Amado's Pita


628 4th Ave E

Opens at 10:00 AM


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Small Pita Wraps

Delicious small size wraps.

  • Small Chicken Shawarma Pita

    A small pita, stuffed with tasty tender chicken.


  • Small Beef Donair Pita

    Hearty, seasoned beef donair.


  • Small Lamb Donair Pita

    Heavenly cooked lamb.


  • Small Falafel Pita

    Chickpea, seasoned patties.


  • Small Mix Meat Pita

    Comes with Mix Meats in the Pita.


Medium Pita Wraps

Medium sized pita's.

  • Medium Chicken Shawarma Pita

    Perfectly prepared chicken shawarma.


  • Medium Beef Donair Pita

    Seasoned beef, with the perfect toppings and sauces.


  • Medium Lamb Donair

    Delicious lamb donair, prepared with tasty toppings and sauces.


  • Medium Falafel Pita

    Seasoned chickpea patty.


  • Medium Mix Meat Pita

    Comes with Mix Meats in the Pita.


Large Pita Wraps

Large pita wraps.

  • Large Chicken Shawarma Pita

    A large pita, with mouthwatering chicken shawarma.


  • Large Beef Donair Pita

    Large pita wrap, stuffed with perfectly seasoned beef.


  • Large Lamb Donair Pita

    Hearty lamb, in a large pita with a perfect selection of toppings and sauces.


  • Large Falafel Pita

    A hearty large pita, with tasty seasoned chickpea patties.


  • Large Mix Meat Pita

    Comes with Mix Meats in the Pita.


Meat Platter

One pound of your choice of meat

  • One Pound of Meat


Rice Platters

A plate of rice topped with your choice of a protein.

  • Small Rice Platter

    Small plate of rice with a choice of protein.


  • Medium Rice Platter

    Medium plate of rice with a choice of protein.


  • Large Rice Platter

    Large plate of rice with a choice of protein.



  • Fresh Bread

    One bag of Bread - Six Loaves


Fatayers, Salad & Sides

Delicious extra's to complete your meal.

  • Fatayer

    Seasoned and fried chickpea patties.


  • Manakish

    A Middle Eastern style pizza, topped with traditional herbs and spices.


  • Salad

    A colorful green salad.


  • Potato Wedges

    Golden fried potato wedges.


  • Samosa Veggie


  • Tzatziki Dip


  •  Hummus

    One Bowl of Hummus.



Sweet desserts.

  • Backlava

    A flaky pastry, dipped in a sweet syrup.


  • Date cookies


  • Harrissa


  • Amado's Bit