Banh Mi Tres Bon


4720 Mcclelland Rd, Richmond, BC V6X 0M6, Canada

Ouvre à 10:00


Vérification de l’âge pour commander de l’alcool : 18 ans et plus au Manitoba, en Alberta et au Québec, 19 ans et plus dans toutes les autres provinces. Au moment de la livraison, si la commande contient des articles d’alcool, le destinataire de cette commande doit présenter au coursier une pièce d’identité valide délivrée par un gouvernement. Le nom sur la pièce d’identité doit correspondre au nom sur la commande. Si le coursier ne peut pas vérifier la pièce d’identité en toute sécurité, ou si cette condition ou toute autre condition dans les Conditions d’utilisation de Skip n’est pas remplie, la commande ne sera pas livrée.

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Daily Special

  • Bún Riêu

    Seafood soup with tomatoes, vermicelli, and seafood meatballs.

    27,50 $

  • Signature Mini Shrimp Spring Rolls (8 Pcs)

    12,10 $


Banh Mi Tres Bon Chili Oil

Banh Mi Tres Bon is so excited to launch our very own Chili Oil. Banh Mi Tres Bon hopes you will support this exciting initiative. Banh Mi Tres Bon has two sizes.

  • Banh Mi Tres Bon Chili Oil (4 oz)

    8,80 $

  • Banh Mi Tres Bon Chili Oil (8 oz)

    16,50 $



  • Spring Rolls (2 Pcs) - Chả Giò

    Crispy deep fried pork spring rolls.

    12,10 $

  • Savoury Mini Crepes (7 Pcs) - Bánh Khọt

    Tasteful crepes with rice flour and hints of turmeric topped with shrimp and green onion.

    14,30 $

  • ​Butter Garlic Chicken Wings

    Crispy chicken wings with notes of butter garlic with tangy fish sauce on the side.

    15,40 $

  • Bánh Bột Lọc - Shrimp and Pork Tapioca Dumplings

    Poached tapioca dumplings with tangy fish sauce.

    18,70 $

  • Tiger Prawn and Pork Salad Rolls (2 rolls)

    Fresh tiger prawn and pork salad rolls with peanut sauce on the side.

    13,20 $

  • Grilled Lemongrass Chicken Salad Rolls

    With peanut sauce on the side.

    17,60 $

  • Grilled Beef Salad Rolls (2 rolls)

    With peanut sauce on the side.

    18,70 $

  • Veggie Salad Rolls (2 rolls)

    Grilled tofu and portobello mushrooms with peanut sauce on the side.

    16,50 $



  • Green Papaya with Beef Jerky

    Light and refreshing green papaya salad with tangy sauce on the side.

    16,50 $

  • Sweet Mango with Tiger Prawns

    Refreshing sweet mango salad with hints of papaya topped with fresh tiger prawns with tangy fish sauce dressing.

    19,80 $

  • Pomelo with Tiger Prawns

    Tart and citrusy pomelo salad with hints of papaya topped with fresh tiger prawns with tangy fish sauce dressing.

    19,80 $

Bánh Mì

All bánh mìs contain Banh Mi Tres Bon's house-made egg sauce, cucumbers, pickled daikon and carrot, jalapeño, and cilantro.

  • Banh Mi Cua - Softshell Crab

    24,20 $

  • Bánh Mì Petit Dejeuner

    Breakfast sandwich with two sunny side-up fried eggs spread with pâté.

    14,30 $

  • Bánh Mì Jambon - House Special

    15,85 $

  • Bánh Mì Poulet

    Grilled lemongrass chicken sandwich.

    15,50 $

  • Bánh Mì Boeuf

    Sizzling grilled beef sandwich.

    17,60 $

  • Bánh Mì Xíu Mại

    Scrumptious vietnamese pork meatball sandwich.

    15,20 $

  • Bánh Mì Chay - Veggies

    Grilled tofu, portobello mushroom, and eggplant.

