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Desserts (Indian Ice Cream)

  • Kulfi (Indian Ice-Cream)

    Indian Ice Cream (Kulfi) is a frozen dairy dessert and is often described as "traditional Indian ice cream" with multi unique flavors.


  • Box of kulfi (4 pcs)

    One order comes with four kulfis with your choice of flavour.


Desserts (Indian Sweets)

  • Motichoor Ladoo (1 lb)

    A traditional dessert made with gram flour, milk, and sugar.


  • Boondi Ladoo (1 lb)

    A delicious dessert made with cashews, gram flour, and milk.


  • Besan Burfi (1 lb)

    A classic dessert made with gram flour and sugar syrup.


  • Dilbahar (1 lb)

    A classic dessert rich with flavour.


  • Milk Cake (1 lb)

    Milk and sugar are cooked and then split with alum, cooled, set, and cut into cubes. The slight caramelization gives it a light brown color and...


  • Khoya Dhodha (1 lb)

    Classic homemade fudge.


  • Kaju Katli (1 lb)

    Delicious dessert made with cashew nuts, milk, and sugar.


  • Kaju Pista Roll (1 lb)

    A traditional Indian roll made with cashews and pistachios.


  • Khoya Burfi (1 lb)

    Classic Indian sweet made of milk, sugar, and cardamom.


  • Rasgulla (1 lb)

    Round dumplings cooked with a sugar-based syrup.


  • Chum Chum (1 lb)

    A classic dessert homemade with cheese.


  • Pera (1 lb)

    Peda is a traditional Indian mithai made by cooking mava and adding ingredients like saffron, cardamom powder, and sugar.


  • Badam Burfi (1 lb)

    Almond flakes baked with condensed milk.


  • Pista Burfi (1 lb)

    A classic dessert made with evaporated milk and pistachios.


  • Coconut Burfi (1 lb)

    Coconut shavings baked with condensed milk.


  • Chocolate Burfi (1 lb)

    Condensed milk baked with chocolate.


  • Dal Pinni (1 lb)

    Classic bite-sized Indian treats.