3061 Walkers Line #3, Burlington, ON L7M 0W3, Canada

Opens at 11:00 AM

Community Support

Local restaurants are the heart, soul, and stomach of our communities. In this challenging time, you can support your favourite hometown heroes with a restaurant tip. 100% of this added contribution will go to your selected restaurant.

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    Bunny Tails

    Vanilla spread, mini eggs, chocolate drizzle & two mini Lindt® bunnies.


Your Faves

  • Coco Vanil

    Cookies and vanilla icing. (651 Cals)


  • The Classic

    Cinnamon and sugar. (388 Cals)



  • Avalanche

    Skor cheesecake. (577 Cals)


  • Hazel Amour

    Chocolate hazelnut. (404 Cals)


  • Killaloe Sunrise

    Cinnamon, sugar, and lemon. (389 Cals)


  • Bananarama

    Chocolate hazelnut spread and bananas. (449 Cals)


Choco Luv

  • BrWOWnie

    Chocolate hazelnut spread, brownies, and white chocolate chunks. (494 Cals)


  • Triple Trip

    Chocolate hazelnut spread, peanut butter, and Reese's Pieces candies. (555 Cals)


Pie Oh My!

  • Apple Pie

    Cinnamon sugar, apple pie filling, and butter oatmeal crumble. (569 Cals)


  • Strawberry Cheesecake

    Cream cheese icing, strawberry jam, and graham cracker. (499 Cals)


Feed Your Hunger

  • PouTail

    Traditional poutine with fries, cheese curds, and gravy on top of a BeaverTails pastry.(820 Cals)


  • Poutine

    Classic French fries, real Quebec cheese curds, and gravy. (995 Cals)


  • BeaverDog

    Nathan’s all-beef hotdog wrapped in a BeaverTails pastry. (410 Cals)


  • Fries



  • Strawberry Lemonade Slushy

    The Strawberry Lemonade Slushy is a 16 oz tangy, sweet, and refreshing frozen drink that’s sure to hit the spot. Caution – brain freeze may occur!