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Sushi is simple and completely unique — tiny pieces of cold fish, seafood, and vegetables all wrapped in rice, that's finally wrapped in seaweed. It has hooked us all with its wide variety of beautifully cool bites like maguro nigiri (tuna), saba (mackerel), ebi (prawn), unagi (grilled eel), and tamago (omelette).

"Sushi is the most popular Japanese dish, but there are many other tasty options. Sashimi, for instance, is a Japanese delicacy of fresh, thinly-sliced raw fish or meat with soy sauce or dips. In Japan, most seafood is eaten as sashimi, but it's also enjoyed as beef, yuba tofu skin, or konnyaku (an edible corm). Other dishes rising in popularity are katsu curry (breaded and fried chicken or pork on white rice doused in silky curry sauce), teriyaki (a popular dish of chicken or beef topped with a savoury and sweet sauce), and udon noodles (thick, wheat-flour noodles in a savoury broth).

Compliment your sushi with a nice cup of miso soup. This light and refreshing side is enjoyed by most people in Japan at least once a day. Have it all delivered from a nearby Japanese restaurant with SkipTheDishes."