Cineplex Cinemas


420 McCarthy Blvd, Regina, SK S4R 7M2, Canada

Opens at 5:00 PM


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  • Combo for Two

    Includes a large Cineplex Popcorn, two large drinks, and a medium candy. (1380-2420 Cals)


  • Cineplex Movie Night In Combo

    Includes two medium Cineplex Popcorn or Poptopia Gourmet Popcorn, two medium drinks, two medium candy, and a FREE Cineplex Store HD rental. Your...


  • Popcorn Party Combo

    Includes four medium Cineplex Popcorn or Poptopia Gourmet Popcorn and four medium candy. (4320-8160 Cals)


  • Ultimate Movie Snacks Combo

    Includes a large Cineplex Popcorn, two large drinks, Nachos Grande, two Classic Hot Dogs, and one medium candy. (3240-4400 Cals)

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    Cineplex Popcorn

    There’s nothing better than that feeling you get sitting in a theatre as the lights go down snacking on a bag of hot, freshly-made Cineplex popcorn -


  • Mighty Pop Popcorn

    XL resealable bag with more than 5x the popcorn of a large bag. (4400 Cals)


  • Poptopia Gourmet Popcorn

    Poptopia's crave-worthy gourmet inspired popcorn goes where no kernel has popped before. These fan favourites get two thumbs up every time. (800-1200


  • Shake It! Popcorn Seasoning



Candy & Snacks

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    (490-1280 Cals)


  • Classic Hot Dog

    Cineplex's premium hot dogs are bursting with more flavour than a 3D action flick (440 Cals)


  • Dog n Nacho

    (790-890 Cals)


  • Nachos Grande

    (900-1150 Cals)


  • Nacho Dip

    (40-100 Cals)




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    Fountain Drinks

    Cineplex's fountains are overflowing with ice cold Coca-Cola drinks that sparkle and fizzle with refreshing flavours. The perfect sidekick to a bag...


  • Bottled Drinks

    (0-160 Cals)


  • Monster Energy Green

    Includes one can of Monster Energy Green. (210 Cals)


  • Monster Energy Ultra Zero

    Includes one can of Monster Energy Ultra Zero. (10 Cals)


Cineplex Store HD Rental

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    Cineplex Store HD Rental

    Choose from 1000's of movies to rent on the Cineplex Store. Your order will include a code which you can use to watch a movie from the Cineplex...