    19,50 $

  • Bánh Mì Trio

    Three mini sandwiches: jambon, xíu mại, and grilled lemongrass chicken.

    18,50 $

  • Bánh Mì Thịt Nướng

    Irresistible grilled pork sandwich.

    15,40 $


  • Beef Phở

    Beef tenderloin and meatball noodle soup. Rich with umami flavors simmered to perfection. Banh Mi Tres Bon's soup contains no MSG.

    24,75 $

  • Chicken Phở

    Free-range chicken noodle soup. Tasty and wholesome. Our soup contains no MSG.

    22,45 $

  • Phở Chay (Vegan)

    Oyster mushrooms and shiitake, fried tofu, bean curd, carrots, and daikon.

    25,10 $


  • Grilled Beef and Spring Roll Vermicelli

    Spring rolls, topped with lettuce, basil, cucumber, and peanuts.

    25,10 $

  • Grilled Lemongrass Chicken on Rice with Egg

    Char-grilled lemongrass chicken thighs on rice topped with a sunny-side-up egg.

    24,20 $

  • Spicy Beef Noodle Soup - Bún bò Huế

    Spicy beef noodle soup with pork or shrimp meatballs, and sliced beef shanks.

    26,40 $

  • Grilled Pork and Spring Roll Vermicelli Bowl

    Sizzling grilled pork spring roll bowl with vermicelli noodles and fresh veggies. This bowl does not contain soup.

    24,40 $

  • Grilled Lemongrass Chicken and Spring Roll Vermicelli Bowl

    Char-grilled lemongrass chicken and spring roll bowl with vermicelli noodles and fresh veggies. This bowl does not contain soup.

    23,75 $

  • Vietnamese Beef & Carrot Stew

    Traditional Vietnamese beef stew - bò Kho. Choice of bread, rice, or noodles.

    22,00 $


  • Canele

    French baked custard.

    4,50 $

  • Double Baked Almond Croissant

    7,75 $

  • Double Baked Chocolate Hazelnut Croissant

    7,75 $

  • Pistachio Turnover

    7,75 $


  • ​Assorted Macarons

    3,50 $

  • ​Character Macarons

    4,40 $

Hot TWG Tea

  • Comptoir Des Indes

    Black tea is a rich and elegant chai blend.

    9,25 $

  • Crème Caramel

    Red tea from South Africa with a secret blend of sweet French spices. Decaffeinated.

    9,25 $

  • French Earl Grey

    Black tea infused with bergamot and french blue flowers.

    9,25 $

  • Sweet France

    Green tea with exotic flowers and a touch of chamomile. Decaffeinated.

    9,25 $

  • Paris-Singapore

    Green tea is enhanced with fragrant cherry blossoms and red fruits.

    9,25 $

  • Bain De Roses

    Black tea blending extraordinary roses and hints of vanilla.

    9,25 $

  • 1837 Green Tea

    Green tea enticing a bouquet of delightful aftertastes of tart red berries and caramel.

    9,25 $

  • Red Jasmine

    Red tea is composed of fresh and fragrant Jasmine blossoms blended with delicate South African red tea.

    9,25 $

Ice Tea

  • Peach Ice Tea

    9,25 $

  • Mango Ice Tea

    9,25 $

  • Green Apple Ice Tea

    9,25 $

  • Lemon Iced Tea

    9,25 $

  • Passion Fruit Ice Tea

    9,25 $

  • Pomegranate Ice Tea

    9,25 $


  • Avocado Smoothie

    11,00 $

  • Coconut Water

    7,70 $

  • French Coffee

    Banh Mi Tres Bon's French coffee is crafted from Banh Mi Tres Bon's house blend of beans that bring a rich and dark flavor.

    9,25 $

  • Iced Vietnamese Coffee

    9,25 $

  • San Pellegrino

    4,80 $

  • Hot Vietnamese Coffee

    9,25 $