Camellia Indian Fusion House


65 Holland Ave, Ottawa, ON K1Y 0X9, Canada

Opens at 9:00 AM


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Signature Curries

Camellia's signature curries are served with seasoned rice and salad.

  • Bombay Butter Chicken

    Camellia Indian Fusion House's creamy yet mild, made in-house, and butter chicken.


  • Beef Keema Masala

    Camellia Indian Fusion House's made in-house savoury, slightly spicy, and beef keema masala.


  • Teriyaki Chicken

    Made in-house, slightly sweet, and spicy teriyaki chicken.


Indian Street Food and More

  • Butter Chicken Tacos

    Two tacos with a generous portion of Camellia's made in-house creamy butter chicken, hand cut lettuce, and tomato.


  • Cauliflower Wings and Fries

    Deep-fried and tossed in your choice of sauce.


  • Salt and Pepper Popcorn Shrimp and Fries

    A basket of battered, deep-fried shrimp, tzatziki sauce for dipping.


  • Butter Chicken Poutine Meal

    Camellia's creamy in-house butter chicken served on hot and crispy fries.



  • Samosas

    Deep-fried fritters filled with vegetables with Camellia's house dipping sauce.


  • Pork Dumplings

    Pork dumplings served crispy with homemade dipping sauce.


For Your Sweet Tooth

  • Fruit Salad

    Strawberries, cantaloupe, honeydew, and pineapple make up a refreshing fruit salad.


  • New York Style Cheesecake


  • Tiramisu


Handspun Milkshakes

Old-fashioned, made with milk, real ice cream, and fruits!

  • Vanilla Milkshake


  • Chocolate Milkshake


  • Strawberry Milkshake


  • Blueberry Milkshake


  • Banana Milkshake



  • Pop (355 ml)


  • Juice


  • Coffee


  • Tea