Asian Wagon


1 Water St E, Cornwall, ON K6H 6M2, Canada

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  • Spring Roll

    One order come 4 piece ,dipping sauce.

    4,11 $

  • Shrimp cold Roll (2 Rolls)

    Gluten friendly. One order come two rolls with peanut sauce .


  • Kimchi (200g)

    3,52 $

  • Oi muchim (200g)

    Korean cucumber salad

    3,52 $


  • Tonkotsu Ramen

    Torched charsiu, woodear mushroom, shoyu egg, nori,scallion.

    13,49 $

  • Pho (Gluten free)

    Sliced beef Brisket rice noodle soup with fried garlic, scallion, bean sprout cilantro ,lime .

    13,49 $

  • Chicken Ramen (32oz)

    Grilled chicken, shoyu egg, bokchoy,bean sprout, holy scallion.

    13,89 $

  • Grill pork on Vermicelli with springroll

    Serve with Vietnamese salad mix and anchovy dressing sauce.

    13,49 $

  • Grill Chicken on Vermicelli with springrolls

    Serve with vietnamese salad mix and anchovy dressing sauce.

    13,89 $

  • Grill chiken on rice Bento box

    Grilled chicken on rice, sweet and sour daikon, spring roll, garden salad, and shoyu egg.

    13,89 $

  • Korean BBQ Shortribs

    Serve with rice , garden salad ,korean side dish .

    16,25 $


  • Brown sugar milktea

    5,64 $

  • Brown sugar Americano (Dairy free)

    5,64 $

  • Brown sugar latte coffe boba

    5,64 $

  • Brown sugar boba milk (decaf )

    5,64 $