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1374 Baseline Rd, Ottawa, ON K2C 0A9, Canada

Opens at 11:00 AM

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Indulge in the delicious harmony of flavors with Baa Desi Dine's Halal breakfast, where carefully selected, ethically sourced ingredients come together to create a morning feast that’s both satisfying and in accordance with Islamic dietary guidelines.

  • Halwa Puri

    Semolina / puri.


  • Aloo Paratha

    Pottato / paratha.


  • Egg Paratha

    Fried egg / paratha.


  • Cheese Paratha

    Cheese / paratha.



Savor the rich tapestry of flavors in Baa Desi Dine's Halal Food Platters, meticulously crafted to cater to diverse palates. Each platter is a culinary journey that guarantees a delightful fusion of taste and tradition, all prepared with the utmost care and respect for Halal principles.

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    Signature Chicken Biryani

    A savory chicken and rice dish that includes layers of chicken, rice, and aromatics that are steamed together.


  • Veal Biryani

    Rice / meat.


  • Vegetable Rice

    Rice / mix vegetables.


  • Anda Shami Platter

    Egg / shami.


  • Plain Rice

    Plain rice.


  • Beef Kabab Platter

    Beef kabab / rice / salad.


  • Chicken Kabab Platter

    Chicken kabab / rice / salad.


  • Mega Roast Platter

    Chicken roast / fries / salad.



Indulge in the Exquisite World of Curry at Baa Desi Dine! Explore a tantalizing array of aromatic, flavorful, and globally-inspired curries, expertly crafted to satisfy your every craving. From creamy butter chicken to spicy vindaloo, Baa Desi Dine curated menu promises a delightful journey through the rich and diverse tapestry of curry cuisine. Join us for a culinary adventure that celebrates the art of blending spices and flavors, bringing you a taste of tradition with a modern twist. Your next curry adventure awaits at Baa Desi Dine!

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    Beef / chicken.


  • Signature Chicken Karahi

    Experience the bold and robust flavors of Baa Desi Dine's Chicken Karahi, a tantalizing fusion of succulent chicken, aromatic spices, and sizzling...


  • Goat Karahi

    Goat meat


  • Veal Karahi



  • Haleem

    Meat / pounded wheat / lentils.


  • Lahori Chanay

    Chickpeas / Coriander.


  • Butter Chicken

    Chicken / butter.


  • Chicken Tikka



  • Daal Tarka

    Chana daal / tover daal.


  • Palak Gosht

    Palak / meat.


  • Palak Paneer

    Fresh spinach / paneer / herbs.


  • Mix Vegetables

    Mix vegetables.




Indulge in a delectable array of side dishes that perfectly complement Baa Desi Dine's main courses. Savor succulent, skewer-grilled delights, both meaty and vegetarian, each bursting with flavor. Pair them with Baa Desi Dine's freshly baked, fluffy naan for a complete and satisfying meal. Elevate your dining experience with Baa Desi Dine's side dishes that cater to every palate, from the spice aficionado to the comfort food lover.

  • Seekh Kabab 2X

    Meat / chicken.


  • Chicken Kabab 2X



  • Shami Kabab 2X



  • Plain Naan



  • Butter Naan

    Butter / naan.


  • Tandoori Roti



  • Regular Fries



  • Masala Fries



  • Raita

    Younger / coriandrum sativum / mint.


  • Salad

    Green salad / vegetable.


Chaat Bar

Indulge in a delightful symphony of flavors at Baa Desi Dine's Chaat Bar! Experience the perfect blend of crispy, tangy, and savory with Baa Desi Dine's delectable creations. Dive into a bowl of fluffy goodness with Baa Desi Dine's Dahi Baray, savor the crispy goodness of Papdi Chaat, or embark on a flavor-packed journey with Gol Gappy. If you’re in the mood for something heartier, Baa Desi Dine's samosa chaat and samosa 2X will leave your taste buds dancing with joy. Discover the essence of Pakistani/Indian street food in every bite!

  • Signature Dahi Baray

    “Gol Gappy,” also known as “Pani Puri” or “Puchka” in various regions of India and Pakistan, is a popular street food snack. It consists of hollow,


  • Papdi Chaat

    Papdi / chaat.


  • Samosa Chaat

    Samosa / chaat.


  • Gol Gappay


  • Samosa 2X


Wraps & Sandwiches

Satisfy your cravings with Baa Desi Dine's tantalizing wraps and sandwiches. Baa Desi Dine's menu is a delightful medley of fresh ingredients, bold flavors, and creative combinations. From classic sandwiches to innovative wraps, Baa Desi Dine has your taste adventure covered. Join Baa Desi Dine for a mouthwatering journey that redefines handheld deliciousness, only at Baa Desi Dine.

  • Chicken Kabab Wrap



  • Beef Kabab Wrap



  • Anda Shami Burger

    Egg / shami / burger bread.


Dessert & Drinks

Indulge in the Sweetest Temptations and Quench Your Thirst at Baa Desi Dine! The Desert and Drinks category is a paradise for your taste buds, offering an array of heavenly desserts and refreshing beverages. From decadent cakes to silky smooth shakes, we’ve got the perfect treat for your sweet tooth and a wide selection of beverages to wash it all down.

  • Signature Carrot Halwa

    Pakistani Carrot Halwa, also known as “Gajar ka Halwa,” is a traditional and popular dessert in Pakistan, as well as in many other South Asian...


  • Halwa

    Semolina / flour / lentils.


  • Kheer

    Loads of milk / cream / rice / sugar.


  • Water Bottle



  • Pop


  • Mango Lassi


  • Tea



  • Coffee