Coop's HL


19415 Yonge St, East Gwillimbury, ON L9N 1L8, Canada

Opens at 12:00 PM

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  • Coop's Garden Salad

    Romaine, grape tomatoes, red onions, cucumber, celery, shredded marble cheese, carrots, and croutons.


  • Greek Salad

    Romaine, grape tomatoes, olives, red onions, cucumber, and feta cheese.


  • Caesar Salad

    Romaine with bacon, parm cheese, and croutons spice it up and make it a Southwest.


  • Coop's Cobb Salad

    Romain, chicken, smoked bacon, avocado, boiled eggs, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, and marble cheese.


  • Coop's Signature Salad

    Romaine, almonds, craisins, grape tomatoes, red onion, avocado, goat cheese, and cucmber.


Coops's Pasta

  • Grilled Chicken Penne

    Chicken, mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, onions, breaded chicken culet cream sauce with garlic bread.


  • Chicken Parmesan

    Spaghetti noodles in a garlic herb butter with a breaded chicken cutlet baked with marinara, and cheese with garlic bread.


  • Mac and Cheese

    Velvety, creamy, and made in-house fresh to order.


  • Buffalo Mac and Cheese

    Crispy chicken tossed in buffalo sauce.


  • Pulled Pork Mac and Cheese

    Topped with in-house smoked pulled pork.


Coop's Wings

Traditional dusted tossed in a sauce of your choice and served with fries, veggies, and dill dip. Wings are always fresh and never frozen approx 6-8 wings per pound.

  • One Lb

    One flavor.


  • Two Lbs

    One flavor.


  • Three Lbs

    One Flavour.


  • Four Lbs

    Two flavors.


  • Five Lbs

    Three flavors.


Pre-Game Warm Ups

  • Beefeater Onion Rings


  • Breaded Pickle Spears

    Dill dip.


  • Hail Caesar Perogies

    Cheddar perogies in creamy parm caesar with onions and bacon.


  • Buffalo Cauliflower Bites

    Blue cheese.


  • Canadian Bruschetta

    Brushed with caesar dressing topped with cheese, bacon, jalapenos, and drizzled with maple syrup.


  • Coops Ultimate Nachos

    Lettuce, tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, olives, and cheese served with sour cream and salsa.


  • Grilled Garlic Cheese Bread


  • Southwest Jalapeno Poppers

    Sour cream.


Game Day Line Up

All served with fries or veggies upgrade to a salad, sweet potato fries, kettle chips, or onion rings.

  • Coop's Homemade Burger

    Six ounces pure beef with all the Fixins'. Served on a potato scallion bun.


  • Coop's Smokin Burger

    Coop's homemade burger topped with Coop's BBQ pulled pork and cheddar.


  • BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger

    Coop's all-beef burger layered with BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese, and smoked bacon.


  • Crispy Chicken Burger

    Chicken cutlet served on a potato scallion bun topped with smokey BBQ and slaw.


  • Pulled Pork Sandwich

    In-house smoked pulled pork on a potato scallion bun topped with smokey BBQ and slaw.


  • Chicken Club Sandwich

    Grilled chicken, bacon, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, and chipotle mayo on 12-grain.


  • Smoked Pork Naanwich

    Smoked BBQ pork, romaine, tomato, red onion, cheese and BBQ ranch.


  • Grilled Chicken Naanwich

    Grilled chicken, romaine, tomato, red onion, and feta, creamy greek.


  • Coop's Juicy Chicken Fingers

    Crispy breaded chicken served with plum sauce, or tossed in your favourite sauce.


  • Fish and Chips

    Eight ounces haddock fillet served with fries, slaw, lemon, and tartar.



  • Basket of Fries


  • Sweet Potato Fries

    Sweet potato fries with chipotle mayo.


  • Flavour Fries

    Add any wing flavour.


  • Bacon and Cheddar Fries


  • Pulled Pork Poutine


  • Coop's Surprise Kettle Chips

    Coop's surprise kettle chips with chipotle mayo.


  • Traditional Poutine


  • The Big Kid Poutine

    Chicken fingers tossed in medium, with dill sauce and dry garlic seasoning.


Smoked BBQ

In-house brined, seasoned with Coop's own rub, finished with Coop's BBQ sauce and smoked to perfection. Served with fries, smoked beans, and slaw.

  • BBQ Ribs


  • Combo's