeseburger

    100% Beef Burger with American Cheese and Sliced Bacon

    11,28 $

  • BBQ Triple Bacon Burger

    Beef burger, sliced bacon, peameal bacon, fried bacon, caramelized onion bits, and barbeque sauce.

    11,83 $

  • Honolulu Burger

    Beef burger, sliced bacon, caramelized pineapple, cheese curds, lettuce, and tomato. Topped with CC sauce.

    11,83 $

  • Monster Mozzarella Crunch Burger

    Beef burger topped with a huge breaded mozzarella wedge, two strips of bacon, red onion, tomato, lettuce, and chipotle mayonnaise.

    12,38 $

  • The Legendary CC Porker

    Two beef burger patties topped with cheese curds, two strips of bacon, fried onion ring, lettuce, tomato, and CC sauce.

    14,58 $

  • Crispy Bacon Mac & Cheese Burger

    Black Angus Beef burger, crispy bacon, deep fried macaroni & cheese and cheese sauce

    14,03 $

  • The Farmhouse Burger

    Crispy chicken breast, cheeseburger, pickles, BBQ pulled pork & CC sauce

    14,39 $

Single Gourmet Chicken Burgers

  • Grilled Chicken Burger

    Grilled chicken breast, your choice of toppings.

    11,83 $

  • Chicken & Pickle Burger

    Crispy chicken breast, American & Swiss cheese, sweet pickles, CC Sauce

    11,83 $

  • Crispy Bacon Buffalo Ranch Chicken Burger

    A crispy chicken breast tossed in hot sauce, bacon, ranch dressing on a bun.

    12,93 $

  • Chicken Schnitzel Burger

    Crispy chicken breast, sliced cheese & Canadian peameal bacon, honey mustard & choice of toppings

    12,93 $

  • Vietnamese Bánh mì

    Crispy chicken breast, pickled ginger carrots, pickled sweet red onions, cilantro, hoisin sauce, sriracha sour cream

    12,93 $

Fish, Vegan & Vegetarian Burgers

  • Mega Crunch Haddock Burger

    Crispy haddock fillet, American cheese, coleslaw, lettuce, and tartar sauce.

    11,38 $

  • Spicy Black Bean and Vegetable Burger

    Spicy black bean and vegetable patty wrapped in a Chinese spring roll skin, pickled carrots, pickled red onions, cilantro, and mango chutney.

    11,83 $

  • NOT-Beef Cheeseburger

    NOT-Beef vegan burger patty, American cheese, choice of toppings

    11,83 $

  • NOT-Chicken Buffalo Burger

    Fried NOT-Chicken breast, tossed in a hot sauce, choice of toppings & ranch dressing.

    11,83 $


  • Cheese Curds Original Poutine

    Hand chipped fries, Quebec cheese curds, and veggie gravy.

    9,35 $

  • Acapulco Poutine

    Mexican spiced taco beef, salsa, and plain sour cream. Topped with green onions.

    12,10 $

  • Hog Heaven Poutine

    Slow braised barbeque pulled pork topped with green onions.

    12,10 $

  • Triple Bacon Poutine

    Smoked bacon, peameal bacon, and bacon bits.

    12,10 $

  • Halifamous Donair Poutine

    Donair meat, diced onion, tomatoes, sweet donair sauce, and green onions.

    12,10 $

  • Buffalo Chicken Poutine

    Crispy chicken bites tossed in buffalo sauce. Topped with pickled carrots, green onions, and ranch dressing.

    12,10 $

  • Thai Chili Chicken Poutine

    Crispy chicken bites tossed in a sweet Thai chili sauce topped with chopped green onions.

    12,10 $

  • Ukrainian Pierogi Poutine

    Pierogies with cheese curds, bacon, and caramelized onions. Topped with sour cream and green onions.

    12,10 $

  • Vegetarian Poutine

    Mushrooms, caramelized onions, and green peas. Topped with green onions.

    12,10 $

  • Triple Cheesy Cheese Poutine

    Fresh cut fries topped with cheese curds, fried cheese curds, creamy cheddar cheese sauce and gravy!

    12,10 $


Gourmet Hot Dogs

  • Jumbo Dog

    Jumbo dog, dress as you like.

    5,78 $

  • Cheese Curds Bacon Dog

    Jumbo dog wrapped with two strips of bacon and topped with melted cheese curds.

    8,53 $

  • Taco Cheese Dog (Each)

    A genuine lean hot dog grilled to perfection. Topped with spiced house taco meat and served with salsa, sour cream and cheese sauce.

    8,53 $

  • BBQ Pulled Pork Dog (Each)

    A lean machine hot dog topped with in-house BBQ pulled pork and served with BBQ sauce, crispy onions and sour cream.

    8,53 $

  • Donair Hot Dog

    A grilled jumbo dog topped with sautéed donair meat, diced tomatoes, onions, house made sweet donair sauce and green onions.

    8,53 $

  • Triple Bacon Dog

    Peameal bacon, bacon bits, smoked bacon and BBQ sauce

    8,53 $

  • Junior Dog

    4,35 $

  • Junior Burger

    6,55 $

  • Junior Cheese Burger

    7,65 $

  • Crispy Chicken Bites w/ Fries

    5 piece crispy chicken bites with fresh cut fries and choice of sauce.

    9,85 $


Fries & Sides

  • Fresh Chipped Fries

    5,45 $

  • Scorpion Fries (each)

    Whole PEI potatoes cut, blanched then fried. Topped with jalapenos, banana peppers, Scorpion Tabasco, Sriracha sour cream.

    7,98 $

  • Garlic Lover & Butter Fries

    Whole PEI potatoes cut, blanched then fried. Topped with a generous amount of chopped garlic fried in butter.

    7,98 $

  • Cheesy Fries (Reg)

    Whole PEI potatoes cut, blanched then fried. Topped with a generous amount of creamy cheese sauce.

    9,85 $

  • Sweet Potato Fries

    6,33 $

  • Onion Rings (Reg)

    6,55 $

  • Gravy

    2,20 $

  • Fresh Chipped Fries (Large)

    7,93 $


  • Taco (1)

    5,50 $

  • Taco (2)

    10,18 $

  • Taco (3)

    12,93 $

Burritos & Bowls

  • Burrito

    Flavored rice, meat, beans with veggies, salsa, and flavored sour cream.

    10,99 $

  • Burrito Bowl

    Gluten free hot and cold salad, with choice of sour cream, and salsa.

    10,99 $

  • Chimichanga

    Your favourite larger burrito, deep fried.

    14,25 $


  • Quesadilla

    Build you own Quesadilla. Vegetarian, or add your choice of Meat.

    13,15 $

Cheesy Chips

  • Cheesy Extreme

    Tortilla chips, cheese sauce, choice of meat, veggies, salsa & sour cream

    8,75 $


  • Extras & Sides

    Add accompaniments to your meal

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  • Bottled Water

    3,29 $

  • Bottled Pop

    3,29 $

  • Bottled Juice

    3,29 $

  • Chocolate Milk

    2,59 $