Brü Bike Espresso Bar


1109 McKenzie St, Victoria, BC V8V 2W1, Canada

Opens at 9:15 AM

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Cinnamon-Sugar Cake Donut. Just like the mini donuts you get at the fair, but bigger!

  • Oma's Old Fashion Fair Donuts (Each)



Rebel Foods Cookies and Bars

All are vegan and gluten-friendly.

  • Triple Chocolate Walnut


  • Chocolate Chip


  • Cashew Butter


  • Sweet Potato Brownie


  • Peanut Butter Oat Bar


Small, but Mighty!

These drinks are as traditional as they come, just two-three ounces with all the power of a regular cuppa! Because of their tiny size, we do not recommend ordering espresso for delivery, as they cool too quickly!

Traditional Cafe Bevvies

Available in 12 oz size only. All bevvies are available in Decaf!

  • Americano


  • Cappuccino


  • Latte


  • Flavoured Latte


  • Hot Chocolate


  • Tea Latte


  • Dirty Chai

    Chai tea latte with a double shot espresso.


  • Tea


Botanical Sodas

These drinks are the perfect little bevvy when you aren't feelin' coffee. It's the Brü Bar takes on zero ABV cocktails; using local botanicals and elixirs to craft you the perfect mellow cocktail that's low in sugar and offers health benefits too!

  • The Pink Cloud

    Lightly sweet with cherry and vanilla simple syrup and warming coffee. Cardamom bitters in a refreshing soda.


  • Ginger Aid

    The ultimate digestif: Turmeric and ginger concentrates, lemon simple syrup, and aromatic bitters.


  • Blue Dream

    Good for the mind and the gut - Lavender simple syrup and blue spirulina with Cascadia bitters and a splash of ginger make this naturally blue elixir.


  • Lemon Zinger

    Light and refreshing with lemon simple syrup, lavender bitters, and just a touch of rosemary.



  • Mango Express Smoothie

    Mango, ginger root, honey, mint leaf, banana, and Blume turmeric blend.

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  • Almond Joy Smoothie

    Daily free and gluten-friendly. Banana, MCT oil, Blume reishi hot chocolate, and adaptogenic milk blend, almond butter.

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