Five Bridges Bar & Grill


121 Pine Glen Rd, Riverview, NB E1B 1V5, Canada

Opens at 11:30 AM


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  • Classic Nachos

    Aged cheddar, Monterey Jack, green onions, tomatoes, black olives, Spanish onions, and jalapeno peppers. Served with a side of sour cream and salsa.


  • Mozzarella Sticks

    Lightly battered mozzarella sticks served with marinara sauce.


  • Deep-Fried Dill Pickles


  • Spinach and Artichoke Dip

    Spinach and artichoke hearts in cream cheese, served warm with pitas and corn tortillas for dipping.


  • Onion Rings

    Panko breaded and crispy fried onion rings, served with Keith's Red Barbeque sauce.


  • Deep-Fried Mushrooms

    One pound of battered mushrooms. Served with ranch.


  • Bridges Chippers

    Get dipping with crispy house-seasoned crispy chippers.


  • Wings



  • Bridges Salad

    Gluten-Friendly. Mixed greens, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, celery, shredded carrots, crunchy corn tortilla chips, and brown sugar dressing.


  • Caesar Salad

    Gluten-Friendly. Scratch dressing, crispy romaine, homemade croutons, and bacon.


  • Mediterranean Salad

    Gluten-Friendly. Feta cheese, red onions, peppers, cucumbers, grape tomatoes, Kalamata olives, and romaine lettuce with Greek vinaigrette.



  • Grilled Chicken Club Sandwich

    Grilled chicken breast, double-smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, crisp lettuce, sliced tomato, and house mayonnaise.


  • Chipotle Chicken Wrap

    Grilled chicken breast, mixed greens, red onions, tomatoes, aged cheddar, and Monterey Jack with chipotle chicken sauce.


  • Reuben Sandwich

    A pile of smoked meat topped with sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, and Thousand Island dressing, served on rye bread.


  • Classic Steak Sandwich

    Char-grilled AAA USDA striploin, sauteed onions and mushrooms, and Keith's Red Barbeque sauce on an open-faced grilled ciabatta.


  • Buffalo Chicken Burger

    A crispily fried chicken breast tossed in buffalo sauce and topped with cheddar cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes.


  • Deli Veggie Wrap

    Tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, green peppers, feta cheese, guacamole, mixed greens, and Greek vinaigrette.


  • Beef Dip


Great Burgers

A half-pound of ground P.E.I. grass-fed beef with crispy lettuce, tomato, red onions, and a dill pickle wedge.

  • Classic Famous Burger (1/2 lb)

    Gluten-friendly. The original.


  • BBQ Famous Burger (1/2 lb)

    Gluten-friendly. Sauteed onions, mushrooms, cheddar cheese, steak house relish, and Keith's Red Barbeque sauce.


  • Peanut Butter Famous Burger (1/2 lb)

    Gluten-friendly. Half-pound burger topped with creamy peanut butter and double-smoked bacon.



  • Double Jack Chicken

    Grilled chicken breast smothered with bacon, mushrooms, aged cheddar, and Swiss cheese.


  • Fish and Chips

    Gluten-friendly. Panko breaded, crispy-fried, or pan-fried.


  • Grande Quesadilla

    Jack and aged cheddar cheese, pico de gallo, mushrooms, peppers, green onions, and your choice of chicken or vegetarian.


  • Five Bridges Honey Garlic Stir-Fry

    Sauteed chicken breast, broccoli, carrots, red onions, and celery, tossed in honey garlic sauce, served over a bed of rice.


  • Homemade Chicken Tenders

    Hand-breaded chicken tenders served with citrus plum dipping sauce.


  • Bistro Chicken Alfredo

    Grilled chicken breast sauteed with garlic, mushrooms, and scallions, served over linguine Alfredo.


  • Sausage and Pepper Linguine

    Peppers, red onions, and tomatoes sauteed with char-grilled sausage, served in a rose sauce with linguine noodles.


  • Big Kid Burger


  • Kids' Fish and Chips


  • Kids' Chicken Tender Basket



Five Bridges' has become Riverview's number one spot for desserts. They have the best cheesecakes around.

  • Chocolate Dream Brownie

    Gluten-friendly. A rich fudge brownie topped with chocolate mousse, fresh whipped cream, and chocolate sauce.



  • Milkshake



  • Can Pop


  • Bottle Water


Seasonal Seafood

  • Fish Tacos

    Five Bridges' lightly breaded fish served in a warm tortilla with fresh bruschetta mix and chipotle aioli.