2869 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6P 1Y9, Canada

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  • Maple Chipotle Confit Duck Wings

    Confit duck wings tossed in a Maple Chipotle sauce with crudites and ranch.


  • T.H.I.W.T Bacon Cheseburger (6 oz) and Fries

    The Hole in The Wall's house-ground, griddle smashed burger. Six-ounce chuck, cheddar cheese, house-cured and smoked bacon, special sauce, iceberg,


  • Oat, Bean and Lentil Veggie Burger and Fries

    The Hole in The Wall's multigrain veggie burger. Wild mushrooms, miso, navy beans, quinoa, Barley, lentils, oats, and local Yukon gold fries.


  • Fish and Chips (2 pcs)

    Battered and deep-fried cod loin, Yukon gold french fries, tartar sauce, and mushy peas. One order comes with two pieces.


  • Kale Caesar Salad

    Sourdough croutons, dried cranberries, bacon, and shaved Parmesan.


  • Ricotta Gnocchi with Slowed Braised Beef Ragu


  • Slow Braised Lamb Shepherd's Pie


12" Wood-Fired Organic Sourdough Pizza

Twelve-inch pizza.

  • 12" Pepperoni Pizza

    Organic Bianco di Napoli tomatoes, Ezzo natural pepperoni, fior di latte, and mozzarella.


  • 12" Sicilian Eggplant and Ricotta Salata Pizza

    Organic Bianco di Napoli tomato sauce, mozzarella, ricotta salata, roasted eggplant, confit tomatoes, fresh basil, and aged balsamic.


  • 12" Hawaiian Pizza

    Organic Bianco di Napoli tomato sauce, mozzarella, bacon, pineapple, cherry tomatoes, chilies, and fresh basil.


  • 12" Margherita Pizza

    Organic Bianco di Napoli tomatoes, fior di latte, mozzarella, and fresh basil.


  • 12" Capricciosa Pizza

    Organic Bianco di Napoli tomato sauce, fior di latte, mozzarella, ham, mushrooms, artichoke, black olives, and aged balsamic.


  • Cacio e Pepe Pizza

    (White base) mozzarella, zucchini, pecorino, and black pepper.


  • Napoli Pizza

    Organic bianco dinapoli tomatoes, fior di latte, mozzarella, anchovy, and oregano.


  • Spicy Soppressata

    Spicy Soppressata, Black Olives, Mix Parmesan, Basil, Mozzarella


  • Truffle Cream Pizza

    Truffle Cream, House Made Sausage, Parsley, Mozzarella


  • Winter Pizza

    Butternut Squash, Pancetta, Provolone, Mozzeralla


  • Porcini

    Porcini Mushrooms, Butternut Squash, Radicchio, Parmesan Regganio, Mozzerella



  • Smoked Olives

    Cerignola olives smoked in-house.


  • Baba Ganoush with Organic Wood-fired Sourdough Pita

    Baba ganoush, fire-roasted eggplant Parallel Brothers (locally made) tahini, lemon, and garlic.


  • Yukon Gold Fries

    Local potatoes and mayo.


  • Shaved Brussel Sprout Salad

    Farro, ricotta salta, honey mustard vinaigrette, pickled apricots, pickled red onion.


  • Pork Rilette (250ml)

    Country Style Pork Pate. Perfect for a sharing Appetizer or to go with a cheese plate, pairs well with our Chutney


  • Chicken Liver Pate (250ml)

    Classic smooth Chicken liver Pate. Creamy texture. Goes great as part of a appetizer plate. Pair with a cheese plate or our chutney



  • Wood-Fired Organic Sourdough Bread (1 kg)

    The whole loaf 1 kg baked fresh daily. Ten per cent spelt.



  • Coca Cola

    Glass bottle of Coke


  • Jarritos Grapefruit