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Allergy Notice

Please let Blue Elephant Thai know if you have any allergies or dietary restrictions before ordering. In general, Thai food contains nuts, eggs, fish sauce, and gluten. It is hard to guarantee that the items not made in-house have not been subjected to cross-contamination.

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  • MenuItemImage
    Fresh Spring Rolls

    4 vegetarian soft and thin rice paper wraps filled with Lettuce, cucumber, carrot, coriander, basil and glass noodle and served with homemade peanut...

    11,20 $

  • Satay skewers (gf)

    5 Grilled curry marinated chicken skewers with homemade peanut sauce

    17,55 $

  • Spring Rolls

    4 deep-fried vegetarian rice paper wraps filled with glass noodles, carrots served with a homemade sweet and sour Thai chili sauce.

    11,20 $

  • Thai Vegetable Fritters

    Freshly shredded carrot and squash fritters lightly coated in red curry paste batter, deep fried and served with a sweet and sour sauce dip with...

    15,85 $

  • Thai Calamari / Garlic Squid

    Deep fried squid with garlic and pepper.

    22,45 $

  • Thai Lemongrass Chicken Wings

    6 Grilled Chicken Wings with crispy shallots, lemongrass, and crispy chilies with a sweet-sour chili sauce.

    15,85 $

  • Thai crispy chicken ball

    5 Deep Fried Chicken balls that contain ground chicken, carrots, water chestnuts and eggs; served with sweet chilli sauce

    17,55 $


  • Tom Yum soup / Thai hot and sour Soup

    Soup cooked in an herb broth with lime leaves, lemongrass, galangal, tomato, mushroom, shallot with fresh chili.

    12,45 $

  • Tom Kha Soup / Thai Coconut Soup

    Coriander gently cooked in coconut sauce with galangal, lime leaves, tomato, shallot, mushroom.

    12,45 $


  • Mango Salad

    Shredded fresh mango, red onion, chili, mint with lime juice dressing topped with homemade sweet fish sauce

    17,25 $

  • Som Tum Tad ( papaya Salad)

    Shredded fresh green papaya mixed with sliced tomatoes, green beans, garlic, chili, and lime juice and fish sauce

    18,45 $

  • Thai Crunchy Salad

    Mixed fresh vegetables such as green cabbage, red cabbage, mango,carrot, mint, and tofu with toasted peanut served with Thai peanut sauce.

    17,25 $


Curries don’t come with rice or noodles

  • MenuItemImage
    Red Curry

    d curry paste with coconut milk, eggplant, basil, bamboo & pepper.

    19,98 $

  • Green Curry

    Green curry paste with coconut milk, eggplant, bamboo, basil & red pepper

    19,98 $

  • Massaman Curry

    Massaman curry paste with coconut milk, sweet potatoes, onion & whole peanut

    19,98 $

  • Penang Curry

    Stir-fried with Penang curry paste, coconut milk, peppers, green beans & peanut.

    19,98 $

  • Choo Chee Curry

    A stir fried curry with red curry paste, coconut milk, peppers, lime leaves.

    19,98 $

  • Tamarind Coconut Curry

    Red curry paste, tamarind, coconut milk, pineapple, cherry tomato, lime leaves and peppers.

    21,45 $


  • MenuItemImage
    Pad Thai

    Stir-fried rice noodles in a homemade pad thai sauce with beansprouts, tofu, egg, green onion, and home-roasted peanuts.

    19,98 $

  • Pad Se-Ew

    A popular Thai dish is stir-fried rice noodles with egg, snow pea, and gai lan.

    19,98 $

  • Pad Kee Mow / Spicy Noodle

    Stir-fried rice noodle with egg, long bean, bamboo, peppers, shoots, eggplant, baby corns, and Thai basil.

    21,58 $



  • MenuItemImage
    Thai Fried Rice

    Stir-fried rice with onion, tomato, carrot, egg, and peppers.

    19,98 $

  • TomYum Fried Rice with Prawn

    Stir-fried rice with onion, gai lan, tomato, peppers, lime leaves, with tom yum paste.

    22,80 $

  • Pineapple Fried Rice

    Stir-fried rice with squid, mussels, shrimp, cashews, tomato, yellow curry powder, onion, pineapple, peppers, egg & raisin

    23,86 $

  • Jasmine Rice

    5,65 $

Stir Fries

Stir fries don’t come with rice

  • MenuItemImage
    Roasted cashew nuts with chicken

    Stir fried Chicken breast with vegetable in chili paste sauce, garnished with crunchy toasted cashew nuts

    19,98 $

  • Pla Sam Ros

    Crispy Fillet of Bass topped with sweet, sour & spicy flavours. Chopped red & green pepper and onions on top.

    26,25 $

  • Yellow Curry Prawn

    Stir-Fried prawn with yellow curry paste, Chinese celery, green onion, red pepper, green pepper (contains dairy & egg).

    23,86 $

  • Pad Prik Gaeng

    Popular Thai street dish that stir fried up with Thai red curry paste , green beans, red peppers, chilli and lime

    19,98 $

  • Red Flame Stir-Fried Gailan

    Stir-Fried gailan with garlic, red pepper, and chilli.

    17,89 $

  • Black Pepper Beef

    Stir-fried beef with green pepper, red pepper, Chinese mushrooms, and black pepper.

    19,98 $

  • Stir Fried Seafood with Thai chilli Paste

    Stir-fried sliced squid, prawn & mussels with bamboo, pepper, basil, chili, and green beans

    23,86 $

  • Ginger beef

    Stir-fried sliced beef with ginger, green onion, onion, mushroom, garlic, bell peppers.

    19,98 $

  • Pad Gra Prow

    Basil stir-fried with minced chicken, served with Jasmine rice, and topped with a Thai-style fried egg. (Contains oyster sauce) Served with nam prik...

    23,80 $

  • Stir Fried Eggplant

    Stir-fried eggplant with holy basil, onion, peppers, baby corn & chilies.

    18,75 $

  • Sweet Sour Prawn

    Stir-fried prawn with sweet & sour sauce, cucumber, tomato, pineapple & pepper.

    23,86 $

  • Cashew vegetable

    Stir fried vegetable in chili paste sauce, garnished with crunchy toasted cashew nuts.

    19,98 $

  • Ginger Vegetable

    Stir fried vegetable with ginger, green onion, onion, mushroom, garlic, bell peppers.

    19,98 $

  • Sweet and sour chicken

    Stir fried chicken breast with sweet and sour sauce, cucumber, tomato, pineapple and peppers.

    19,98 $

  • Pad Ped Gai Grob

    A spicy dish. Crispy chicken stir fried with Thai basil, red pepper, Thai fresh chilli.

    19,98 $


  • Mango Sticky Rice

    Coconut Milk on top of Sticky Rice Served with fresh mango

    13,45 $

Non-alcohol Drinks

  • Pepsi/coke

    3,85 $

  • Diet Pepsi/ Diet coke

    3,85 $

  • 7 up

    3,85 $

  • Root beer

    3,85 $

  • Ginger ale

    3,85 $

  • Water

    3,85 $

  • Sparkling Water

    5,95 $

  • Coconut water

    5,00 $

  • Ice tea

    3,85 $