Brickyard BBQ & Bar


120 N Queen St, Etobicoke, ON M8Z 2E2, Canada

Opens at 12:00 PM

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  • Classic Poutine (Small)

    Fresh cheese curds and gravy


  • Classic Poutine (Large)

    Fresh cheese curds and gravy.


  • Brickyard Poutine

    Maple smoked bacon, bbq pulled pork, cheese curds, and gravy.


  • Quesadilla Club

    Grilled chicken, smoked bacon, diced tomatoes, jack, and cheddar cheese, in a flour tortilla.


  • Chicken Tenders

    Chicken tenders served with fries and plum sauce.


  • Brickyard Cornbread

    Brickyard cornbread with sundried tomatoes and jalapenos.


  • Smokehouse Caesar Salad

    Crisp romaine, garlic parmesan tortilla, and maple smoked bacon tossed in Brickyard's signature dressing.


  • Brickyard Nachos

    Hickory spiced tortilla chips, with lettuce, tomato, jalapeno, melted cheese, and BBQ pulled pork. Served with salsa and sour cream.


  • Chicken Nacho


  • Fries


  • Sweet Fries


  • Jerk Chicken Caesar Salad

    Romaine lettuce, grilled jerk chicken breast, maple smoked bacon, seasoned tortillas, Tossed in Brickyard'c signature dressing.


Burgers and Wraps

Eight ounces chuck brisket burger on a toasted Kaiser bun. Topped with lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, and Mr. M'S signature dip. All burgers and wraps are served with a side of fries.

  • The Classic Burger


  • Ultimate Cheeseburger

    Brickyard's classic burger with melted aged cheddar.


  • Cheese and Bacon Burger

    Melted age cheddar and maple smoked bacon.


  • The Brickyard Banquet Burger

    Maple smoked bacon, BBQ pulled pork, and melted cheddar.


  • The Razorback Chicken Wrap

    BBQ chicken breast, crispy bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese with roast pepper mayo.


  • Whiskey Barrel Pulled Pork

    BBQ pulled pork on a toasted Kaiser bun with melted jack and cheddar cheese.


  • Loaded Veggie Wrap

    Veggie crumbles, lettuce, tomato, and onion, and aged cheddar. Topped with Mr. M’s dip.


  • Spicy Veggie Burger

    Jalapeño, lettuce, tomato, and onion. Topped with Mr. M’s dip.



Wing by the dozen – 12 wings one sauce.

  • Wings (6 pcs) and Fries

    Six wings with fries.


  • Wings (12 pcs)

    Twelve wings.


  • Can’t Believe Its Not Wings

    Battered cauliflower bites tossed in your favorite wing sauce. Served with sweet potato fries.



All the entrees are served with two sides.

  • Full Rack BBQ Ribs


  • Half Rack BBQ Rib


  • Full Rack Beef Ribs


  • Half Rack Beef Ribs


  • Half BBQ Chicken


  • Half Jerk Chicken


  • Half Rack and Half Chicken Combo


  • Half Beef and Half Chicken Combo


  • Half Rack And Wing Combo

    A half rack of ribs and six wings.


  • Half Rack Beef and Wings Combo

    Half rack beef with six wings.


  • Quarter Jerk Chicken


  • Quarter BBQ Chicken


Caribbean Corner

  • Habanero Chicken caesar Salad

    Romaine lettuce, grilled habanero chicken breast, maple smoked bacon, and seasoned tortillas, Tossed in Brickyard's signature dressing.


  • Jerk Chicken with Rice and Peas


  • Oxtail with Rice and Peas


  • Curry Goat with Rice and Peas


  • Southern Fried Chicken and Chips


Family Platters

  • Belly Buster

    Half rack, half chicken, one pound pulled pork, with your choice of two sides.


  • Double Belly Buster

    Full rack, whole chicken, two pounds pulled pork, with your choice of four large sides.


  • Southern Fried Chicken

    The order comes with 16 pieces of chicken with fires and two large sides.


  • Brickyard Grand Slam

    Full rack, whole chicken, 24 wings, two-pound pulled pork, with your choice of four large sides.


  • Brickyard Barnyard

    Half chicken, half pork, half beef with your choice of two sides.


  • The Big Beef Slam

    Full rack beef, 24 wings, twelve chicken fingers, with your choice of four large sides.



  • Fries (Small)


  • Fries (Large)


  • Sweet Potato Fries (Small)


  • Sweet Potato Fries (Large)


  • Rice and Peas (Small)


  • Rice and Peas (Large)


  • Baked Beans (Small)


  • Baked Beans (Large)


  • Coleslaw (Small)


  • Coleslaw (Large)