A La Turk


3443 Yonge St, North York, ON M4N 2N1, Canada

Opens at 12:00 PM

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  • Cig Kofte

    Turkish-style patties.


  • Dolme

    Fresh vegetables, ground beef, and rice, wrapped in grape leaves.


  • Koro Dolme

    Eggplant, vegetables, and rice stuffed in red peppers.


Turkish-Style Pides

Wood oven pides.

  • Veal Fillet Pide

    Marinated minced veal fillet with vegetables.


  • Lahmacun Pide

    Thin dough topped with seasoned minced lamb, veal, and vegetables.


  • Mixed Pide

    Mix of signature pides.


  • Soujuk Pide

    Turkish-style sausage with cheese.


  • Chicken Fillet Pide

    Chicken fillet and mushrooms, marinated with tomatoes and olive oil.


  • Spinach Pide

    Spinach with feta and mozzarella cheese.


  • Ground Beef Pide

    Ground beef with walnuts and mozzarella cheese.


Mains From the Grill

All kebabs are served with charcoal-grilled vegetables.

  • Lamb Chops - Pirzola (4 pcs)

    Four thick pieces of supreme marinated lamb, grilled to perfection.


  • Ali Nazik Kebab

    Smoked eggplant mixed with garlic and yogurt, topped with minced kebab, tomato sauce, and butter.


  • Sarma Beyti Kebab

    Hand-chopped lamb and veal kebab prepared fresh daily, wrapped in lavash bread, topped with tomato sauce, butter, and yogurt, garnished with...


  • Eggplant Kebab

    Veal kebab with cut eggplant on a skewer, charcoal grilled.


  • A La Turk Adana Kebab (1 pc)

    One skewer of seasoned ground veal and lamb, charcoal grilled, and topped with eggplant, yogurt, and butter.


  • Adana Kebab (1 pc)

    One skewer of seasoned ground veal and lamb, charcoal grilled.


  • Wings

    One skewer of marinated chicken wings, charcoal grilled.


  • Fillet Kebab

    Marinated fillet, charcoal grilled.


  • Chicken Fillet Kebab

    Marinated chicken fillet, charcoal grilled.


  • Mixed Kebab

    Mixed of A La Turk's select house kebabs.



  • Baklava

    Filo pastry and nuts, honey, and pistachio.