Blue Nile Restaurant


707 Gladstone Ave, Ottawa, ON K1R 6X2, Canada

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Start with one of these delicious Ethiopian snacks.

  • Beef Sambusa

    Thin shells hand-wrapped and stuffed with a blend of minced beef, peppers, and herbs.

    1,99 $

  • Vegetable Sambusa

    Thin shells hand-wrapped and stuffed with a combination of lentils, onions, peppers, and herbs.

    1,99 $

  • House Salad

    Crisp green lettuce topped with green pepper, tomatoes, and onions in an authentic balsamic house dressing.

    4,99 $

Vegetarian Main Dishes

Try one of these vegetarian main dishes.

  • Fasolia (Green Bean Stew)

    Lightly spiced string beans with carrots and potatoes.

    10,50 $

  • Yemisir Wot (Red Lentil Stew)

    Pureed, split, red lentils simmered in Blue Nile’s own spicy berbere sauce.

    10,99 $

  • Yater Kik (Split Pea Stew)

    Steamed peas with onions, seasoned with garlic and ginger.

    10,39 $

  • Atakilt Wot (Cabbage Stew)

    Boiled, chopped cabbage, sliced carrots, and potato chunks, simmered with onions, garlic, ginger, and vegetable oil.

    11,49 $

  • Shuro Wot (Chickpea Stew)

    Roasted and powdered chickpeas (shuro), simmered in a unique, hot and spicy berbere sauce with vegetable oil.

    12,49 $

  • Vegetarian Combination Platter

    This plate offers an opportunity to sample many vegetarian dishes. It contains yemisir wot, fosolia, atakilt wot, shuro wot, and house salad.

    13,99 $

Main Dishes with Beef

These main course dishes are made with tender beef and served on an Ethiopian Injera bread.

  • Alicha Wot (Mild Beef Stew)

    Chopped lean beef cooked in mild sauce and purified herb butter.

    12,59 $

  • Tibese Wot (Spicy Beef Stew)

    Stew with lean chopped beef simmered in a hot and thick berbere sauce and purified herb butter, with exotic spices added.

    13,49 $

  • Minchet Abish (Ground Beef Stew)

    Hot and spicy ground beef stew simmered in a spicy berbere sauce and purified herbed butter, with exotic spices added.

    12,95 $

  • Gomen Besiga (Stew with Collared Greens)

    Cooked lamb with collared greens, herbed butter, garlic, ginger, onions, and green peppers.

    13,99 $

  • Zilzzl Tibbs (Strip Beef)

    Strips of tender lean beef sautéed with homemade awaze hot sauce, peppers, onions, and herbs.

    15,75 $

  • Tibbs (Beef with Vegetables)

    Succulent pieces of tender, lean beef sauteed in butter and seasoned with onions, green pepper, tomato, and rosemary. Served juicy or dry.

    14,59 $

  • Kitffo (Beef Tartare)

    Freshly minced, lean beef mixed with butter and mitmita spices. Kitffo is traditionally served raw like steak tartare, or very rare. The butter has...

    14,79 $

  • Kitffo Dulet (Beef Tartare with Vegetables)

    Freshly minced, lean beef mixed with butter and mitmita spices, onions and green peppers.

    14,99 $

  • Kitffo Special (Special Tartare)

    This kitffo is served with goman (dried kale) and homemade cheese (Iybe).

    15,55 $

  • Gored-Gored (Cubed Beef)

    Lean cubed beef simmered in a blend of red peppers and herbed butter. Gored-gored is served raw or rare, with awaze sauce.

    14,39 $

  • Qurt (Steak Tartare)

    Selected lean raw beef served with awaze sauce and mitmita spices. (Ethiopian steak tartar).

    12,25 $

  • Beef Combination Platter

    Sample a selection of cooked beef dishes. This platter comes with tibese wot, alicha wot, minchet abish, and gomen besiga.

    12,79 $

Main Dishes with Lamb

These Ethiopian classics feature lamb as their main ingredient. They are served on a large piece of Injera bread.

  • Ye-beg Tibbs (Lamb with Vegetables)

    Succulent pieces of fresh lamb sauteed in butter and seasoned with onions, green peppers, tomatoes, and rosemary. Served juicy or dry.

    15,99 $

  • Dulet (Tripe Stew)

    Chopped red meat, tripe, and liver seasoned with purified herb butter, spiced chili powder (mitmita). Served raw, mild, or well done.

    15,99 $

Main Dishes with Poultry

These main courses use chicken as a protein. They are served on a piece of authentic Injera bread.

  • Ye-Doro Wot (Chicken Stew)

    A chicken drumstick or thigh, cooked tender in hot and thick red pepper onions, garlic, ginger, and purified butter sauce. Served with a hard boiled...

    13,99 $

  • Blue Nile Combination Platter

    This combination plate comes with ye-doro wot, alicha wot, minchet wot, yater kik, yemisir wot, cabbage, and green lentils.

    16,99 $


Add extra sides to your order.

  • Injera Bread

    Add an extra piece of gluten-free injera bread to enjoy with your meal.

    1,99 $

  • Extra Sauce

    Add an extra order of sauce.

    4,99 $


Complete your meal with a beverage.

  • Soft Drinks (355 ml)

    Add a refreshing soft drink to your order.

    1,95 $

  • Juices (450 ml)

    Choose a healthier beverage option to go with your order.

    2,25 $

  • Smoothies

    Try one of these homemade smoothies.

    3,99 $

  • Bottled Water (500 ml)

    Add a refreshing bottle of water to your order.

    2,25 $