Banquet Hall Club 9


1457 Drouillard Rd, Windsor, ON N8Y 2R8, Canada


Place Settings

Please list the number of place settings that you'd like, along with your order.

  • Number of Plastic Cutlery

    How many people will be eating from this order?

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  • Spring Rolls

    Thinly rolled pastry filled with vegetables and chicken.


  • Pierogies

    Cheese and potato-filled dumplings. Served with cream cheese.


  • Spinach Dip

    A blend of cheeses and spinach dip. Served with pita bread.


  • Garlic Cheese Loaf

    Warm garlic bread topped with cheddar cheese and melted garlic spread.


  • Chicken Wings (10 pcs)

    Chicken wings with your choice of sauce. Served with vegetables.


  • Chicken Fingers (3 pcs)

    Crispy breaded crispy chicken cutlets. Served with french fries.


  • Fried Smelt

    One pound of crispy fried smelt served with tartar sauce and a slice of lemon.


  • Pie / Pita

    Crispy baked pita with your choice of cheese spinach meat and potato.


  • Appetizer Platter

    Two spring rolls, four pierogies, three chicken fingers, spinach dip, makalo with pita, and fried zucchini.


  • Cold Platter

    Mixes of cheeses, olives, smoked meat, and makalo.


  • Roasted Pepper (1 pc)


  • Makalo

    House special with leeks, potato, and hot peppers.


  • Secenica (1 pc)

    Secenica is served with feta cheese.



  • Caesar Salad


  • Shopska Salad


  • Greek Salad


  • Coleslaw



All sandwiches are served with a side of fries.

  • Hamburger

    Hamburger is served with a cold vegetable topping, mayonnaise, ketchup, and mustard.


  • Crispy Chicken Wrap

    Crispy chicken wrapped in a fresh tortilla, bacon, tomato, cheese, and lettuce.


  • Chicken Quesadilla

    Tortilla filled with cheese and pico de gallo. Served with cream cheese.


  • Grilled Steak Sandwich

    Warm steak sandwich served on a ciabatta bun.


  • Chicken Pesto Panini

    Grilled chicken with cheese, pesto sauce, mixed peppers, and mayonnaise.


  • Cevapi Sandwich

    Ciabatta bun with a choice of beef or pork cevapi.


Main Entree

All meals come with a side of fries.

  • Chicken or Pork Raznjici


  • Ustipci (6 pcs)


  • Weiner Schnitzel


  • Gravce Tavce


  • Beef or Pork Cevapi


  • Karageorge Pork Schnitzel


  • Pita


  • Chicken Caesar Salad


  • Grilled Meat Platter

    Five cevapi, two hamburgers, one uvijaci, one raznijic, one schnitzel, and one sausage.


  • Ribs



  • Fries


  • Rice


  • Mashed Potatoes


  • Potato Wedges


  • Salad