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Signature Drinks

  • S1. Original Milk Tea

    Delicious, and classic milk tea.

    7,49 $

  • S2. Mango Yogurt with Mango Drip

    Real yogurt, fresh, and condensed milk with tropical mango flavor.

    8,99 $

  • S3. Matcha Slush with Red Bean and Creme Foam

    Earthly green matcha and richness of sweetened beans with cream, a delicious combination.

    8,99 $

  • S4. Passion Fruit Green Tea

    A refreshing taste of passion fruit.

    7,19 $

  • S5. Vietnamese Coffee Latte with Tapioca

    Traditional famous vietnamese coffee.

    7,49 $

  • S7. Coconut Slush with Mango Drip

    A tasteful combination of two crucial tropical fruits.

    8,99 $

  • S8. Taro Milk Tea with Tapioca

    Real taro powder gives granular texture to the rich milk tea.

    7,89 $

  • S9. Brown Sugar Pearl Fresh Milk Tea

    Bap most popular drink.

    8,99 $

  • S10. Thai Milk Tea

    Strong and rich flavor from tropical spices and cream.

    7,49 $

  • S11. Halo Halo

    Layers of red and green mung bean,coconut strings, jackfruit, lychee, evaporated and condensed milk, shaved ice, and purple yam ice cream

    10,39 $

Milk Teas


  • M1. Almond Milk Tea

    Strong delicious flavor of almond in this milk tea.

    7,49 $

  • M2. Earl Grey Milk Tea

    Bergamot extract gives milk tea a bold flavor.

    7,49 $

  • M3. Honeydew Milk Tea

    Well known fruit milk tea taste just like real honeydew.

    7,49 $

  • M4. Lychee Milk Tea

    Tropical flavour of lychee in this rich milk tea.

    7,49 $

  • M5. Mango Milk Tea

    Milk tea with bold, and fresh mango flavour.

    7,49 $

  • M6. Taro Milk Tea

    Real ground taro gives this milk tea granular texture.

    7,49 $

  • M7. Papaya Milk Tea

    The sweet taste and vibrant color of papaya make the milk tea the most exotic drink.

    7,49 $

  • M8. Peach Milk Tea

    Like biting on succulent peach, this drink offers a refreshing flavor.

    7,49 $

  • M9. Passion Fruit Milk Tea

    Tropical fruit milk tea.

    7,49 $

  • M10. Strawberry Milk Tea

    Vibrant color and refreshing strawberry flavour in milk tea.

    7,49 $


  • SL1. Lychee slush

    Delicious tropical sweetness of lychee flavor.

    7,99 $

  • SL2. Passion Fruit with Strawberry Drip

    Tasteful mixture of fruitiness in the drink.

    8,19 $

  • SL3. Original Milk Tea

    Original and classic milk tea in this creamy slush.

    8,19 $

  • SL4. Earl Grey Milk Tea

    Indescribable good and unique flavor of bergamot in this slush.

    8,19 $

  • SL5. Thai Milk Tea

    Plentiful spices of rich Thai in this creamy slush.

    8,19 $

  • SL6. Taro Slush

    Plenty of Taro flavor in this creamy drink.

    8,19 $

  • SL7. Honeydew

    Bold flavour of honeydew in this refreshing tea.

    7,99 $

  • SL8. Mango Slush

    Refreshing and tropical mango flavour in this tasteful drink.

    7,99 $

  • SL9. Papaya Milk Tea Slush

    Rare and unique tropical flavor in this milk tea.

    8,19 $

  • SL10. Peach Slush

    Thick and peachy sweet.

    7,69 $

Fruit Teas

Cold and Refreshing Fruit Teas

  • F1 Lemon Green Tea

    Fresh Sourness and sweetness of fresh lemon in green tea.

    7,19 $

  • F2. Mango Green Tea with Mango Chunks

    Real fruit chunks add more flavor to this refreshing tea.

    7,49 $

  • F3. Mango Strawberry Green Tea with Chunks

    Real mango and strawberry provide fresh flavors in the tea.

    7,49 $

  • F4. Strawberry Green Tea with Strawberry Chunks

    Real fruit adds freshness to the strong black tea.

    7,49 $

  • F5. Watermelon Green Tea with Foam

    The creamy foam provide richness in the refreshing fruit tea.

    7,69 $

  • F6. Honeydew Green Tea

    Bold flavor of honeydew in this tasteful tea.

    7,19 $

  • F7. Lychee Green Tea

    Tropical sweetness of lychee in this tea.

    7,19 $

  • F8. Peach Lychee Green Tea

    Sweet peachy flavor added to the tropical lychee tea.

    7,19 $

  • F9. Peach Green Tea

    Soft and refreshing peach flavor in this tea.

    7,19 $

Real Fruit Smoothie

  • R1. Avocado Smoothie

    Thick and creamy avocado blended in fresh and condensed milk.

    8,79 $

  • R2. Mango Smoothie

    Bap Bubble Tea's popular tropical fruit smoothie.

    8,79 $

  • R3. Mango Banana Smoothie

    Banana added natural sweetness and thickness to mango smoothie.

    8,79 $

  • R4. Strawberry Smoothie

    Refreshing strawberry blended in creamy fresh milk and sweet condensed milk.

    8,79 $

  • R5. Strawberry Banana Smoothie

    The mixture of thick creamy texture of banana and juicy flavor of strawberry blended in fresh and condensed milk.

    8,79 $

  • R6. Strawberry Mango

    Tasteful combination of fruits in milky smoothie.

    8,79 $

Special Hot Drinks

  • SH1. French Vanilla and Golden Creme

    Golden creme on top of delicious hot vanilla flavor milk tea, an unbelievably good combination.

    7,39 $

  • SH2. Green Apple Milk Tea with Creme

    First golden creme then hot green apple milk tea surely can please your taste bud.

    7,39 $

  • SH3. Dark Chocolate with Creme

    Rich flavor of coca and subtle creme on top is one of Bap Bubble Tea's best hot drinks.

    7,39 $

  • SH4. Hazelnut with Golden Creme

    These two ingredients combined enhance the flavor of the drink.

    7,39 $

  • SH5. Vietnamese Coffee Latte with Cinnamon

    Vietnamese traditional coffee is layered with milk, cream, and cinnamon.

    7,39 $

  • SH7. Coconut Milk Tea with Matcha on Creme

    A pinch of bitter matcha with creme on top of Bap Bubble Tea's hot coconut milk tea tastes better than ever.

    7,39 $


  • D1. Matcha Cheesecake

    5,99 $