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115 W 2nd Ave, Vancouver, BC, Canada


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Bao Bao

  • Bao Bao Flight

    Choose any four baos.


  • Bao Chicka Bao Bao

    Crispy lemongrass chicken, fish sauce, daikon and carrots, garlic aioli, and green onions.


  • Juicy

    Braised pork belly, slaw, and hoisin.


  • Two Worlds Collide

    Crispy pork, braised pork belly, chicharron, carrots and daikon, hoisin glaze, and green onions.


  • BRB

    Crispy lemongrass chicken, lemon butter Siracha, lettuce, Thai ranch, and crispy shallots.


  • California

    Grilled chicken, avocado, bacon, lettuce, and Siracha mayonnaise.


  • Big Bang Bao

    Crispy pork, carrots, daikon, lechon sauce, and green onions.


  • Morning Glory

    Filipino sausage, fried egg, garlic mayonnaise, banana ketchup, and sesame seeds.


  • Tocino Bao

    Sweet pork, fried egg, banana ketchup, tomatoes, sesame seeds, and garlic aioli.


  • Spammy T Bao

    Panko spam with nori, teriyaki, and slaw.


  • Sweet Chilli Chicken

    Crispy lemongrass chicken, sweet chilli Thai, cucumbers, carrots, lettuce, and crispy onions.


  • C + K

    Fried chicken, kimchi, tamari, and sesame seeds.


  • MC Chx

    Fried chicken, mac sauce, pickles, lettuce, onions, and sesame seeds.


  • MC Dowell

    AAA beef patty, cheese, lettuce, onions, pickles, special sauce, and sesame seeds.


  • Katsu Burger

    Panko fried burger, teriyaki, slaw, and crispy onions.


  • Jaws

    Beer-battered basa, tartar, and slaw.


  • Mermaid

    Tempura shrimp, chipotle honey, and slaw.


  • YVR

    Albacore tuna, pea shoots, bacon, avocado, wasabi aioli, and tamari.


  • Vevo

    Vegan. Tempura avocado, mushrooms, vegan mayonnaise, tamari, and slaw.


  • Tofuuu

    Vegan. Tofu, Sriracha vegan aioli, lettuce, and crispy onions.


  • Miss Impossible

    Smash impossible patty, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, secret sauce, and sesame.


  • What is Poppin (Feature)

    Cheese, jalapeno popper, avocado, and Thai ranch.


Small Plates


  • Tita's Filipino Spring Rolls

    Five pieces pork and water chestnut, carrots, sweet chilli, and asian slaw.


  • Ebi Fritas

    Beer battered shrimp on mixed greens, chipotle honey mayonnaise, and balsamic vinegar drizzle.


  • Wok Squid

    Thai chili, crispy garlic, peppers, onions, and xd sauce.


  • Luau Crispy Pork Belly

    Roasted crispy pork belly, Filipino sweet-and-sour sauce, green onions, and Asian slaw.


  • Tuna Poke with Chips

    Ahi tuna, avocado, cucumber, sweet shoyu, pickled ginger, and nori.


  • Kalbi Ribs

    AAA beef ribs, sesame seeds, and shoyu.


  • Kimchi Pork Fries

    Crispy pork belly, garlic aioli, house-made kimchi, sprouts, tamari, crispy garlic, and green onions.


  • Japayoki Poutine

    Chicken karaage, pork belly, or tofu, sprouts, furikake, Japanese curry sauce, sweet tamari, jalapeno, and green onions.


  • Tempura Chicken Wings


  • Edamame

    Gluten-friendly and vegan. Steamed and tossed in kosher salt.


  • Garlic Fries

    Gluten-friendly. Fries with garlic butter and Parmesan cheese. Served with garlic aioli on the side.


  • Olympic Village Salad Rolls

    Gluten-friendly and vegan. Vermicelli noodles, spring mix, vegan aioli, Asian slaw, cucumber, pickled ginger, and peanut sauce.


  • Cauliflower

    Vegan. Crispy tempura cauliflower, sesame-chilli sauce, and sweet soy.


  • Vegetable Spring Rolls ( 4 pcs)

    Vegan. Carrots, red peppers, and green beans with plum sauce. One order comes with four vegetable spring rolls.


  • Adobo Brussels Sprouts

    Vegan. Crispy sprouts, lemon, garlic, and adobo glaze.


  • Tuna Tataki

    Ahi tuna, pea shoots, bacon, avocado, wasabi aioli, and tamari.


  • Kimchi Mushrooms Fries

    Vegan. House-made kimchi, bean sprouts, tamari, green onions, crispy garlic, mushrooms or tofu, and vegan aioli.



  • Loco Musubi

    Panko spam, fried eggs, garlic rice, gravy, furikake, slaw, and fries.


  • Loco Moco

    AAA Half pound burger over garlic rice, fries, with a fried egg, gravy, and slaw.


  • Bangus

    Whole marinated milk fish with garlic rice with tomatoes, slaw, and a fried egg.


Main Dishes

  • Longsilog

    Longanisa Filipino sausage, garlic rice, slaw and fried eggs, and side vinegar.


  • Pad Thai

    Rice noodles, tofu, eggs, peanuts, bean sprouts, chives, lime, and bird's eye on the side.


  • Japayoki Bowl

    Chicken , pork belly, or tofu and vegetables. Japanese curry, sweet soy, furikake, garlic rice, slaw, and jalapenos.


  • Tosilog

    Filipino sweet pork, fried eggs, garlic rice, slaw, and side vinegar.


  • Yellow Curry

    Gluten-friendly. Coconut milk, Thai curry, eggplant, peppers, onions, zucchini with rice.


  • Fly Rice

    Garlic rice, fried eggs, onions, peppers, and in house XO sauce. Comes with your choice of protein.


  • Luau Plate

    Crispy pork belly with garlic rice, fried eggs, sweet-and-sour sauce, and slaw.


  • Tuna Poke Bowl

    Albacore tuna, wakame, pickled ginger, avocado, cucumber, and carrots over jasmine rice.


  • Buddha Bowl

    Five spice braised pork belly, tempura bok choy, garlic rice, fried eggs, hoisin, sweet soy, and Asian slaw.


  • Maui Ribs

    Korean short ribs, Filipino barbeque sauce, mixed salad, and rice.


  • Kalbi Rib Plate

    Korean short ribs with sweet shoyu, sesame, mixed salad, and rice.


  • Sweet Thai Chicken Bowl

    Chicken karaage, sweet Thai chili sauce, cucumbers, lettuce, and carrots over rice.


Side Kick

  • Steamed Jasmine Rice


  • Garlic Rice


  • Longanisa (3 pcs)

    One order comes with three pieces.


  • Extra Fried Egg



  • Halo Halo

    Shaved ice, a scoop of ube ice cream, sweet beans, and evaporated milk.


  • Cinna-Beignet

    Chopped baos, deep-fried, coated with cinnamon and sugar. Served with Nutella on the side.


  • Coco-Beignet

    Chopped baos, deep-fried, coated with shredded coconuts and powder sugar. Served with Nutella on the side.


  • S'more Bao

    Nutella, roasted marshmallows, Graham cracker crumbles.



  • Canned Pop


  • Water