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Opens at 11:30 AM

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Chungchun Rice Hotdogs

  • Whole Mozzarella Cheese

    Vegetarian. Whole mozzarella cheese with sticky rice batter.


  • Gamsung Potato

    Beef and chicken mixed hotdog wrapped in crispy fried potatoes.


  • Double Cheese

    Half mozzarella and half beef and chicken mixed hotdog wrapped around with cheddar cheese. (Recommended topping: Ramen chips)


  • Cheddar Cheese

    Beef and chicken mixed sausage wrapped in cheddar cheese.


  • Volcano

    Rice Hotdog made with 6-inch spicy pork and chicken mixed sausage.(Jalapeno and three cheese)


  • Poutine Hot Dog

    Whole mozzarella hotdog with potato topping and a side of poutine sauce (Beef Gravy).


  • Jumbo

    Beef hotdog made with thick premium jumbo sausage.


  • Half Mozzarella Hotdog

    Half beef sausage with half mozzarella cheese (Recommended topping: Potatoes).


  • Sweet Potato

    Beef and chicken mixed hotdog wrapped in crispy fried sweet potatoes.


  • Chungchun Original

    Crispy and chewy original beef rice hotdog.


  • Squid Ink Cheese

    Rice hotdog made with squid ink batter, mozzarella cheese, and beef sausage.


  • Chicken Nugget Hotdog

    Beef and chicken mixed hotdog coated with crispy chicken nuggets.


  • Chocolate

    Vegetarian. Warm caramel chocolate with sticky rice batter. (Recommended topping: flakes)


  • Ramen Chip

    Dairy-free. Beef. Unique crispy fried ramen hotdog.


  • Veggie Hotdog

    Vegetarian. Veggie Hotdog made with chickpeas, potatoes, apples, and sage. Sticky rice batter.


  • Only Chicken Hotdog

    Chicken. Rice hotdog made with all chicken sausage.


  • [Limited Time Only!] Pizza Hotdog

    [Limited Time Only!] Hotdog with half mozzarella cheese and half pepperoni sausage (pork) + side of pizza sauce (Marinara) with parsley flakes and...




  • Pop


  • Water

    Spring water.


Chicken Wings

  • Snow Cheddar Wings

    8pcs Chicken Wings with Snow Cheddar Seasoning & Waffle Fries (170g)


  • Sweet & Spicy Wings

    8pcs Chicken Wings with Sweet&Spicy Sauce & Waffle Fries (170g)


  • Soy Garlic Wings

    8pcs Chicken Wings with Soy Garlic Sauce & Waffle Fries (170g)




  • Waffle Fries

    Made with whole potatoes cut in a lattice design and coated in a crispy batter.


  • Mac & Cheese bite

    Fried 6pcs of Mac & Cheese bite (Vegetarian)




  • Top Pick Combo

    Combo for Chungchun fan's Top Pick!! Including: - Gamsung Potato Hotdog- Ramen Chip Hotdog- Chungchun Hotdog - Half Mozza Hotdog (This combo contains...