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These dishes have you covered for breakfast and snacks.

  • Shami Kabab (Beef)

    Small patty made with ground beef and spices.


  • Shami Kabab (Chicken)

    Small patty made with ground chicken and spices.


  • Chapli Kabab

    Marinated beef, grilled to perfection.


  • Samosa (Beef or Chicken)

    A fried triangular pastry with chicken or minced beef filling.


  • Bun Kabab (Chicken or Beef)

    Desi burger with Shami kabab, onion, tomato, ketchup, and hot sauce.


  • Kashmiri Tea


  • Tea


Biryani and Rice

Enjoy delicious biryani and rice dishes.

  • Chicken Biryani

    Chicken leg pieces cooked with fresh vegetables, yogurt, spices, and basmati rice.




Choose from a wide variety of vegetarian dishes.

  • Aaloo Palak

    A dish made with spinach and potatoes.


  • Mix Vegetable

    A delectable dish made with fresh vegetables.


  • Bhindi

    Fried okra with onion and tomatoes.


  • Mash Daal

    Urad daal fry.


  • Mixed Daal

    Four lentils mixed to give perfect taste of daal fry.


  • Channa Masala

    Chickpea curry, hot and tasty.


  • Kari Pakora

    Flavourful curry of yogurt with deep-fried pakora.



Mouthwatering barbequed meat made with flavourful spices.

  • Boneless Chicken Boti (5 pcs)

    Five pieces of chicken breast, well-seasoned and grilled.


  • Chicken Tikka (1 pc)

    Chicken leg marinated with spices and yogurt, then grilled to perfection.


  • Kabab Roll Chicken or Beef

    Your choice of grilled chicken or beef seekh kabab, rolled in a naan bread.


  • Kabab Roll Chicken Boti

    Grilled, seasoned boneless chicken breast, rolled in naan bread.


  • Chicken Seekh Kabab (1 pc)

    Ground chicken on skewer, seasoned with traditional spices then grilled to perfection.


  • Beef Seekh Kabab (1 pc)

    Ground beef on skewer, seasoned with traditional spices then grilled to perfection.


  • Bihari Kabab with Naan

    Tender pieces of beef marinated in traditional spices then grilled to perfection. One order comes with half pound of beef.


  • Bihari Kabab Roll

    Bihari kabab rolled in naan bread.


Meat, Fish, and Chicken

Assorted meat, fish, and chicken cooked with traditional spices.

  • Haleem

    Juicy beef cooked with lentils, wheat, barley, and traditional spices.


  • Nihari

    Delicious beef curry cooked on a low flame.


  • Lamb Karahi

    Tender lamb cooked with tomatoes and special karahi masala from Pakistan.


  • Butter Chicken

    Marinated boneless chicken with tandoori masala cooked with cream, tomato paste, and butter. Perfect Indian taste!


  • Ginger Chicken

    Boneless chicken cooked with tomatoes, sour cream, and ginger.


  • Chicken Qaurma

    Chicken pieces cooked with fried onion, yogurt and traditional spices to make a mild curry.


  • Chicken Karahi

    Chicken pieces cooked in tomato and Pakistan spices.


  • Aaloo Qeema

    Ground beef and potatoes cooked in a blend of spices.


  • Chicken Achar

    Chicken pieces cooked with pickling spices.



Complement your meal with one of these flatbreads.

  • Aaloo Paratha

    Paratha stuffed with a seasoned mashed potato, then cooked on a hot frying pan.


  • Qeema Paratha

    Paratha stuffed with seasoned minced chicken or beef, cooked on a hot frying pan.


  • Plain Paratha

    Traditional pan-fried bread.


  • Naan

    Tandoor baked bread.


  • Qeema Naan

    Tandoor-baked flatbread stuffed with seasoned minced beef or chicken.


  • Aloo Naan

    Tandoor-baked naan bread stuffed with seasoned mashed potatoes.



Indulge yourself with one of these delectable sweets.

  • Kheer

    A delightful rice pudding.


  • Zarda



  • Canned Drink (355 ml)

    Choose your favourite drink.