Ella's Jamaican Food


Prince St, Truro, NS B2N 1H5, Canada


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Appetizers/ Light Lunches

  • Jerk Chicken Nachos

    Nacho chips topped with jerk chicken.


  • Roti

    Various toppings are served on a tortilla-like bread.


  • Jerk Chicken Burger

    Shredded jerk chicken covered in spicy jerk sauce.


  • Jerk Chicken Pizza (Slice)

    Oven fresh pizza topped with jerk sauce, chicken, mozzarella cheese, and peppers.


  • Homemade Beef Patties

    Delicious filling and spices baked in a flaky shell.


  • Homemade Fishcakes

    Served with baked beans and biscuit.



  • Ella's Triple Threat

    A combination of Ella's jerk chicken, curry chicken, and chickpeas entrees.



All entrees are served with rice and beans, and a side of coleslaw.

  • Jerk Chicken

    Roasted chicken marinated in a spicy sauce.


  • Jerk Pork

    Slow roasted pork marinated in a spice blend.


  • Jerk Chicken Linguine

    Linguine noodles and vegetables with jerk chicken and sauce.


  • Curry Chicken

    Roasted chicken marinated in a spice blend.


  • Curry Goat

    Stewed goat marinated in a spice blend.


  • Curry Chickpeas and Veggies

    A delightful vegetarian alternative.


  • Oxtail

    A steer tail slow-cooked and braised in an assortment of spices.



  • Ackee And Salt Fish

    Salt cod sauteed with ackee, onions, and peppers.


  • Curry Shrimp

    Shrimp and vegetables sauteed in curry sauce.



  • Strawberry Shortcake


  • Pineapple Delight



  • Pop


  • Coors Non Alcoholic Beer


  • Powerade


  • Ginger Beer


  • Water